1. It was pretty much beaten into our heads at a young age that women are bad drivers. My nanny , mom, and sister never drove. The one time my dad tried to teach me he was drunk and I ended up under our single wide trailer. I'm also more terrified of other drivers on the road. The ones who are tired, drunk, or just not paying attention. When I get behind the wheel I begin to violently tremble, feel like I'm suffocating, and physically cannot bring myself to do it. I did manage to get my license after my 5th try. I was so nervous on one of my tests I swiped the car beside me before I even got out of the parking space. Then i was in a wreck with my ex. Add the terror of driving with my kids in the car. News is always showing kids dying in accidents and parents surviving. The whole thing is so screwed up in my mind. I can't afford taxis or buses. My entire quality of life is shit. On top of that there is the guilt. Family in friends saying I'm irresponsible, I don't help my husband out, can't get a job. My older kids are mad they can't take part in after school activities because I have no way to get them home. I dread hearing the phone ring hoping it isn't a teacher telling me to pick my kid up with a tummy ache. I feel selfish and I guess rightfully so. The worst is when people say "It's no big deal. Just do it." Proving they have absolutely no clue what I'm going through. That I'm all alone and nobody has any sympathy for me and what they believe is my "choice" to be lazy and not go anywhere. I wish to God I could just jump into a car and grocery shop. Or take the kids to the park. Nobody has any idea how much I wish I wasn't a 31 year old screw up.

  2. I get very nervous in busy traffic or huge intersections. I avoid them. But I miss out on many things because all the stores and restaurants are on this certain road.

  3. I hate driving up hills and mountains that's why I drive trucks local I have nothing but love for the men and women who do that everyday God bless the truck driver one of the most thankless job in the world…

  4. I had my first anxiety attack while driving. I didn't know what was happening. Now I am ready to get rid of it. But I no longer turn around and go back home, I fight through it. I probably should drive slower vs 80mph..that may help

  5. Alright so here’s why I’m at this video, and hopefully someone out there reading this in some way can relate to my story, and may be able to give me advice, or some encouragement. Let me first give you a little back story. I’m a 29 year old male. I was in the Army for almost 9 years. About 3 years ago (2016) i had a gran mal seizure. It came out of no where while i was sleeping. Thankfully my girlfriend at the time was next to me, and called the ambulance, and my family to let them know the situation. After my first seizure i had a second one that same year about a few weeks late on Halloween night. I was driving to pick up my brother really late at night (I’m guessing around 11:30pm-12:00pm. He had a few to many to drink, and asked if i could get him. Naturally i said i would, and began driving downtown to get him. Halfway home however i started to get this odd feeling. It was as if i had blown up to many balloons and my vision began to narrow and darken. I told him i felt wrong, and pulled over to the nearest side street. As soon as i did that’s all i remember. The next thing i know is I’m being pulled out of my car by paramedics who begin to take me to the hospital, and my brother, and family are all around my car. I was told i had another seizure. After that i had 7 more seizures that year. My neurologist put me on some different medications, and i would have break through seizures all the way until i found the “right” combination, and dosage. Since all of this started my life has been thrown into chaos. I used to LOVE driving, and going new places. However once you have a seizure you have to wait a certain period of time (for me 2 months) seizure free before you can drive. I was medically discharged because you can’t be a soldier especially an Infantryman, and have seizures which was later on i was diagnosed epileptic. No shock there. Now to the problem, and why I’m at this video. With all the time i spent not driving, and the fact that i had a seizure while behind the wheel, i have developed this extreme anxiety when it comes to driving. It starts off small. Like a feeling you get when you talk to someone you like for the very first time. Before i know it my heart is pounding, and I’m looking for ANY way out of my car such as finding a side road, or a parking lot so i can collect myself. Today i had the worst panic attack of my life which is why I’m here. I was at a turning lane coming home from the gym, and morning traffic was heavy. The small road i was on was subjected to a very long wait before my green arrow appeared, and let me turn. As my panic attack reached critical level i was on the phone with my mom just telling her what I’m feeling, and that i May have another seizure. The feeling i get from an oncoming panic attack feels sort of similar to the feeling i have before a seizure. Unsure if the 2 are related but that’s a different story, and much longer. I finally made it home, and am still fighting off the cold shaky feeling i have. My heart is still racing, and i have a splitting headache. I don’t want to be afraid anymore. I want to drive again, and go places while not having to rely on a ride somewhere i want to go. I drove armored vehicles through IED riddled roads in Afghanistan, and now I’m afraid to drive down the block to grab a coffee. This isn’t me. I have not had a seizure since 2016, and have seen many different professionals about all of this. I have gotten many different answers which frustrates me even more. I was diagnosed with PTSD, and generalized anxiety which i wasn’t shocked by. However before my seizures i wasn’t afraid to drive, and now i am. I know this is a very long post, and generally people automatically skip them because who would want to spend 5 minutes reading a small novel. I know i wouldn’t. I hope someone out there finds this, and can pass along some wisdoms to help me, or possibly even relate to me. Who knows maybe there is someone out there who is in the same shoes as me, and wants some answers or a light of hope as well.I hope everyone out there finds the help, and encouragement they need to overcome driving fears, and anxiety because it’s not pleasant. Have a good day everyone, and thank you for reading this.

  6. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about driving anxiety try Debuncar Fearless Drive Aid (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my partner got cool success with it.

  7. here's a few tips how to overcome fear of driving
    have a friend with you
    have additional driving classes
    don't drive after dark
    listen to quite music
    (I learned these and why they work on Fergs Driver Dismay website )

  8. he talks about driving as much as fifteen miles away from one's home. is he joking? i feel anxiety driving three blocks away from my home! i am terrified of getting into an accident. i feel powerless when i drive. i cannot drive more than 15 mph, because any time i try to go beyond that, i feel totally out of control of my car, an accident waiting to happen

  9. I feel ok when distance and being in traffic (I think) but I feel anxious as heck knowing that I can do what is correct when driving but I can not control what other drivers do. I have seen careless drivers and honestly think they don’t deserve their license. But what can I do besides do what I know is right when driving. I get nervous when people like to go faster than the speed limit and drive on my butt but don’t go around. I always feel worried I’m going to panic and do the wrong then and cause an accident . And I hate driving on the high way because people don’t know how to let others merge. They don’t know how to take turns!!

  10. I have anxieties before I even had a car. Every time I think of driving, I get anxieties. And recently getting into a car accident made it worst.

  11. I love this. I suffer from awful anxiety and this has put it all into perspective for me. Thank You. 👍

  12. I just started having these issues of losing control fears in association with fear of bridges…and yes I imagine the bridge before i get there

  13. It did help greatly because you identified my exact problem. That is always step #,1 isn't it? It is the belief that there is a safe zone closer to home. Bravo! Thank you, that is it exactly. It makes you tense and hold your breath until you begin to return home. Come to think of it, I believe even horses struggle with this because they learn their routes and they know the way home to their farm and dinner! You can feel them hurrying home when on the road back home. All you horse people know what I'm saying. Thats ok for a horse, but not for a bread winning mother or father. No benefit in that at all!

  14. I pulled over this morning and searched frantically for anything to help calm me down & this definitely helped me. I repeated this process twice on my long commute and by the time I pulled into work, I felt completely normal and in control. This helped me so so much, thank you!

  15. I fear crushing other people on the road or bump into other cars. Actually it has happened earlier. While learning I have hurt people so I feel fear when I try to learn driving again

  16. I fear crushing people on the road and while learning to drive I almost did exactly that so many times ,even with an experienced driver sitting by my side….I am just dead scared to drive now.
    How can I get over this fear and be more confident that my driving won't hurt other people on the road? Please, please help.

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