How to Control Your Anxiety From Ruining Your Day – Dr Alan Mandell, DC

welcome dr. Mendel here with you welcome everyone I hope that you're having a good day or night regardless of where you are this is all about controlling anxiety we don't want anxiety to control your day so I'm gonna share some very simple important things and I really think you'll you will enjoy we are broadcasting live streaming live via YouTube right now and let's get right into it as our chat room will start to fill up this is something so important there are so many people out there that I just worry they have anxieties now you're looking at somebody who has had serious anxieties going through school many years ago I will take another video and just talk about that that's how thick of a video I can have so I realize that pain causes anxiety but guess what anxiety causes pain it causes a whole vicious cycle which I'll talk about in just a sec just a second look at this lady here most of the things we worry about never happened that is so true 90 something percent of the things we worry about don't even happen it's out of our control very important we look at anxiety symptoms there are many once we have fear once we go into a panic attack once we become tense with tension with tension we start the fear thing we start to develop the chest pain the sweating the rapid heartbeat the palpitations the difficulty sleeping sweating and it just becomes a whole vicious cycle and this is something that we're going to learn today and I'm gonna hopefully do it real quick with you I'm not gonna stretch this out this is my goal with you right here this is my goal within myself on install anxiety okay let's uninstall it regardless of what's going on in our lives we need to uninstall it because if we keep it it's gonna get us it's gonna wear us down it's gonna hurt us it's gonna put danger in our health it's gonna start doing bad things to us look at Charlie Brown here Charlie Brown says my anxieties have anxieties wow that's brilliant think about it we set vicious cycles in our own body that we are thinking about what's gonna happen because it already happened yesterday or last night and we start putting our mind back into our own system and we start recognizing and monitoring our body we wake up in the morning we say hmm oh my goodness it's beating a little too fast oh it's skipping a few extra beats aah and you start worrying about it you start programming your mind back into what you're used to seeing or used to feeling or you're used to thinking and this is the problem with anxiety because anxieties and panic attacks come Believe It or Not from the subconscious mind the conscious mind is awakened when you're awake when I'm awake the subconscious mind records when you sleep it records when you're awake it records the words you say it records the the ways that you think and it puts it into the subconscious and that continues to play in your life so when you keep programming the subconscious mind on wow it's going to be stressful today because it was like that yesterday or I feel like maybe I'm having a heart attack and you keep worrying about it or why am i breathing too much why is my pulse pulse racing and you start feeding into it your look Inc for problems and your over monitoring your condition your over monitoring your conditions and problems that that you just think you're gonna have or have had and you're not gaining anything but programming more into your subconscious becomes a whole vicious cycle so in this type of situation you don't want to worry so much about your racing heart your breathing what you need to do is you need to get things off your mind and put it into reality and look around your room smell use your senses see what's in your room hear what you hear in your room your music outside get your mind off your internal monitoring and put it more into the surroundings of life of living of getting up hearing water taking a shower saying these words I'm about to share with you that's gonna actually change your life it's going to really help you we look at the tension related pain fear this is we need to do we need to break this cycle 21 days we break the cycle I understand anxiety is something that can cause crazy things panic attacks difficulty breathing grasping for air dizziness confusion stress problems and relationships sex life down the drain things just don't work the man just can't work can't function can't concentrate you just in your own corner I can promise you that most these things aren't real you look at the word fear and I recall this because I didn't bring this up tonight I've talked a lot about this in the past fear is false evidence appearing real and write that down fear is false evidence appearing real so if you look at this when you fear when you're anxious when you have panic attacks the muscles get tense adrenaline cortisol and that adrenaline starts to pump and that's why we get the rapid heartbeat that's why we start keep breathing deeply that's why our blood pressure goes up that's why we get dizzy that's why our digestion is messed up that's why we're just screwed up because we can't focus or our nervous system is just worn and torn and we can't keep putting this under stress because stress is a normal part of life but if you continue to have stress you continue to weaken the immune system and you're setting your body up for a stage of disease where lack of ease or a problem that potentially could weaken you and cause harm so if we look at the words and these are some really important words I did my homework for you but these particular words you want to say these words you most need to hear you can make up your own words you want to use your own nurturing voice whatever that is you want to maybe say it to yourself or silently or aloud but you you need to realize that these words have feelings have emotions we want to tie this back into ourselves these are the words I really feel that can make a big difference that you really need to hear now and I'm gonna review this and say it with you but don't worry so much if it's not the exact words you may want to come up with your own words what works for you and you'll get better at figuring this out I promise you you'll get better figuring this out as you practice this but for now these examples that I put together I really think will help you I can trust myself I'm not alone I can ask for help and that's what you're doing now you're in a chat room you're trying to get help I can do things that I don't want to do of course you can this is not the hardest thing I will ever do look back in your life you succeeded you've already persevered so many things in the past I will not always be this way things will become easier yes it will I will remember that everyone has problems you bet do I don't care if they're in Hollywood I don't care if they're I got the biggest house in the world they've got problems I don't care if it's the present everyone has problems I accept myself as I am today that's so important I hope everyone really takes that seriously and I am okay exactly the way I am yes you are and don't forget that anxiety is a thief it's a thief don't let it steal your life because I know you are strong enough and you love yourself too much to let your body and your mind and your soul break down because too many people need you too many people love you and you need to love them back and if you're letting anxiety and you're letting this stress and this fear and these panic attacks wear you down because the majority of people that will go into hospitals their panic attacks and and once your doctors and the most important thing before I close out tonight is I advise everyone out there if you're having anxiety if you're having panic attacks don't look at dr. Mandel as your healer because I'm not a healer I'm your friend okay I'm here to share my experiences don't ever allow me to intercept your own doctor you should be examined take your blood work get examined let you let that doctor give you a clear bill of health and then you've already conquered half your problem because you know you're healthy and that is the most important thing behind what I would I explained what I taught today is you have to know that you're healthy because you've already saw your doctor everything else is up to you sure this video I really think that this is a great video it's simple and go back look at those words practice your own words start saying them start preaching them start living by them and you'll see how things start to change you'll see within a few weeks you're gonna be a different person it's really amazing but it's so important because we're talking about the immune system we're talking about the subconscious mind I ask you to subscribe to my channel so you can get notifications great self-help videos like these check out my channel as well as Facebook motivational doc go ahead and leave comments over there any reviews if you don't mind but really I care about you and uh we need to continue to share this great education leave your comments below I'm sure you'll get many many many hundreds of people from around the world that will respond this is a major major major epidemic and this leads to a lot of disease as a result of excessive stress weakening our immune system and just fatiguing the inside of our central nervous system because it's being overworked remember stress is normal when it when it comes and when it goes but when it continues that's where we start developing many problems god bless everyone good health continue to stay proactive and may blessings continue to heal you and your family and we'll catch up with you real soon bye bye now


  1. Thanks you so you really help how to get my life back,so sorry about my writing, i been lives with. This anxiety for 14 years with out friends and exactly what you said. It's really help me.I never comments in English on YouTube, but today i so thankful, i want to said thank you so much, and keep do what you do,i believe your video will help people like me .thank again

  2. So my extreme health anxiety can actually CAUSE health problems one day. That gives me more anxiety. Lol But I love when you said "FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real". And "Anxiety is a thief. Don't let it steal your life".

  3. Please stop google your symptoms because it cause serious health anxiety and go examine with your doctor and get the relief..

  4. For past one month I had some pain in back of my head or upper neck and some weird feeling in my head and one day I started feeling nausea..and my head felt heavy.. I scared so much and I had panic attacks frequently because I thought it was a tumor finally I went for the MRI and they found I got some relief…beacuse anxiety really causes throat tightening and u can't even eat talk and laugh.. Anxiety is an culprit that grabs your health down..

  5. I have walked off most of my anxiety. I do not take pills fo it anymore. MY Vitamin D was also bad. Which can affect you. Walk it off!! Start with a half hour a day and go from there. I'm telling you it WORKS! I also went had all my blood wok done and everything is fine. That is true about going to the Dr's and getting a check up. Walking has been my cure.

  6. I have Anxiety, and depression and I'm suffering with gastrointestinal after listening to it makes me feel more powerful again everything is in our brain our subconscious mind don't let it weak you .

  7. Dr. Mandell I would travel to the ends of the earth to be your patient.
    Severe anxiety and panic attacks have ruled my life for the past 15 years.
    I am on a healing journey that starts anew every day! I have missed out on so much in life and I am READY.
    My Dr is a wonderful caring person, but his fix for my panic and anxiety were Xanax and countless trials of antidepressants that control the symptoms but basically kept me in bed.
    This June will be 2 years since I have been treated by a medical Dr. I have found healing through herbs, supplements, breathing techniques, and a knowing that comes from my soul that says I want to LIVE.
    Your videos are an inspiration to ME…healing does not come all at one time, it is a process that I repeat daily. Life has new meaning to me and for the first time in my life I truly know how to relax.

  8. Very good description of anxiety and panic. I started to feel better just listening to this clip.

  9. This video was so interesting——-I knew most of what you explained but just hearing you explain it helped relieve tight chest plus reminded me to just talk to the anxiety when it comes. But my problem is not just anxiety——well yes it is, I have trouble sleeping, I get anxious when going to bed that I won’t sleep——and sleepless nights lead to more anxiety. That is what I am dealing with right now.

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