How to Create a Concept Map

How to create a concept map. What is a concept map? A concept map is a visual way to organize thoughts and make connections between ideas. How can I use a concept map? You can use a concept map to brainstorm and organize ideas, create an outline for an assignment, or test your knowledge and review for exams. How do I make a concept map? By following these seven steps: Step 1: Start by identifying the main topic, and brainstorm everything you know about it. Use all relevant content from lectures, texts, and other course material. Step 2: Organize your information into main points. Step 3: Start creating your map: Begin with your main topic, then branch out to major points and supporting details. Step 4: Review your map and look for more connections. Use arrows, symbols, and colours to show relationships between ideas. Step 5: Include details: definitions, equations, and diagrams are all useful. Step 6: Analyze and improve your map. Ask yourself: How do the ideas fit together? Have you made all necessary connections? Is the map accurate, logical and detailed? Step 7: As you learn more, update your concept map to reflect your better understanding. Try talking out loud about your concept map. Ask yourself: Can I describe the connections between these ideas? Following these seven simple steps will allow you to create a concept map to help you study. For more information, get in touch! Get social with the library @UGLibrary Music:


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  4. Although this video is beautiful, I'm afraid I must point out that this is more of a mind map. Concept maps do not have a spiderweb appearance, and they do not have pictures, colors, nor drawings. It would be great if you could actually create one with real theory about concept maps.

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