How to Drill a Hole in a Ceramic Tile. GREAT TIP!

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\b 00:14 Shane Conlan: \b0 Gidday knuckleheads! Uncle Knackers here
with a really cool trick on how to drill a wall tile without cracking it. Let’s check
it out. Let me explain what I mean. You’re drilling through your tile and you’re exerting
a lot of pressure in the back of your drill and you’re drilling through, you’re getting
through slowly, slowly, slowly, you’re getting through it. And you get to the end, and bang
the back of the tile bursts out and because you’re exerting a lot of pressure on the back
of your drill, your drill plunges forward and bang! Bangs into that tile with that metal
chuck right on the end there. With a ceramic surface or porcelain surface and the metal
chuck, there’s a real risk of a splinter breaking off around that hole or even cracking a tile.
Not happy Jan. So, how can you prevent this from happening? Can somebody provide me with
a drum roll please? \uc0\u8232 \u8232 [drum roll]\u8232 \u8232
\b 01:24 SC: \b0 Yeah, thank you.\uc0\u8232 \u8232
\b 01:28 SC: \b0 This is a secret, but you got to promise
me, don’t tell your mates. It’s between us okay, us. The secret’s this. Go to your toolbox,
rummage around in there, and find an old roofing screw. Okay, just find an old roofing screw,
one that has that little rubber bit, that rubber seal and take that seal off. [02:09]
____ off, it pulls it off. And this is the secret source. This is what’s gonna prevent
your tile from cracking from your drill bursting through that tile. I’ll show you what to do
with it. Grab your drill, get your little rubber seal, and put it over the end of your
drill and seal it right there. That’s gonna acts as a shock absorber so that as your drill
goes through the tile, it’s gonna hit that shock absorber and absorb the shock. Hence,
no cracking. That is an absolute ripper. Great tip, knuckleheads! Oh yeah, don’t forget please,
if you have thought this tip was useful, please click the as per the usual the like button,
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all one word. Thanks for that, much appreciated Cheers! \uc0\u8232 \u8232 [music]\


  1. Great tip Knackers. What's with the goaty beard?? You now look like a fucking English Skool Teacher, get the 'designer stuble' look back mate it was far better, at least you didn't scare the kids!!…………….:-)

  2. Mate, first of all thanks for the comment. Secondly, if you are retro fitting your tap sets, you should be able to remove the old set (make sure you turn the water off at the mains) from the shower side (tile side) and just install the new set without to much drama.

  3. Dear Mr Puller. We have taken on board your concerns relating to the appearance of Uncle Knackers and as a result have forwarded the complaint onto the appropriate authorities in the facial hair department. We will endeavour to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

  4. Ah here don't change the look on my account mate, plus, I think I could get you a Panto season in London, they're doing Cinderella this year & they're still looking for one of the Ugly Sisters…………….Just a thought if there's not a lot of work in Oz.
    One other thought Knackers, when are you drilling the 'big boys' tiles, Porcelain??
    Give my regards to all the other sheep shaggers in the colonies.

  5. Masonry bits are useless drilling tiles and risky. Glass cutter bit cuts thru like butter without shitn urself u might crack a tile

  6. what the hell Knuclehead! that had nothing to do with what the title said, how to drill a hole in a ceramic tile. Should have said how not to crack the tile while drilling… wheres the video on how you drilled the holes?

  7. Hey Uncle 😉 This is a great tip – I used it yesterday and I think it may have avoided disaster for me – thanks! I originally started looking for help on this because I wasn't sure how to START drilling – the drill bit can walk around a fair bit before you get a bit of a hole started. One tip was to use a nail punch to make a small indentation. I didn't do that. I used several layers of masking tape and that did the trick. Oh and I started with a tiny bit, then worked up to the right size.

  8. Good to see you got it done mate without to much drama. I actually plan to do a video on the topic in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for that one. Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated. Cheers

  9. Hello Shane. I am looking for a way to have someone drill a hole in my ceramic toilet cistern lid to insert a water hose for the bidet I wish to install. Do you think your method will work on the heavy ceramic toilet cistern lid? In modern cisterns the water supply tap is hidden inside the bowl on the top. Cosmetic, yes, but not practical when people wish to install health units.

  10. Akhter, just be very careful mate. Drilling into a tile on a solid wall is a little different to drilling into a ceramic lid as you have no backing behind it. Hence the lid is a little more fragile and prone to damage from severe knocks. The rubber ring on the drill bit will help prevent damage but just be careful. Hope that helps. Cheers.

  11. Thanks for the warning. The lid comes off the cistern. So I wondered if it is placed upside down on a stable surface, and attempts are made to drill a hole. However, I have contacted the manufacturer, to get their idea.

  12. haha so simple but great never thought of it. I've never cracked a tile but this little insurance is great I love it. Thanks!

  13. I tried your tip today Shane, worked a treat. Im from Northern Ireland by the way & ill be back for further tips. Ta

  14. Thanks for the comment Jason. Much appreciated. I checked out your window cleaning channel. Good stuff. Loved the business moto too,..'your pane is our pleasure"..classic. If you live in the Northern Ireland area check these guys out. Cheers mate.

  15. Just to help out, if you don't have a roof nail grommet handy you can also use a cap from a water bottle or any other plastic container. Just use your drill to drill a hole in the cap with the open end of the cap facing the tip of the bit (open end towards the tile) and slide it down over the bit to the chuck. Same idea just may be more readily available to folks. Carry on mate!


  17. Cut a cork in thirds, drill hole in cork, put cork washer on drill bit. Done.

    BTW – use a real ceramic drill bit to drill ceramic, no pressure needed and no cork damper. I've never hit the tiles with a chuck and do this a couple of times a week!!!

  18. G'day Chris. Thanks fo the tip. The reason you never hit the tile is BECAUSE you do it a couple of times a week and are used to the process. For someone who may only do this once or twice in a lifetime it's a totally different story.

  19. Good tip but this video could have been 30 seconds long without the 3 mins of fluff. Makes me not really want to check out your other vids. Be more to the point please. Thanks

  20. No hating guys, this wasn't a bad tip, and getting it from your local bathroom tiling expert would probably cost you more time or even money.

  21. Great tip knackers! You're right in your response to Chris. This is a great video for us folks who don't do these projects on a regular basis. Chances are that we wouldn't even know until it's too late and the tile is cracked.

    Don't mind these other idiots. It just means your videos are getting more popular because they're beginning to attract the droves of jerkoffs on YouTube. =)

  22. This is one crazy tip, it is much easier to just add tape to the tile and drill, the tape will stop the drill point from flying around the tile.

  23. Alex, the rubber stopper is not there to stop the drill bit from slipping. It's there to absorb the shock from the chuck, just in case you smash it up against the tile as the drill bit breaks through the tile.

  24. Good tip, thanks knackers.

    Anything to stop cracking a tile.

    I hear a third of a cork with a hole drilled in it can be used if you don't have the rubber washer.

  25. Dont you mind these other nimrods. Love the vid, great tip! Even though it was 3 minutes of fluff, I was thoroughly amused by your humour. Your antics and personality are quite entertaining!! Love the pauses and method style acting. Keep up the good work Shane. Cheers mate.

  26. The same can be accomplished by placing a thin piece of wood or plastic against the tile and drilling through the wood and tile together.  ha-ha

  27. The biggest help is the emotional boost from hearing the banjo music! You have American blue grass banjo down under mate??

  28. Shane, you're work is awesome, and presentation shit-hot. Well done. So, I'm gonna chuck you a couple of curly ones. How do I get my Paddle-pop stick to be effective around the "back" of the sink/ basin thingo, where there is only 20 – 25 mm to splash-back etc? And, our soap-holder tile in the shower has busted. It's on fibro, and the place is 20 yrs old, so I don't even think it's blue-board. Worried I'll put the axe through the fibro getting the damaged tile off. Alll the best. Dave C 

  29. Using a small controlled pressure on the drill, and using either a ceramic drill bit or masonry bit, not on hammer!! also allowing tip to cool using wet sponge trickling water whilst drilling is my method, and I have never cracked a tile…

  30. glad i watched this, I saw your wonderful subsequent video and was trying to use a rubber washer from something I had some H20 thingie, and it kept falling down.  This is great thanx you are so helpful and efficient.!

  31. you can cut any old thongs(rubber slippers) and drill through, this way you get the exact bit size. this is following up on your idea of above video

  32. Shane, awesome video–helps a rookie like me have the confidence to get things done.  Is it supposed to take 10 minutes to drill one hole?  The masonry bits I told to buy took forever to get through the first hole, and on the second one it is taking twice as long–and lots of pressure!

  33. O.O How the hell did you know i had them in the bottom of my tool box? … I didn't even know.
    I think we're dealing with a wizard here people

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