hey guys I'm your host your one and only Oscar fish today I'll be talking to you how to treat each ith also known as the hole in the head disease for freshwater fish I'll be showing you how to treat that without using any expensive medication or or taking the fish a little aquarium and treating it with needles and syringes it won't be about that I'm gonna show you a solution that doesn't require paying a lot of money and now works in a matter of weeks if not months if you're lucky stay tuned so this is what someone what somebody recommended me at the fish store is use this and follow the instructions on on the box so this is aquarium salt which helps improve Gill function and a few other things and it says promotes disease recovery and I first saw that I was a bit suspicious of like how can this simple salt you know cure hole in the head disease which is technically a lethal disease for most cichlids and freshwater fish so yeah so I followed the instructions here where it says add one table tablespoon of water for five gallons or half a tablespoon for four gallons of water it didn't really see when to put it or how many times a week so I mean my so I made up my own system and I started putting about maybe 200 grams of this per day and I might seem a bit excessive and some people might think it's too much ruin the concentration of salt in the water so what I did is that I did water changes and at the same time I would add that 200 grams or 200 milliliters if you'd like of this aquarium salt at the beginning I didn't really notice a difference but I didn't give up hope because my pike over here no he's not there he's over here my bike over a year if you see when I'm other videos we had the early stages of hole in the head disease and it started to look bad he had a lot of holes all over his body the link is in the description you'll see that later yeah so he had a lot of holes in his body it was getting bad he didn't want to feed I thought that he was gonna die it wasn't going very well then I started using this salt in the beginning I didn't notice a difference but then as the week's went by I started noticing a difference he had less and less holes he was more active it was more energetic he started feeding again so I'm like this can be a simple aquarium salt did all that without using any expensive medication and things like that I guess at the pet shop was only surprisingly twelve bucks which is very cheap for a hole in the head disease a medicine usually those go for a full couple hundred bucks if you're lucky so where's the bike over here yeah now he's a bit scary cuz I'm doing a water change as you could see again into that later yeah so the pike you can't really see him now but in the beginning he had so many holes then I started putting this and in that matter of weeks well I started increasing the dosage and I started doing more water changes and finally well all of the sponson has said disappeared in a matter of weeks so I'd say about maybe after two months everything was gone and that's using only this aquarium salt which is twelve dollars or less they're betting in what country you are and that's it pretty much and this is not the click bait or BS this is a real method it's been proven as well you could look up aquarium salts that he'll hold a disease so you don't need to be rushing at the pet shops and asking specialists for expensive medicines and things like that forget about our vibe just use this and when you see results you'll thank me if that's the case with your fish so thanks for watching guys hope this helped don't forget to hit that subscribe button that like button that dislike button if you didn't like the video or you didn't find that it was helpful see you guys in the next one

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  1. For those looking for a shortcut : it's called : API aquarium salt. Apply given quantity on instructions and increase dosage as the weeks go by. But remember, when putting in the salt do a partial water change. Hope this helps or inspires you ! However this only works when your fish is in the earlier stages of HITH. Let me know what you think.

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