How to be Self Confident | Tips and Hacks for Gaining Confidence

Hi, I’m Dal Sahota of and
in this video I’m going to show you How to be confident. So, what is confidence? Being confident in yourself is being comfortable in your own skin and feeling
sure of who you are it’s about having faith in your
abilities and situations which affect your life. Confidence is also known as
self-esteem and it can be developed with experience and over time. There are many
factors which affect your confidence levels Such as the genes you are born
with, such as the balance of neurochemicals in your brain and if there is an imbalance then this is something that can be worked on with the help of a
professional over time Your environment from childhood to when you become an adult and your view on the world and the
choices you make. Choices you make daily impact your future as does the way you
react to challenges and setbacks. You’ve most likely had times in your life when you have faced a challenge such as starting a new job or giving a
presentation and you may have heard the words “be confident” and wondered to
yourself “if only it was that easy” becoming confident comes down to having courage. The courage to face challenges head-on, even if you fail. Remember, we
often learn the most valuable lessons through our failures and mistakes, so
moving forward without fear is how you build confidence over time. Start making
failure your new friend. Yes, you heard me right, failing shows us ways that don’t
work and the quicker you learn what isn’t working, the sooner you will get on
the right path and learn the skills and lessons required to achieve the outcomes
you set out to reach. Perseverance is the key here. It won’t be easy, but it will be
worth it and you’ll have gained more knowledge and understanding
in the process. Turn your thoughts into actions, small steps are better than no
steps at all and by doing a little bit each day, you will start to realize that
you are extremely capable, valuable and worthwhile. We all have the power to
cultivate our confidence and by consciously taking the necessary steps
to do this you will start to see and feel a shift in your self-esteem and
you’ll then start becoming the person that you want to be. How does being confident make us feel? we feel more focused, we move forward towards goals daily, we learn from failures and move on quickly we’re not interested in gossip we don’t take life too seriously we laugh and smile often and we realize that no one is perfect. I’m now going to talk you through three tips on how to boost your confidence so that you can start seeing the world around you in a
much more positive way Tip number one: Visualize Visualize your success before
you actually have it. if you start to see yourself with the success you want, it
will make it seem achievable and keep you motivated to actually getting what
you desire, whether it’s passing an exam launching a successful business, losing
weight or finding your dream partner These things are all possible and once
you start gaining and implementing that self belief, you will be unstoppable It may be challenging to do this at first but start with small steps such as
putting together a vision board ,writing out your goals and then spend time each
day focusing on this and over time your faith will grow and your confidence will
increase too Tip number two: Work on strengthening
your mindset. Feed your mind with uplifting and self empowering knowledge via books, videos and other successful people And if you lack motivation or
self awareness hire a coach to assist you in setting and reaching your full potential neuroscience supports this theory as it
has been shown that the connections in your brain gets stronger with study and
practice. Studies have also shown that people who have a positive mindset tend
to be more successful and achieve the goals they set out for themselves. A strong mindset also allows you to face challenging situations in a calm and
well-thought-out manner Tip number 3: Take care of your health and appearance. Doing this will help you develop a positive self-image. Being the best
shape you can be and grooming yourself daily; will have a tremendous impact on
your confidence. The better you look and feel the more confident you will be when
in social situations, at work and in everyday life. Confidence shines from the
inside out and if you look after your skin and body as well as your mind; you
will radiate an air of self assurance which will attract other like-minded
people to you as well. for some suggestions on skin and healthcare products, see the description below. So, look at your eating habits, your exercise routine and the way you dress and be the best that you can possibly be. You owe that to yourself and your life. Start your morning’s in the most effective way so that you can make the most of your day and your life. You can download a
free guide on how to create a morning routine to suit you and your lifestyle.
The link is in the description below Well, I hope you found those three tips
on how to begin to be confident helpful and remember, growing your confidence
does take time so the more you practice the better you will become. If you liked this video be sure to hit the like button below, share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe and also don’t forget to hit the bell
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  1. Do you use any of the tips mentioned in this video to be more confident? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for watching!

  2. Wonderful video. As a neuropsych and ed psychologist I appreciate you reminding individuals of the importance of the role of chemical connections. I look forward to more videos.

  3. Yeah… the courage….. even when we fail….. that sure brings confidence doesn't it! That house that you showed ready to fall… whoa… that was vivid!!!! That was really great Dal. thank you. Love that you are doing this. ~Elizabeth

  4. It's GREAT advice to reframe failure as the way in which things don't work…because then we're more likely to focus on how to get things TO work instead of remaining fixated on our failures.

  5. I keep moving forward and gain confidence step by step over time. Thanks for your tips on how to be self-confident.

  6. Ahhh, I am LOVING your channel so far, such great work!! ❤️ Let's become YouTube friends and support each other 😍☺️ just subbed! 🙌

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