How to deal with Depression and Anxiety? By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi


  1. Sir mujhe buhat ghabrahat hoti hai aisa aisa lagta rehta hai k mujhe heart attack a jaye ga. Pls reply me

  2. Sir if so why did chester committed suicide??you can handle this why not he could??even he has very good mind so he is sucesful??what may be reason?

  3. Sir mujhe helath ke baare me over thinning bogat hai how to control sir please .
    Mera health thek hai magar thinking say anxity hora sir

  4. hello sir my suggestion is to make a video for people who got married and become divorced within 1-2 or 3 year because they are in depression or not happy and even not having any other partner their life accept each other

  5. "It is Greater than God, more evil than devil
    rich need it, poor have it
    and if you eat it, you will die"
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  6. Excellent Session @ Sandeep Ji.
    Plz Request you to Elaborate This In Detail.
    Like – IMPORTANCE OF HEALTH , NATURAL FOOD , NATURE(Natural Environment) etc. in Success.
    Plz Make a Detail Session on This Atleast 45 min.
    Humble Requrest.

    Edit – Sir these are the Base of Human Body we never Deeply Thought About Importance of Health and being Natural and Without PERFECT BASE WE NEVER ACTUALLY ACHIEVE SUCCESS.

  7. Sir your videos are really motivational. ..
    If possible please make a vedio for students those who don't get support from their family nor friends. .Please sir

  8. Hi Sandeep bhai you are great aap Mumbai mai session kab kar rahe ho pls I want to meet you at least ones in my life time pls aap jab bhi Mumbai aaoge pls let me know I want to meet you sirji

  9. Nice video sir.You cleared lot of things about causes of depression. Next topic i would like to see How to earn money even when we are trying and not getting what i want.So money is my topic.

  10. I was about to meet a psychiatrist for my depression but at last moment saw ur video and it just work within few minutes.
    Thanku sir..u r great

  11. Sir, how can one overcome the aftereffects of depression like trust issues, becoming closed off, losing belief on oneself,etc ?

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