How To Energetically Test Food That’s Good For You | Donna Eden

♪ [music] ♪- [Vishen] Hi, everyone, and
welcome to our masterclass on energy medicine. I’ve got two extremely special guest with
me today. But first, I want to tell you why this class
is so important. So there’s been an increase in awareness and
desire to learn the art of energy medicine from our Mindvalley community. We’re living in a world right now where there’s
so much anxiety, stress, distractions that distract us from what we are really meant
to be doing in the world. And at the same time, human lifespans are
increasing. People are going into their 70s and 80s still
committed to their work, to their craft. How can we live in vibrant health? How can we keep our bodies young and functioning
properly? And we all know modern medicine is great and
it’s advancing rapidly. But the world is also opening up to the idea
of energy medicine, that we are more than just physical beings, that there’s this energy
moving through us and certain people who have learned to finetune and work with this energy
are able to create health, vitality beyond the normal. And so we really wanted to bring the world’s
foremost energy healer to Mindvalley. And so we’d spent almost three years working
with healers all across the world through our apps and our online classes but there
was one particular woman and her partner who always eluded us because she was so massive
in terms of her reach and finally I got a chance to connect with her. And this masterclass with Donna and David
is designed to directly give you an idea of how to apply energy medicine in your life. You’re going to learn four techniques that
you can apply instantly and you’re going to learn from two of the greatest teachers in
this field. So without further ado, please welcome Donna
and David. – [Donna] Thank you. Everyone has the ability to heal themselves. And it’s in us all, these amazing energy systems
that you can connect with and shift and shift yourself out of a bad mood or shift yourself
out of, I don’t know, a cold or the flu. You can move that energy. – And yes, you are gifted if you have it. But anybody…- Anybody. – …can learn the skills. So what’s interesting is our audience is very
receptive to this. So again in a survey, we asked you guys what
is your confidence in modern Western medicine as a way to really make you live healthy and
a life of vitality, and the answer was 4.3 out of 10, which is low. But when we asked you guys to what extent
do you believe energy medicine can help you get there, you guys gave it an 8 out of 10. When we asked them, “How interested are you
in learning energy medicine,” and you guys gave it a 9 out of 10. But here’s the thing, when we asked you, “Okay,
so you’re interested in learning it.Why aren’t you doing it?” And the biggest reasons people said they were
not applying energy medicine were they felt they needed an expert to teach them or they
didn’t know how to start or they think it’s too expensive to learn. So now, Donna, David, let’s get to the juicy
part. What are you going to be teaching us today? – I would like to demonstrate energy so that
everybody sees it. One of the wonderful things about energy testing
is that you can test food or vitamins and herbs and find out what is really good for
you and if you’re taking vitamins, what’s too much for you or too little. You can find the exact amount you need, which
is really important because, you know, if you take too much of something that’s really
good for you, it just becomes another toxin in your body. So finding out how much you need is really
good. – [David] And it’s so important because the
food that we take into our body, in terms of energy medicine, that’s the source of energy. So understanding that food that is not in
harmony with your body’s energy is really a major, major discovery to how. – So this is fascinating. Let’s learn, how do we how do we test the
energy of food? – Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to energy test Vishen. And I’m going to put his arm straight down
his body with his thumb next to his leg, his fingers just straight down, and I’m going
to ask him to pull his arm to his body and I’m going to pull it out, okay? And that… Now, here’s what is interesting. You can start…he’s a little weak on this
energy, so we’re going to find out if any of these foods actually make him strong. – Okay. – Okay? – So he’s not going to know which food we’re
testing. I’m going to show you which food it is. As long as it’s in his energy field, the energy
field of the food is going to be interacting with his energy field and that’s what’s being
tested. – So let me get this straight. So the food is in my energy field. It’s not actually touching my back. – That’s right. – That’s good because I hate bacon at the
back of my shirt. – Oh great, okay. What I’m going to ask you to do is pull your
arm to your body and I’m going to pull it out. There’s a little weakness but it’s about the
same as it was originally. Pull that away. – That was the egg. – Okay. Now let me see if you’re still about this,
yeah, which means it does nothing for him. It’s not either good nor bad. – Eggs do nothing for me? – Nothing for you. – Right now. – Okay. – Right now, I don’t know if you’ve already
had eggs today. – I did. – If you have, you maybe just od’d on them. That’s why it’s a good idea to really learn
this and do it for a few days to find out what your body really needs, and if you test
before you’ve eaten anything in the day. Okay. – So the second is this. – And that’s really good for him, and that
is a pineapple. Yes, at least right now. Did you have any this morning? – Which happens to be my favorite fruit. – Oh that’s great. Okay. – Next. – Oh, that’s good for you. – Bacon. – Bacon. – Bacon, yes. Yes, thank God. Thank God, bacon supports me. – Okay. – Okay. – Okay. Hold. No. This is bread, this bread. – That’s true because I’m on a low-carb diet. I never eat bread. – Okay. – Okay. Well, there you have it. – Okay. – Okay. Not so good. – You don’t get to butter the bread that you
don’t eat. – Butter? Perfect, yes. – All right. – Okay, that’s it. – And also because that’s not good quality
butter. – That’s true. You know, I would also like to say, this butter
is wrapped. He’s going to put it on his finger and hold
it up in his field. – So we’re not testing the wrapping. – We’re not testing that wrapping, okay. – I see what you mean, I see what you mean. – Okay, and see. Okay, hold. No, he still doesn’t…that’s not his. And Vishen said something very important and
he said that that’s not high quality. I mean, sometimes you can you can find that
something is good for you in a higher quality. – Like with butter, you probably want to pick
unsalted grass-fed. – Okay, yes. And for me, eggs aren’t good for me, but if
I have a range-free chicken egg that is organic, then I’m okay. – So is that it? Was there any other food that we will test? – Yes, I want to test vitamins, all right? This is really important. And I will say it doesn’t matter if you hold
it in the field. You can hold it in your hand because you really… I’m going to just…just clasp your hand around
it and I’m going to test and see. Vitamin C is good. He’s got 1000 in his hand. He’s going to put out in a second thousand. Wow, we’re going to put a third and he loses
his energy. That means that he only needs two and if he
has three, it’s one too many that his body then has to process and it could hurt him. It’s really important. You know, when I was very, very allergic to
everything, I had to be right on. I couldn’t make a mistake or I could end up
in the hospital with… I really went into…I just really got very,
very ill and I went into insulin shock by taking too much of something and I had to
learn how to do it right. ♪ [music] ♪


  1. Vishen and Mindvalley you guys are doing a really good job. Keep it up, there is so much to learn and educate the World on all those beautiful Healing Practices and bring these Healers on a platform. Incredible 🙂

  2. Thanks Donna for testing the vitamins as I never thought about that. I have loved your books for years and really glad that you have joined the Mindvalley Community by sharing your work through them. Blessings.

  3. no offense, I understand the mind is powerful but come on I do not believe this for a second. I would like to see someone do this with 20 different items and I promise you there would be different results every time. I love most of the stuff that is posted by you guys but this one, I believe as much as I believe in fortune tellers or people that claim to talk to those that have passed.

  4. Interesting new perspectives? Can unforgiving energy of those, who was slaughtered, by Japanese army, 'sipped' into the ground [Genesis 4: 10]? Can food, that was harvested, from those lands, have an effect, on the one, who ate it?

  5. Bacon? For real?
    Bacon brine has added curing ingredients(preservatives), most notably sodium nitrite, and occasionally potassium nitrate (saltpeter); sodium ascorbate or erythorbate are added to accelerate curing and stabilise colour.
    Not to mention the torture of most North American farmed pigs.
    I guessing this muscle test doesn't account for the ingredients or energetic of the meat of a stressed animal.

  6. Dear Vishen how can one test his or her energy? I mean to do this testing one always need another person. Any other technique can be performed all by myself?

  7. Very cool. Thank you. I am the light, powerful and joyful, right now and for eternity, gratefulness for what we receive everyday. Peace

  8. It is always confusing for me when I come across people involved with energy and/or spirituality who consume animal products, meat in particular. Where is your love and compassion for the living beings that has been tortured and murdered every day?

  9. Bacon ???? Good for you ??? I think that is bull !!!!! maybe Mr Mindvalley you should do something on nutrition and how it also effects your mind and energy …The energetics of food …

  10. While we're being mindful.. that bacon may strengthen his individual energy field but every piece weakens us collectively.

    That an animal may die for a few transient moments of taste bud pleasure.. in an age where we have no defensible means not to seek out readily available alternatives, while we enslave other intelligent sentient species simply because we can & silently slaughter over a trillion of them every year globally under the guise of 'animal agriculture' , the number one contributor to environmental destruction by far & lethal hot potato that no mass media outlet, politician or environment agency dare broach.

    Out of sight, out of mind & out of touch.. THAT is the energy of eating bacon.

  11. If you don't have someone else to test your energy with this Kinesiology method you can use your body as a pendulum instead. There is an allergy point on the chest where you can hold food and ask your body if it is beneficial or not. First ask your body for the yes signal (this may be moving forward towards the food) then ask your body for the no signal (this may be moving away from the food).

  12. Wow,
    this is very interesting and useful 😀
    Does anyone know how to test yourself,
    if you are alone, with no-one to help you?

  13. Give it a go and test your foods. Share the results with us in the comments below.
    Don't forget to tune into Donna Eden's FREE masterclass👉

  14. I love to see how happy you are Donna with David, I've been following your teachings for about 9 years…

  15. 🙏 🙏💜🙏🙏😍☝️🌞Can I try this with semipreshes Stones?Or crystals??I used Malachite and I want back!Butter I stay in the Middle,Reisemilk where okay!!

  16. Eating meat and eggs block the channels for healers to heal, i.e. these foods have low frequency so it's bad for all esp. Healers as they cant treat their patients

  17. Here is the video on how to test for food all by yourself .
    For the People that are open & here looking for answers & to learn . 👍🏼✌🏼 💞💞💞

  18. I wouldn’t stress about having too much Vit C… it’s water soluble so the body flushes out what it doesn’t need. That’s why it’s ideal to consume fruit and vegetables throughout the day. Would love to see tests on more plant based food.

  19. Vishen, with all your spiritual knowledge , do you not think it is cruel to eat? Just asking not judging, interested in your prospective.

  20. I don't remember this loud background music from when I watched the master class in its entirety. Very distracting.

  21. Hi, please take the music out por your next video, it is too loud and too distracting. Neverthe less, thak you for the oportunity you give us to learn and meet Donna Eden. Again, thank you.

  22. Donna and David I cannot tell you enough how much you are changing my views on healing. I now have your book Energy Medicine and I'm extremely excited to begin this journey to a more vibrant healthy self. Thank You!!! Love, Peace, and Health

  23. Great, best way to develop ED by diabolising certain foods. Honestly I'm all for CTM and holistic approach but this one can be tricky for a lot of people. I don't say it doesn't work, just really be careful with it, especially if you already got issues with food

  24. I watched the masterclass video and was hoping you would show the technique on how to test yourself on this clip. I am very disappointed. How much more effort would have it taken to let the clip run another minute? Sending lots of love💖 from sunny🌞 Arizona🌵

  25. Yesss!! So happy to find out more about energy healing. I ve been into is using The Emotion Code by dr. Bradley Nelson and love energy healing. Muscle testing is a bit difficult at first but keep on trying, it's just something we learn in time like reading, writing 🙂 i use a pendulum to read my own energy. Until I get better at muscle testing. Just practice, sometimes the concious mind will get in the way but that's okay 🙂 repetition is learning 🙂

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