How To Fix Uneven Cabinet Doors By Adjusting Concealed Style Hinges For Best Finish

So I’ve got some really uneven cabinets as
you can see here. Show you how to adjust this up here. At our hinges the back screw is our set screw
and determines how far the cabinet sits from the wall. But that front screw right here is a pivot
screw and if we adjust that. If we tighten it up it will move the door
out that way a little bit. So you can see here. We are already in much better line here. Might just lower it down or actually might
just tighten the other side up just a tiny bit to make these meet up. Same thing here. Looks like we got a little clicking hinge
there. Different story but looking right there. Now we are meeting up nice and perfect. That’s how you can adjust uneven cabinets. Nice and easy.


  1. Thanks, better than the first one!
    It would be helpful if you could have someone hold the camera for you.

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