How To Become A Physician Assistant | Are You Worthy?

How you doing future PA this is Dave DuBose, The PA coach from Today’s video is going to be short and sweet my son and I was sitting outside the barbershop waiting for my teenager to
get his haircut. He didn’t want me and his younger brother to come in and embarrass so I go for the ease. Too cool now for us. But in a way just
sitting here thinking about you today, I wanted to shoot a quick video. You know right now the NFL Combine is
coming up. For those of you who are football fans, you understand that these guys to
play football have prepared all there lives. Their lives for this big moment. Now that the doors, that they’re vying for the NFL’s attention. They go to this combine and they strut
their stuff. They show all that they had, how high they can jump, how fast they can run. Their agility, the strip all other
skills and techniques they’ve learned over the years to try and get it covered a spot in the
NFL. How does it relate to you? That’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re trying to get your covered to spot in PA school, right? So you have to
strut your stuff so you have to make sure that your GPA is
on point, right? You have a great narrative essay, you have those shadowing hours,
you have them on healthcare experience is necessary, right? You do all those things to make sure you
put yourself in a position to grab their attention. That’s what are these boys are doing right now with NFL combine. They want to position
themselves a shine. They want to run the fastest, jumped the
heights, show the skills and agility, be the strongest
because they want to get drafted. You going up against something just like
them. You want to get picked you wanna get
hand-selected by the PA school of your choice. So I encourage you, I urge you to put your
best foot forward. Show what you got. If you know I know you’ll don’t feel like studying for that class, study anyway. Make an A on that test so the overall GPA
can be as high as possible. Shadow those PA’s. Get that healthcare experience. Write a beautiful essay,
prepare for an interview, and interview like a pro. Do whatever it takes to raise your steaks
to make sure you get your covered spot into PA school of your choice, right?
You know my mission. I only have one, and that is to help you
get in PA school. Enjoy your day. Take care. Say bye buddy.
Bye. We’ll talk to you soon.


  1. Dave,
    Can you do a video about how to succeed in PA school AFTER being accepted?  It would be nice to hear your tips on time management, study skills to succeed, how often should we be studying, how to keep up, etc.

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