How To Cure Anxiety in 30 Seconds

what's up guys Martin welcome to peek your mind today we're talking about how do you stay cool and calm and collected in situations that make you nervous or trigger your anxiety whether you're getting us to give a speech or talk to somebody or an interview or an audition whatever it is whatever it's getting the way or trigging that anxiety for you how do you conquer that stuff so it doesn't get in your way anymore that's what you can learn today and so I'm going to share a quick tip with you on how to conquer anxiety in just 30 seconds and one of the reasons I want to tackle this was a lot of your advice and the videos will see you around this topic is people will say you know it just starts in mind you got to kind of conquer the mind you just kind of got it think your way out of it and I agree with that to a certain extent but I think it's missing a major component which is the physical when it comes to those nerves and then anxiety it starts in the mind but it's a physical thing like your palms get sweaty your face gets red like your heart speeding out of your treads you feel like you're going to die or faint or something but if you try to fight your mind on this if you try to think your way out of nervousness or anxiety you're going to lose that fight every time but you can win it physically using the 4 by 4 technique and this technique used by Navy SEALs and top athletes to stay cool when they're in high-pressure situations and it's something you can use and apply right now to calm your nerves and calm your anxiety to go to take on the situations in your own life so here's how it works when you do feel your nerves pop up when you do feel that anxiety start to like kind of creep up on you you just breathe in for four seconds and as you do expand your stomach so you're breathing deep and then exhale for four seconds and contract your stomach wait wait wait wait wait so are you telling me to like overcome my nervousness and anxiety I just have to breathe that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard I used to think so too until I tried it and it worked and I try to begin and it worked and I tried it again and it worked and if you try this you'll see for yourself that it works because how it works is you're hacking your nervous system instead of being overwhelmed by anxiety or your fear response which is what happens when you have an anxiety attack what's happening in your body is your body is triggering a fight-or-flight response if your brain is sending stress hormones of cortisol and adrenaline that caused those physical reactions that caused your palms or sweat or cause you to feel like you can't breathe they're causing you to get really tense because your body is preparing for whatever that fearful response is but and instead of being overwhelmed by that anxiety and the emotional center of your brain by using this breathing technique you're hacking your nervous system you're communicating to your body and your mind to relax and to come back the center and from that place you can take on whatever is in front of you because what you do in the body the mind will follow but it also helps to have the mind on board too which is why I suggest is part two to the 4×4 technique which is positive self-talk now I used to think positive self-talk was because it doesn't make sense that oh you just tell yourself like oh I'm confident I feel good I'm going to win and all of a sudden you feel better about yourself but it's been proven again and again as an amazing technique again Navy SEALs use this to just reconditioning and train your mind and training your thought patterns to empower you instead of limiting you and so how I combine it is when I am going to take on a situation that I know is going to trigger those nerves or that anxiousness in me is I start doing my breathing and I start using a power phrase I choose a power phrase instead of just kind of rambling a bunch of things on it's kind of like a mantra well say I got this I got this and that helps you get pumped and into a place where I can take on whatever's in front of me and so that's what I would suggest to use that choose a power phrase something that resonates with you that makes you feel strong that empowers you because if you're breathing and whatever and you're saying to yourself this doesn't work good exhale again I'm going to bomb there so this is not good whatever if you are in conflict with yourself but if instead you use that positive self-talk in tandem with that breathing technique that's going to take you to another level where you're not only neutralizing that anxiety and those nerves but you're igniting it and you're using it as a springboard to tap into your most confident and most empowered self and again don't just take my word for it take this stuff and apply to your life and then come back and let me know how it went for you I'm confident that you'll be able to feel the difference so that's today's episode of peek your mind if you like 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  1. I have anxiety or like im scared to eat food, so I lost a lot of weight. Please help me cure this anxiety problem. I want so bad to be myself again

  2. Dealt with it for a month but didn't let it control me I wasn't able to go out nor do what I love to do which is workout it was a horrifying experience I wasn't myself thoughts raced, felt out of it, wasn't able to concentrate, everything felt fake didn't know what was wrong I kept searching what was wrong parents didn't know how to help so I was just telling myself after my doctor prescribed me meds so I snapped out of it at that moment because heck no meds weren't going into my body I had to force myself out there honestly the feeling doesn't go away completely it's part of you controlling yourself in this situation is also key knowing what's right or wrong thinking logically and keeping yourself busy to doing things that defines who you are you'll then go on to enjoy your old daily routines because nah I couldn't hang I had to find answers asap what sucked is that I had to help myself out but knew I wasn't alone so I'm free from it back out doing what I love
    Because before it all happened I was moving up thinking positive enjoying myself in what i invest in fearless, nothing but full courage in me going to UCLA it was all caused by an energy drink lmao full on panic that was such an uncomfortable and unforgettable feeling that i have never felt in my entire life on this earth it was just an unexpected hit choosing wether to live with it or get rid of it but wasn't an easy task you control the outcome cause it is possible to beat it you just choose when and how

  3. my worst symptoms

    1. heart pounding like it's gonna burst out
    2. feeling of losing all control of your body
    3. thinking about the worst case scenario

  4. When I was 4,5,6,7 and in the middle of 8 I started having panic attacks like sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe and it’s very scary and I can’t eat because it makes it worst. Someone please help me I really hate it.

  5. I started having SEVERE anxiety when I was in second grade (I’m now 12) and it got so bad that now I can’t go to school or leave my house, one thing I think might help is being cold and thinking “ what’s the worst that could happen” let me know if this helps you.

  6. How i cured anxiety: Stretch all the time, before going out, waking up, at work the lot! Second read these guys' blogs and I took onboard the info. Take a look if you want, or don't!

  7. You can't breathe, your thoughts are racing, and you might even feel like you're having a heart attack. You've tried medication, but it's not working like it used to–or it never worked at all. You can't stand the anxiety and panic any more, and you want a solution that works.

    I've guided thousands through an emotional healing process that heals their anxiety once and for all.

  8. Anxiety sighs for me:
    1.sweaty palms
    2.heart pounding
    3.feel like i’ma faint
    4.butterflies in stomach
    5.pulling out eyebrows
    I’m stressed a lot though

  9. One time I stayed up the whole night because I was scared of going to school, in school, my friend gave me a cup of coffee to help me, I started shaking a little because I never really have coffee, and after lunch I gave my friend my phone, I don’t know her very well and she is one of the kids at my school who is “trouble” and I was scared she might do something with my phone, like text my strict mom something dumb or get me in trouble, in
    The next 20 minutes I got scared, because, I didn’t know how I was getting home and didn’t know if she would give me my phone back, I started crying and hyperventilating so I got sent out of class, I felt like I couldn’t breath, I came out of the little room they sent me to and went to my seat to take a test. When the test was over I started walking and felt very dizzy and my vision was fuzzy even though I had contacts in, I was dragged to the nurses office and on the way there I almost passed out. If I used this I wonder if I could have stopped that, or was it even because of anxiety?

  10. Has anyone used the Atoractove Secrets to completely erased your social anxiety? Simply just do a google search. On there you'll find an awesome suggestions about how exactly you can completely erased your social anxiety. Why don't you give it a chance? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

  11. I can just be walking and then I will demand to go home. My anxiety kicks in and I feel sick then I end up getting afraid that I will be sick in public. I got the breathing method to work but that's it

  12. I honestly don’t know why I’m shaking so bad and freaking out I’m only 11 .its school that freaks me out this girl bothers me and won’t get over some stuff that happened not to long ago.In literally freaking out and shaking someone help

  13. The second I reach 12 my anxiety kicked in I didn't think it would get me kicked out of 4 schools and leave me home schooled and I never thought I'd watch a video to help it so let's sit and watch 🤔

  14. Here are sone anxiety that I got 🙁
    1.I'm always afraid (not literally afraid) of something.. I'm afraid I cannot say.. always anxious in school and in everything that I do mind is always filled with thoughts that makes me uncomfortable

  15. To be honest there is something I do which helps me a lot with anxiety and it is; first ask yourself: who is my model (the person I look up to the most and want to be like in the future), then tell yourself this: they obviously had anxiety at a certain point in their life but they still got over it, so if they can do it I can. And really believe in what you said. That helps me with my anxiety.

  16. For my Anxiety If I'm worrying about doing something and that if I do it that something would happen, What I do is that I force myself to do the thing that I'm worrying about. Basically I just say "Fuck it"

  17. Things will get better, JUST TRY, if you can't control it, leave it!!
    Enjoy life, listen to music , do something you love!!

  18. my anxiety is so bad i almost lose my hand functions it gets worse after a night of drinking as well anyone else?

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