How to Fix Sliding Closet Doors

How to Fix Sliding Closet Doors. Closet doors should effortlessly slide along
the rails. If your closet door rollers work unevenly
and get stuck, use these tips to get the wheels rolling again. You will need Rags Cleaning solution Vacuum
Lubricating solution Blocks of wood Hammer Screwdriver Pry bar Oak wear strips Scissors
or sharp blade Sandpaper Wood glue Throw rug or blanket (optional) and new roller wheels
(optional). Step 1. Remove the closet doors from the closet opening
by sliding the door half open and lifting the door up into the top track; then tilt
the bottom out toward you and lower the door to the floor. Place a throw rug or blanket on the floor
where you plan to place your closet door once you’ve removed it. This will help to prevent scratches. Step 2. Inspect the track for any debris or stray
drops of paint and vacuum debris out of the track with a crevice tool. Wipe the track with a damp rag or use a cleaning
solution, and vacuum the tracks occasionally to avoid any dirt buildup. Lubricate as needed. A sticking closet door may be rubbing against
new flooring. If a taller floor is the problem, adjust the
height of the door using the screws or knobs on the back of the door that control the roller
height so the door will hang plumb. Step 3. Examine the track to determine if it’s bent. Tap the track with a wood block and hammer
to straighten a bent track; place a block of wood into the track and then use another
block to hammer the track straight. Check the screws in the overhead track and
tighten as necessary. Sliding closet doors may stick if the rollers
have worn or developed a flat spot from use, so replace worn roller wheels if needed. Step 4. Adjust wooden closet doors by using a pry
bar to remove any tack nails along the bottom of the door. Cut oak wear strips to fit along the bottom,
then sand the top and bottom of the door. Thereafter, glue the oak wear strips along
the bottom. Step 5. Reinstall the closet doors. Check to make sure the rollers glide smoothly
and check for an even gap between the door and the jamb; adjust your doors again if needed. Did you know Wardrobes, or armoires, were
traditionally used to contain weaponry.


  1. Well this was useless. What do you do if you can't figure out how the hell to get the broken wheels off from the big fat dumb bitch who body slammed the doors and broke them? We can't figure out how to get them off without taking the whole door apart. There has to be an easier way.

  2. Never lubricate the track as sliding doors don't really slide…they roll. Lubricate the roller axels or bearings with a non-petroleum based lubricant, preferably a dry lube with PTFE. Oil merely gets gummy and attracts fur, hair, dirt, lint, etc. SlidersUSA

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  5. Lol, Do I need anything else? Don't forget a hangar, a rodent, a pencil, a midget, construction cones, haz mat suit, flares, gas mask, etc. Get my point yet?

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