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I’m doctor Roman and this is how to get a
mmj card in Pennsylvania. You have to have a qualified condition so
check out our website, for a list of conditions that are approved
in Pennsylvania. You also have to be a Pennsylvania resident
with a drivers license from PA or a state identification card. Either one has to be active. If you think you may qualify, these are the
steps for getting a medical marijuana card: Step 1. Call your doctors offices and tell them to
fax us healthcare records about you. Our fax number is (855) 696-3299. If you already have documents, bring ’em with
you to the appointment. You do NOT need a doctor’s referral to see
us. Step 2. Register online with the Pennsylvania Medical
Marijuana Program. This is the most difficult part of the process
so I recommend reading our instructions page first because if you type anything wrong,
it temporarily blocks you from retrying. Step 3. Set up an appointment on You can come in for a walk-in during clinic
hours but make sure we’re open! You can see me here in Old City Philadelphia
or, if you’re closer, you can see me in Wilmington, Delaware. The cost of the visit is $200 dollars and
it’s all out of pocket, unless you’re a “Tuesday Consultation Giveaway” winner from one of
our Tuesday night YouTube live giveaways. Last step! After your appointment, log back in to the
medical marijuana program website and pay for your card. It’s an additional $50 dollars but they’ll
mail it to you and you should get it about 3 business days. And when you get your card, make sure to go
online and write a review. That way you’re gonna help change social stigmas
out there and finally change the way people view medical cannabis. Also, make sure to check back here regularly. I’ll be posting up news, updates regarding
dispensaries opening, and also reviews of products that are going to be released here
in Pennsylvania. So that’s gonna be a lot of fun 🙂
I’m Doctor Roman. Take care everybody!


  1. Thank you Doctor Roman for helping me get my medical marijuana card and really understand my CRPS/RSD because a lot of Doctors I been to just write me off.Not Doctor Roman he truly wants to help.

  2. Well detailed video on what patients need to do to get a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card. Thumbs Up👍👍👍

  3. I would suggest you attach a link to register with the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program in the video description.

  4. Hi Dr. Roman, I had multiple surgeries a few years ago and still have pain every day. Sometimes to the point where I don't even want to get out of bed. Would I qualify for MMJ?

  5. Do migraines qualify? Sometimes I get blurry vision and the worse headaches. I get sick to my stomach sometimes.

  6. Can I get medical marijuana for nerve damage in my face from my surgery my facial surgery a few years back when I first had the surgery the Hospital doctor said I probably won't be able to feel that part of my face, for the last few years part of my face it's tingly or numbness and sometimes it hurts..

  7. Just curious I have Ocd and most Ssri's have not worked. I have days where I get stuck on certain obsessions and on an average day I get stuck doing compulsions for atleast 2 hours in total. I know ocd isn't on the list but do you think it would be possible for me to get a card?

  8. Hello doc, I am a 42 year old male and have been suffering from chronic back and neck pain for years. I used to see a chiropractor twice a week for my issues, but that quickly became very expensive as I had to pay out of pocket. The chiropractor referred me to a pain specialist but he said he did not want to start sticking needles in me because he felt I was to young and untill my conditions worsens to the point that I would require more extensive pain management. I have also tried to stay away from traditional doctors recently because I am a recovering alcoholic with 10 years sobriety and fear I might develop a dependency if I were prescribed traditional pain medication such as opiates. My question is would I be a candidate for medical marijuana? Would my records from the chiropractor be enough for the evaluation with you? I do currently see a family dr because I have also been undergoing tests and bloodwork to find the cause of the abdominal pain I have been experiencing with increased frequency, so I would also have records from the wich would also have my medical history. Also do you have an office closer to Scranton PA? Or would you recommend someone closer to that area? Sorry for the barrage of questions just trying to find a solutions that works best for me, so thank you in advance for your help.

  9. Dr. Roman I have a valid Pennsylvania drivers license I apply for my medical marijuana card online to register like you’re supposed to do you only thing that happens is it keeps coming up we cannot identify The person I typed everything

  10. I have hsv 1 and hsv 2 with one of the symptoms are Chronic back pain what paper work do I fax over to you my test results with my levels over the years ? And am I eligible? @

  11. So do I need to find a physician who takes my insurance and prescribes medical marijuana first? Or can you just walk in and talk to Dr. Roman?

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