How to buy Herbs Safely. In-store & online guide

hi guys welcome back to my channel it’s your brother Paul Otote, herbs are for healing of the nation yes but like with
anything else you gotta think safety first you can’t
just go buy a herb from any single person online because they can literally
pick grass off the street bag up that grass sell it online and tell you guys it’s
burdock root, how would you know so you can literally be sipping on urine filled
grass and paying 20 pound for it. You need to be smart and understanding where to
get your herbs from and on this video I’m going to show you how. On this video I
will let you know where I get my herbs from
I’m gonna take you to two shops where you can actually go and grab some herbs
and I’m also gonna show you the online aspects how to maneuver online, buy hebrs from reputable sources and give you some tips and tricks along the way a
good quality herb is always picked by a confident forager or it’s sourced by a
reputable manufacturer so on the EU guidelines if you’re a herbalist or if
you’re actually person picking herbs there’s these GMP standards that you
have to go through that ensure the quality of the herb which means it’s
literally tested at every single stage so it’s tested at the picking stage it’s
tested at the drying stage it’s tested at a manufacture stage even if it’s from a capsule perspective they’re checking to make sure there’s enough in that capsule
to actually have the kick or the actual potency that you want. Some of these
reputable manufacturers are found online and there’s some found in shops,
firstly I’m going to show you one shop that I checked out in person so the shop is
called Brixton Whole Foods off the bat I can tell you that there is a shop like this
in every city it’s just up to you to go out and find it because this shop has
the right vibe that right feel and it tends to be family-run businesses too
already the smell is what gets you you know you smell something that’s lifeful you know cleanse out your system do what you are properly, there is a lot of herbs here that I recognise, burduck root,
it’s like one of my favorite actually I have it in powder format, put that in your
smoothie you know how to be an upright as a man you’ll be feeling upright so
you can speak to the herbalist you can ask questions and one thing you find from
these shops is the people that go into these shops
how did glowing your skin as well even though it tends to be older they have
that right vibe to them which i think is dope so this is a shopper you can check
out so this is very good herb especially as a lady, it helps with a painful time in a
month actually so I’m gonna bag up a few, for me it was like the first time
actually bagging up these herbs myself it’s quite reminiscent of bagging up …nevermind, if you’re ever in south London this is definitely a place to check out and
especially if you want to ask you for the right questions you know what what
hurts is good for what you know there’s people in there you can actually speak
to and everybody’s friendly you know I ain’t seen no young people just yeah
that’s changing, a change gone come, loaded I’m excited I’ve been trying to buy some
more Irish moss you know this is good for you good for you, high in iron, i got a little green tea I used to drink this a lot when I was losing weight the first time
you know green tea will aid in your weight loss so this is ready to go, the
benefits of buying your herbs in person or buying online from a reputable
manufacturer is that both for these Institute’s have to follow a strict
process in terms of how they package the herbs how they pick their house how they
identify the herbs and how they test the herbs and this is called a GMP process
and that’s why some other companies are listed in this video I thought and you
can rest assured by from these companies another shop that I checked are which is
quite high quality is Baldwin’s and it’s in south London their shops like this
exist everywhere for a shop like this is the people in there are very intelligent
they study just the be there. just goes to show that is always a few
shops in every see for those who like convenience like me I buy a majority of
my herbs online it gets delivered to my door is the more reputable manufacturer
so I can trust it I’ve put together a list of over 60 herbs that I drink and
when I get them from they tend to be from Amazon tend to be from eBay but the
companies behind them is companies that I looked into previously and one thing
you will find is these companies have reviews the herbs have reviews from
other people that have drank it don’t listen to the reviews or people saying
oh it’s bitter or if this is that that’s not serious with views because herbs
that bitters will be bitter some that are not wimpy and even from the taste in
terms of bitterness that’s how you know the potency of the drink
herbs is not like medicine it can vary in terms of those important see from her
to her so how you know the potency is from the taste so guys if you want the
list check in the description and hope to see you guys on the next video peace


  1. Big up bro thanks for the knowledge defo gonna look for a herb shop where I live and also Justingredients need to plug you with some free herbs asap bro πŸ‘Š

  2. Bro safe for the video. For sea moss you have to head to esme’s food store which is in Brixton market about 2 mins from Brixton whole foods. I get my sea moss from them. They have two forms Irish moss and deep sea moss.

    It’s a well respected store. I walk from Peckham to get my sea moss from her. Keep up the great work brother ✊🏾

  3. Turn on notification bell so you don’t miss the new videos. Hope you’re well. PπŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ’š

  4. Hello Paul πŸ–οΈ
    It's Elizabeth that saw you in Kennington a couple of months ago…..
    Wahoooooo! those are two main shops I buy herbs from too. Once in awhile I go to Neal's yard stores…I love the one in Covent Garden.
    Herbs are for the healing of the nationπŸ‘πŸΎ The creator of Heaven and Earth is Awesome πŸ™πŸΎ
    Thanks for sharing.
    Could you do a grocery shopping tour in Brixton 🀣🀣🀣

  5. Thanks a whole lot for this video Paul. I’ve been interested in using herbs to improve my overall health for a while now and the information in this video has helped tremendously! Much respect man, you are a great example of the expansion of human consciousness. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ

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