How to Clean a Wound | First Aid Training

Clean your own hands first. Wash your hands so that you don’t introduce
any infection into the wound. If it’s bleeding, you want to stop the bleeding. Get a clean cloth. Get gauze. Get a menstrual pad. Put it on there and put pressure on there
for a good 10 minutes. Once the bleeding has stopped, wash it out
with soap and water. If there’s any debris in there, you want to
get that out. Any dirt or grit or anything like that, you
want to get it out. If there’s dirt or grit that you can’t get
out, that you’ve tried and tried and you still think there’s stuff in there, you need to
call the doctor. Otherwise, put antibiotic ointment on it. Cover it up with a bandage and keep it on. Change it every 24 hours unless it gets dirty
or wet or it seeps through. With a scrape or a cut, if there’s skin flapping
over, if it’s little, less than one centimeter by one centimeter, you can just put antibiotic
ointment over it and cover it up. If it’s bigger than that, go talk to your
doctor. If your cut or your scrape is big, apply pressure
and go talk to your doctor.


  1. can u plzzz do a vid in how to get rid of warts cuz i have one in my leg and i want 2 know how to take it off naturally

  2. If your body is exposed to pathogens it will develop resistance. The trick is to find the line between unnecessary treatment and necessary treatment. I have had many wounds larger than described that I have left my body to deal with (after cleaning it properly) and turned out great.

  3. I got a cut yesterday and I wash it twice a day, and put on coconut oil once a day to moisturize it. It's already gotten better, and it was bleeding the first day so all this stuff is kinda unnecessary. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. If the wound didint pierced completly the skin and didint touched the muscles then u can just wash the wound with water , but if u did that in some old metal u should visit a doctor

  5. what a great advice – go to your doctor. how about you tell us HOW to CLEAN wound – what to use to clean it?

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