How to Build Shelves for In Wall Bathroom Built-ins

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back to our DIY channel. Today I’m back working on this project in the bathroom, working on the built ins. So we took some time off, we had some fun hanging out in Las Vegas, the weather as about 30 degrees warmer so it was nice. Sitting out by the pool, hanging out, enjoying the sun. – Spring break! I’m yellow. – Now we’re back. We actually shared last week the video of the big news that we’re excited about. So if you haven’t seen that video, go check that out right here. We’re super excited. So thank you everybody that has commented and said congratulations. It means a lot that
you’re watching our videos and enjoying them. So let’s get back to the built in. I have all my boards
ready to start cutting and building the built
in for inside the wall. The bathroom walls have been drywalled. So the next step now
is to build the frame. We’re not gonna have adjustable shelves, they’re all gonna be fixed. So I went on Sketch Up and I figured out exactly how big I wanted everything to be and how I wanted it to look and I showed it to Cassidy, she loves it, she thinks it’s gonna be great. So now it’s time to put it together. So the frame is gonna be
14 and a half inches wide and 67 and a half inches tall. Oh and so the two by four is
three and a half inches deep so from the front of the drywall to the back of the drywall
is actually four inches because we have a half an inch of drywall. So what I did is I bought some boards that are wider than four inches, I’m gonna cut them down
to width of four inches so the total depth of my built in is gonna be four inches. So I’m gonna hide where the drywall is gonna be showing, frame it in with the MDF, and then the back of the wall is going to be the drywall, we’re just gonna paint that. So first of all to get started I’m cutting down the
boards to four inches wide. So I’m gonna have four
one inch thick shelves and I’m gonna use this
material right here for that and then the rest is gonna be for the outside of the box. This piece of MDF, you buy it per foot so I
bought seven feet of this and I’m gonna need, what’s 14 times 2, 3 I’m gonna need about 60 inches. So I’m gonna have some leftover. So the leftover piece from cutting the sides to four inches, these are gonna work out perfect for the little fence that we’re making at the end of each shelf. So all I have to do with those is cut them to length and they’re ready. Now I’m cutting all the shelves to length at 14 and a half inches. The two top pieces are
14 and a half inches and then I’ll cut the side
at 67 and a half inches. Then we’ll have both sides
at 67 and a half inches long. Alright here are my four shelves, one inch thick. Here is my two, my top
and bottom of the box. And here are the two sides. So this is five eighths of an inch thick, five eighths of an inch thick, and this is one inch. (upbeat music) Before I put this together I realized I want to round off some of the corners. So usually with this MDF board they have a rounded off corner here and so they have at least
two rounded off corners. I cut the other one off here, but I’m gonna round off the front, bottom, and sides of all the shelves and then on the top and bottom piece I’m just gonna round of this. Ignore that, I like to
take my sanding block, this is like a 220 grit, and just sand that off. It comes off pretty quick. Just round off that corner. So you can see the difference that makes to round that off. It’ll look good when it’s
all painted and finished. So I’m gonna use my speed square and I’m gonna set up all the marks where the shelves need to be so when I set it on the side, I can line it up, glue it, and nail it in place. (upbeat music) And I laid both sides down together so that I could take my
speed square straight across and mark both sides at the same time. So I’m all ready to assemble
all these pieces together, I’m just gonna use glue. I’m gonna be using the Titebond 2 and some brad nails and then let it sit for
about a half an hour, maybe put a couple clamps on it, and then we will be ready to go put it in place in the bathroom. (upbeat music) So MDF is a great product for this project because it is easy to
paint, easy to work with, and it’s nice and straight, we won’t have to worry about warping, anything like that. (upbeat music) Just double checking here to make sure everything is square while it’s drying. I’ll be able to, once it’s in the wall cavity, I’ll be able to square it up for sure when I install it. Now I’m going to let that dry for about 30 minutes before I move it and put it in the bathroom. Okay so here it is, here’s the frame I just built in the shop and all I have to do is put it in place and level it out. So I measured it out so I have a little bit of wiggle room. I’m gonna use some shims to square it up and then nail it in place with the brad nail gun. So I’m gonna use my nice,
big, five foot leveler. That’s pretty close to level there. The wall is not perfect and that’s okay. So what I’m gonna do is this is up against this stud right here so I’m just gonna nail
that in place there. (upbeat music) Also I’ve created a playlist of this bathroom renovation that we’re doing. You can watch that right here. So the only place I’m gonna shim it is just right here. Just so it doesn’t move around much and I’m going to add
another layer of molding over the top of this and you can see that design right here, I’ve been working on it Sketch Up so that I get the look that I want and the sizes that I want. (upbeat music) Alright so this is installed, that’s as far as I’m gonna go with putting in nails and shimming it. It’s in there pretty square. So you can see here there’s
a little bit of a gap, that’s fine because we’re gonna caulk it, we’re gonna caulk all those corners and paint it all. I think it’s coming together quite nice. What do you guys think? Give me a thumbs up if you’re liking these shelves so far. So before I put on the molding around this and the door frame that I worked on, you can see that video right here, the pocket door that I installed. I’m going to paint this
drywall with drywall paint. So the drywall paint will keep the next layer of paint from soaking into the drywall too much. We’re gonna try to have these shelves wrapped up in the next video, so make sure you subscribe, ring that notification bell so you don’t miss out on how it’s gonna look and turn out in the end. Thanks for watching everybody and we’ll see you in the next video.


  1. Hi there, how would you get behind those shelves if you had to work on the plumbing behind the shelves ?

  2. Im no near a carpenter but I would use a 1/8 sheet panel attach to the mdf shelves so it keep the gap perfectly even and also add rigidity without losing depth space instead to try to make the sheetrock back looks good… keep the good work I like your channel!

  3. I love watching your videoes. I'm so excited to watch for the baby bump. Your family is one of my favorite YT families. Love you guys! 💙💙💙👷‍♀️👷‍♂️

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