How to Cure Diabetes Without Medicine — A1c from 7.2% to 5.4%

I’ve been to my doctor’s for a regular checkup
he said, “Oh, your diabetes is out of control, you
need Metformin, you need… Your cholesterol is high, you need Crestor,
and here’s your scripts.” I found Mastering Diabetes, talked to Robby,
I signed up right away, on the spot, and a year later my A1c is 5.4%, you know, normal
range, cholesterol is down. And, the funny thing is
my doctor goes, “Oh, yeah, your scripts will be waiting for you out front… wait a minute,
you don’t need medication.” And I’m like “Yes!” I was so excited. [Music] I’ve been really grateful to be a part of
the Mastering Diabetes community. I’ve learned so much
over the past year, and to look back on where I was a year ago, it’s been an incredible
journey. This time last year, I was really, really
upset. I thought that, not that the world was coming
to an end, but pretty close. You know, I’ve been to my doctor’s for a regular
checkup he said, “Oh, your diabetes is out of control, you need
Metformin, you need… Your cholesterol is high, you
need Crestor, and here’s your scripts”, and I said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait a minute. I
don’t want to do that, I really don’t.” I went to the pharmacy and they said, “If
you give me another script for the strips, I can, you
know, start checking again, they’ll upgrade my meter for free, and all this wonderful
stuff.” And I
was really surprised, he looked at me and said, “Why? Do you want to poke yourself every
day?”, “No, I don’t want to”, I said, “But if I have to I will.” And I said, “Is this not a tool, you know,
to gauge where I’m at?” And his attitude was, “Well, I’ll write you
this script if you want”, I said “Yeah, yeah please do.” So, he did, I went back to the pharmacy, got
my meter, got my strips, started checking and I was higher than what
I was before. So, I found Mastering Diabetes, talked to
Robby, I signed up right away, on the spot, and a year
later my A1c is 5.4%, you know, normal range, cholesterol is down. And, the funny thing is my
doctor goes, “Oh, yeah, your scripts will be waiting for you out front… wait a minute,
you don’t need medication.” And I’m like “Yes!” I was so excited. I had also started watching some of these
documentaries, like “What The Health.” Years ago, I
had watched “Super Size Me” and “Forks Over Knives.” And I’m thinking, I don’t even know
what to eat, I was almost scared, actually scared to eat, like, what can I eat? I didn’t think I could
eat corn and potatoes. So, when I signed up for the program, and
downloaded The Carbohydrate Ninja Guide, one of the first
recipes I saw in there, when I started looking at it,
roasted potatoes with rosemary. I go, I make that all the time, I love it. So, I started with that, I started with, you
know, and I go, corn, “I can eat corn!”, I was really
excited about it, like okay, minus the butter and salt, that’s the way I used to eat it,
but there was different options in there, like with the
spices. And it was good, I wasn’t missing the butter
and salt. You know, I put on the barbecue, and put cardamom
and cinnamon on it, and it was wonderful, I could eat that. So, I started from there, and then I branched
out to some of the other recipes, other ideas that
they had in there, like I’ve since tried passion fruit. I was so excited when I found them here, in
my local grocery store, like I’ve had them on vacation in Mexico, but when I saw them
here, at the grocery store, “Yeah! OK!” Typically, breakfast is fruit, I like green
smoothies, and it’s very quick very easy for me. I go
through a lot of bananas, I eat a lot of bananas, because they’re, they’re handy, they travel
well, and I found that when I make it, when I have
bananas, especially in a smoothie like spinach, that’s a good way for me to get my greens
in as well. Again, with the greens, it doesn’t spike my
blood sugar. I can have three, four bananas and I’m fine,
and it helps keep me full. Berry bowls,
I like the berry bowls, one of my favorite breakfasts is blueberries with mango. And sometimes,
if I’m feeling like, it maybe this isn’t going to hold me, I’ll add the chia seeds to it,
that sort of thing. Lunch is typically, sometimes I’ll have potatoes,
quinoa, again they’re fairly easy. I try and keep
things, I try and keep things simple, I learned that from Adam actually, I love his webinar,
When Shift Happens. So, lunches, potatoes, quinoa, sometimes salad,
beans, that sort of thing. And then, dinner is
usually a fairly large salad, there’s a sweet kale blend that I buy in the grocery store
here, and I’m still actually not bored of it, because
for me that’s one thing about salads, sometimes you get
really bored of having salad again. But, this blend, I really like it, it has
shredded Brussels sprouts, kale, other greens, and that sort
of thing. So yeah, I’m surprised I’m still not bored
of it. I have more energy than I did. I sleep better, and that doesn’t surprise
me, because at one point I tried raw vegan, for about a month, just
to see if I could do it, this is before I started the
program, just to see if I could do it. And it was difficult. I was happy about it because I was
losing about 2 pounds a week when I was doing this, but looking back, I probably wasn’t
eating enough. And one thing I’ve found with the Mastering
Diabetes Program is, there is so much information out there, with the online course
I’m going through, all the modules, plus Cyrus and
Robby, they’re updating it, I’ve noticed that. Also, the coaching group on Facebook, there’s
just so much wonderful support and tips. I noticed when I first started the program,
just being part of the group, it was sort of like, “Okay,
that’s how they do that. That’s how you do that, that’s what they’re
talking about.” Because, for
me I think the big thing, what I needed to learn or what I found most helpful, is learning
how to shop, like I’m buying mangos by the case now,
I would never, I would never even think of doing
that before. Also, handling social situations which can
be very tricky, but I had the wedding, I had a charity fundraising banquet that we
went to, family holiday get-togethers, you know. And
these situations can be hard to navigate. Those were two of the big things I needed,
in order to to help keep this sustainable. And so, it was in January, I reached my goal. And that was another thing it, the first module
is goal setting, and that I found there is a
very powerful exercise as well, like okay, why are you
doing this, you set your goal, and post it, I had it posted on the fridge, posted where
you can see it. I had it in my in my bag that I bring to work,
post it on the bathroom mirror, and then you remember. Okay, this is why I am I’m doing this, you
get very specific, and that helps keep you on track too. Having reached goals that I had set out, losing
28 pounds, 28 weeks which took me to January, since then I’ve had maintained my weight,
blood sugar has been pretty stable, like in the
mornings. Seeing the results, like the blood work when
it came in, I was really, really happy. I
mean, I was just so excited. Go for it, work the program. I’m also pretty lucky in that I work in a
greenhouse, so I’m not sitting at a desk all day, and I think that’s been part of my success
too. So, the program works, because it combines
diet and exercise, and I believe you need both. And this program shows you how to do it, in
a way that is sustainable. This program is very
doable, it works. So, yes there are challenges, and they could
be, you know, different, they’re going to be different for everybody, but being
able to see what your challenges are, and work
through them, this program shows you how to do that. It’s been a great support, the community
is wonderful, if you fall off, nobody beats you up about it, so you get back up, and keep
going, keep moving forward. And yeah, to anybody starting, the program
works, it really, really does. I
heard others say it, it’s true. [Music]


  1. In the comments below, we would like you to answer one question. How much total fat do you eat per day? Is it 20 grams per day? 50 grams per day? 100 grams per day? Let us know in the comments below.

    If you do not know the answer to that question, we highly suggest using nutrition software to find the answer and report back to us. How to cure diabetes without medication can be done with a low-fat, plant-based, whole-food diet. We recommend keeping your total fat intake to no more than 30 grams per day.

  2. i'm interested in knowing what to do my A1c came back as 6.6 technically diabetic type 2. they prescribed me with metformin . i would love not taking it thanks for all the videos they are great.

  3. I’ve been following you guys for about a year now, right after I was diagnosed type 2. My A1C has gone from 10 to 5.2 and my bs is stable. I also suffer from severe diabetic neuropathy. I went from screaming in pain, could barely walk, confined to bed looking at wheelchairs and now I am out and about! Going to the beach, visiting family, etc. I thought it was over for me and I now have a chance at life again. I can’t thank you enough!! Much love and many blessings ❤️

  4. Love it!! Great work, Susanne!! I'm right behind you. I'm eating less than 30 grams per day of fat (no oils, no nuts). But, I'm losing weight which I really didn't want to lose. I might add some nuts back in. The only oils I get is in prepared foods and occasional eating out were I can't tell. I love my WFPB no oil foods!!

  5. I eat 80% fat daily. I make naturally occurring fat (salmon, dark meat fowl, prime rib, pork roast, ice cream, Bullet-Proof Coffee and Bullet-Proof Bone Broth with homemade Savory Fat Bombs). I have reversed my Type 2 Diabetes with an A1C of 9.1 to 5.0 inside four (4) months and the loss of 40 pounds. I was able to lose enough weight and my flesh/skin so much softer and pliable that we were easily able to find, during a private time with my husband, the hard, non-moving, 2” Stage 3 Inductal Carcinoma HER+2 tumor in my right breast (as well as the second, smaller tumor at the 7 o’clock position AND the metaseses in my right ancillary region …as well as a tumor that was under my right subclavian area). I went from happy with my weight loss and surge of energy, as well as lack of physical pain during ANY type of physical activity, to the next day undergoing a needle-core biopsy taken and the following morning, I was diagnosed fully with a scalp-to-foot PET scan. I received a port in my chest and within a week, was receiving chemotherapy. I was scheduled for six (6) rounds. I developed Stage 2 neuropathy and skipped one round then, after a second PET scan was completed, skipped the remaining round altogether as it was no longer necessary. I was then scheduled for my bilateral mastectomy. The surgeon called me the next morning to say all of the lymph nodes as well as both tumors that he removed, dissected and sent off to pathology were “scar tissue”…the were all DEAD. ☠️ Praise Jesus!

    Following the mastectomy, I developed a seroma on my left side. These are common occurrences after surgery. It’s just a small area of skin that did not receive constant blood flow during or after surgery. It was debrided (removed) in-office and I was told to visit the Wound Care Clinic in a week. When I arrived, the PA said he had orders that I was to be set up for a “wound vac”. I went into the room and both the RN, the PA and the Wound Care Clinic’s director was called in. My wound, because I have been following the Ketogenic Lifestyle since June 2016, had healed by over 20% in a week’s time. There was no need for the wound vac as the site had great granulation, circulation and was healing rapidly. I asked the PA and the director why they were so shocked. They just stared at me. I then asked them how many of their clientele were diabetic. The director said, “98%”. The PA said, “you must eat a lot of protein.” I healed fully within 2 months. It went from a 3”x 5” wound (I could have smuggled an orange into the clinic) to completely healed in two months. I was scheduled for 33 rounds of radiation. After 28 rounds, my radiation oncologist saw my PET scan and stopped the rest. She even called me at home to apologize for not seeing my report earlier as I underwent about five more rounds than I probably needed.

    The Keto Diet helped me reverse my Type 2 diabetes in four (4) months…not a year.
    The Keto Diet helped me kill my Stage 3 breast cancer.
    The Keto Diet helped me heal quickly after surgery.
    The Keto Diet will prevent me and my entire family from Alzheimer’s (recently categorized as Type 3 Diabetes by the medical community.)
    The Keto Diet will prevent me and my entire family from coronary artery disease.
    I make delicious food, from roasts to breads to ice creams to cookies whenever we want them and all while staying Keto.
    The Keto Diet has given me mental clarity, energy and hope.
    I’ve also lost nearly 70 pounds to-date.

  6. I switched to high fat and low carb and just got my blood work back and EVERY SINGLE NUMBER IMPROVED! Lipids, inflammation markers and glucose! Finally a solution!! And a1c is 4.8

  7. I am underweight by 10 #s I eat 97% veggies, nuts and seeds, no carbs, less than 5% animal products exercise at the gym 2 hrs every other day, no stress good mental control and yet, my glucose is always over 250. I do not have the diabetes symptoms, feet, eyes, energy ok.
    I don't see the doctors because they want to place under their chemicals.

  8. I eliminated my diabetes following this natural guide: => thebigdiabetes-lie. com <= (Google it)

    It's about changing your diet for something more natural.

  9. I am 43 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last summer. I took generally good care of myself with the help of herbal cure and exercised on a regular basis. For at least the year before, I noticed that I had to urinate all the time, waking me up several times a night. In the month or so prior to being diagnosed, I lost 40 pounds and was thirsty all the time. One day I got extremely sick, could not keep anything down, had blurry vision, a rapid heartbeat, and began hyperventilating. My blood glucose level in the ER was in the high 500s and my A1C was 9.7. Since then, I have developed neuropathy, which makes life pretty difficult but I was able to get rid of it totally with the help of total cure herbal treatment . If you have diabetes there is herbal formula that neutralize the disease

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