How To Beat PCOS Sugar Cravings

hello and welcome to the video today I’m gonna give you six tips to help you control your sugar cravings sugar lorries of around 70 percent are women with PCOS suffer from a no resistance insulin resistance is when the cells in your body have trouble absorbing glucose in the blood and therefore there’s a buildup of sugar in the bloodstream therefore controlling sugar cravings and amount of sugar consumed is very important when it comes to pcs in recent years the amount of sugar consumed has drastically increased and the Western society is comprised of an unhealthy amount of sugar sugar is often hiding in a variety of products we believe are healthy so what is interesting Angeline is a woman made in the pancreas and he has various roles in the body however one critical role of insulin is to keep blood sugar levels under control they also found glucose for energy but will stop others for later use eating a diet high in carbohydrates especially simple sugars will constantly increase your blood sugar levels in turn and create a spike initially the more insulin you secrete more likely your cells become resistant to inch in turn you’ll take a lot of insulin to do the job it was meant to do which is the key blood sugar levels under control insulin not only cause you to store fat but you also causes inflammation and oxidative stress in the body resulting in many chronic diseases diabetes high blood pressure infertility and high cholesterol let’s get into the tips to control your sugar cravings number one give in a little stop restricted and depriving yourself our bodies do not like to be in a state of restriction you allow yourself to give in a little and indulge in your the way something isn’t off limits it doesn’t seem like something something so amazing anymore by simply telling your mind that you are allowed there in moderation it won’t you want to obsess over anymore so just keeping a little – is to opt for low joy cops just that you just think between fat as in there’s healthy fats and unhealthy fats you can distinguish between carbohydrates carbohydrates are not evil and they do not make you fat not all carbohydrates are created equally there are the calmness carbohydrate and simple sugars but it’s have found my carbohydrates found in whole grains and cereal fibers reduce the risk of developing diabetes while refined and low fiber carbohydrates increase the risk of developing diabetes consume a low glycemic index carbohydrates will help prevent the increase in blood sugar and in turn they spiked initially complex carbohydrates help to release energy slowly due to the fiber content and therefore this is why blood sugar levels remain stable for no dried fruits vegetables beans and legumes and whole grains whose unprocessed high-fiber grains such as bulgur wheat and quinoa tip number three choose quality over quantity are looking to indulge and give into your sweet shoes true dark chocolate chocolate is made from cocoa beans cocoa is a rich source of diets and jalapenos I need to pull it be known that a good book human health and disease number four be active being physically active can help your body use the glucose within the bloodstream and to help you curb your sugar craving while any form of exercise is great current research is consistently finding that having more muscle can help improve a person’s asianwiz further or having more muscle can help reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance through increasing insulin sensitivity number five balanced meals there are other micronutrients as well so don’t forget your protein your fat make sure your mules combine all these micronutrients to help stabilize your bloodstream and protein of fat will help keep you satiated for long not having balanced meals is another reason while people get sugar cravings finally tip number six is to avoid artificial sweeteners you’re probably thinking though artificial sweeteners are better than sugar so why should I wait what officials we have been several studies which have now found that consuming artificial sweeteners that’s not actually curb your sugar cravings unlike sugar artificial sweeteners do not trigger the part of the brain which tells you that you’ve had sugar so therefore your brain is not satisfied that you have it has been hit with that bit of sugar to you know elevate mood or energy or just to make you think that you’ve had sugar but link all the studies to the points I mentioned in the description box below make these six tips into your diet and let me know how it goes thank you so much for watching if you like this video please give it a like it really helped the channel out comment down below any questions you might have or any further video requests do this video share to help others struggle with sugar cravings and please subscribe to the channel for plenty make quality [Music]

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