1. I have really bad social anxiety and ptsd due to an abusive childhood from my father. I deal with it by drawing and i've made two friends that I have been able to keep through life that are also artists. I met my best friend in first grade and my second best friend in seventh grade. And I'm currently in my second year of college. So I'm just happy to have managed to keep them.

  2. I want Damien’s ability to do voices and sing, Olivia’s ability to look good in ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, and Courtney’s ability to sing, and Courtney’s ability to look amazing with long hair, medium hair, and short hair. According to my sister I look bad with long hair

  3. I like they got all serious talking about highschool then noah just says “unless your getting wedgies everday ya nerrrrrrrrd!”😂😂😂

  4. If i was in that street fight i would bring: A football player which would be Ezeikel Elliott (for celebrity), Abe Lincoln (for historical), and Jason Vorhees (for fictional)

  5. achilles,thor,tay-k, tay k can lead the army of crips and shoot everyone thor can use his axe and go poof and kill the the surround people and achilles will be hard to kill

  6. I would love to have Courtney's voice, Olivia's quirkiness, or Mari's dance ability. love all of you guys, thank you for bringing up a topic that many don't talk about and helping people (including me) deal with anxiety. ❤❤❤❤

  7. One great quality from each member(that I kinda want😂)
    If they have even left
    Olivia: body
    Noah: Logic and formal talking
    Keith: voice for singing
    Shayne: sense of humor
    Ian: lowkey… Being cute😂
    Anthony: his abs and being handsome
    Mari: braveness
    Joven: being responsible
    Wes: CUTENESS!!
    Flitz: dancing!
    Sohinki: kindness
    Lasercorn: laser stare😂
    Damien: power of impersonation
    Boze: some of her outfits

  8. I would fight with John Cena because he's a frikin wresler, Barack Obama because he has the power of presidency and blackness, and Dumbledore because he's a wizard

  9. I would take Olivia's ability to fake being weird, Noah's show, Put It In My Mouth, Courney's singing voice, Keith's ghetto humor, Shayne's muscles, Flitz's dance ability, Boze's sarcastic humor, Mari's Japenese heritage, Sohinki's beard, Joven's spontaniessness, Damien's humor, Wes' height, and Lasercorn's hair to create the super human

  10. Courtney I’d take your singing voice and looks you are pretty and talented and Olivia I’d take your ability to make friends and Noah I don’t know sorry

  11. What the heck your guy's highschool starts at 8th grade? How many grades are there before college for you guys in america??

  12. watching this after they bring chris pratt to the game show is funny bc even now Courtney was saying "oh I should've said pratt"

  13. "Forget that part," and "Die in the dark" is only a half-rhyme… that's all I have to say.

  14. Noah's hair color, Keith's kindness,Olivia's eyes, and Courtney's voice. I would hide them in my closet. Sorry Shayne I don't want to steal nodin from you. Sorry.

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