How to become a Clinical or Counselling Psychologist | Career Advice by Dr Becky Spelman


  1. I am a psychology student in university of ibadan Nigeria ,how do I proceed to get a adequate training in clinical psychology

  2. I am from india.will get paid doctor psyclinicala by nhs.especiallly for international students ?

  3. Thanks for helping we get paid during placements during doctoral in clinical psychology.

  4. I am not economically sound so I want confirm whether I get placement after msc so that I can fund my PhD .

  5. Hi Dr Spelman, I recently graduated with a 1st in Music. My main focus was music psychology. I am now considering doing a Psychology conversion course (Msc) at Birkbeck, London. From what you've said in the above video, would you say that on completion of the conversion course I could feasibly go straight to the doctorate? Or would I then need to go on to do the masters? Thanks

  6. thank you so much … i am only 16 and interested in being a counselling psychologist , although I am terrible at science is that important ?

  7. I am in the states do you know if i could major in Family and human development as undergrad and do well in a counseling masters?

  8. What sort of subjects, other than psychology, do you need to become a Psychologist or a Therapist??

  9. After 3 years Of undergraduate is complete. How many years does the doctorate Hcpc take altogether to become a clinical councelling psychologist?

  10. the most helpful video ive seen so far….straight forward and gets rid of some of the myths surrounded a career as a chartered psychologist , thank you so much

  11. Thank you very much, I found this immensely helpful in simplifying things for me and feel far more confident in pursuing a career as a counselling psychologist 🙂

  12. I'm currently in my Master's in Social Psychology. I realized that I do not want to take the Ph.D route. Counseling psychology (with some cultural psychology experience) is what I want to do in my Doctorate. I'm in the U.S. Any advice???

  13. M studying psychology… but as times goes…. i cried for not knowing things.. and i face a hard problem where i don't understand a thing when it comes to research and statistics… this hurts me n i cried everytime… i dont wanna give my exams.. since m studying a distance education.. ni tution no classes… m torn… i wanna give up but mom won't understand me.. ☚ī¸â˜šī¸

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