How to get free from food addiction

what do you do if you have a food addiction if you have a sugar addiction or you can start by listening to this interview ameri-ghen with business owners a registered nurse and an addiction specialist we spoke briefly before about what what a sugar addiction or a food addiction is and now we're going to talk about what to do about it if you have that sort of problem so so what do you do if you're a food if you have a food addiction if you have a sugar addiction well the best scenario is that you go to a professional that is trained in the sugar and food addiction that can help you to see if you really are an addict or not so that you get help to understand if you have the disease a lot of people tell me I'm a little bit sugar addicted and I used to say you can't really be a little bit addicted you can't be a little bit pregnant so you need to know but a lot of people that eat and get consequences from it they have what we call harmful use and that's not really an addiction addiction is obsession addiction is very very strong obsession with the food and you can't stop eating so what you do first of all get knowledge you know learn about it get somebody telling you about the brain reptilian brain the reward system how those effects the rest of your brain so the prefrontal cortex for instance you know where self-discipline is gets very thick affected from addiction so people think that they are very bad character or why don't I have any self discipline with food I have a lot of self discipline at work or all so so you need to learn about that so you understand that you're not a bad person you have an illness you have a biochemistry imbalance in your brain like what you learn about that is anyway we're online our online classes online there are 12-step groups food addicts Anonymous operators Anonymous there are other orient food oriented groups and there are books you can read what would you recommend that's a first book in English I would recommend you to go to the food addiction Institute there is a new book out by a Canadian doctor called Vera Harmon her book food junkies is very good book to start with and also to Google you know on food addiction you get a lot of interesting screenings up you could check yourself do I have this so once you start doing that you need to understand your brain I used to joke and say that it's like you know you have always been driving a tractor and now you're gonna drive a Ferrari if you don't know how to drive a Ferrari you're going to crash I promise you that's a heavy-duty car drive so you need to learn about your Ferrari brain and you need to know a lot about nutrition and food because a lot of people think that while I just quit chocolate and then they eat a lot of bread or pasta you need to understand what food does with your body and your brain which foods act as a psychoactive drug so you need to learn how to eat so in brief what kind of foods should you try to avoid well most carbs and since you look at when you look at some of my patients you know some can have a little bit of fruit now and then some can not have any fruit because we talked about trigger foods and we are biochemically unique all each one of us so I for instance can eat a banana but I can't eat apples at trigger on apples and some think that's psychological but a decent is biochemistry it's how your body reacts on the food so what you should eat is like low carb high fat plain food that's most important no chemical additives in the food like roses food processed foods no way that's very no not not any processed foods and food additives plays havoc with your biochemistry so that will actually trigger food addict to eat more like monosodium glutamate and that's very dangerous it acts at the sugar in our body so it triggers us to eat and the food addict has cravings a normal person has hunger and appetite for things but we have a craving and that's an obsession so once you know that is triggered by sight you see the food smell chocolate cake bread that triggers our craving and once the craving is on that's like a pain attack in a person with pain so it's really painful and you can't think of anything else so you need to learn about craving you need to learn about craving management and we have lots of different ways to help people you know do not get into the craving mode because we used to joke and say once you're in the craving mode you know tie me down to a chair and set me you know or lock me up in a room because you're going to go and get the food it's really hard once you're once you in that once you get the craving going is very hard to treat it so you need to have that help you need to learn a lot about the brain learn about the food but the most important thing I think because I think as a doctor you know that you I'm sure you have met people have tried white Weight Watchers 5 to di low-carb powder pills and everything works for a short time if you really get into it people can be motivated for 3 to 6 weeks or maybe 3 months but then you fall back why because if you don't understand that you're an addict and you start trying to eat normal after a period again or somebody comes by you with a bun and say hi if you want to ban you see even you smell it that's going to cost that craving if you're not prepared and you haven't really the knowledge inside of you to stay away from it or to use a lot of techniques thinking feeling and acting techniques that we train people in which we call relapse prevention you're going to fall if you're an addict you should never ever you know you can't give a hairiest a little bit Harry no Saturday right or not like you no no no can never happen ever no because the brain chemistry was there from the beginning and if you take away the dragon you still have the same brain chemistry so if you put the drug back in it starts all over so you have to learn what kind of foods are psychoactive to my body mmm or so yeah I'm in my face yet absolutely but you see you can't think in that way you can never say that to an addict you can never ever have chocolate again so that's why we work with things like it's only for today you know when you die it you say okay today I fell so I'm going to start on Monday or after session or next week or New Year's Day or something you always postpone it so one of the most efficient tools that I tell my clients is to say today only for today whatever happens I'm not going to pick up the drug but it's only for today I might do it tomorrow so when my absolutely no chocolate today no no so one may addicted brain see the chocolate they say oh I want chocolate I can say to myself yeah it looks good we can eat it tomorrow but not today and then tomorrow you say exactly the same under yes that's a trick so that's how you do you are drug free one day at a time for weeks months years as all and that's how alcoholics do let's say drug addicts to pill addict anyone that has an addiction and has gotten the right treatment the right knowledge will use the 24-hour rule you know only for today


  1. I have self control but I cannot stop thinking, obsessing about food. When am I going to eat next, what I will eat etc…but I think about it all the time. How is that fixed? I cant find enough things to preoccupy my mind with other things. Sometimes work is very busy and I forget about food but as soon as it slows down….the thoughts are back.

  2. I like the „not today“ technique but the problem is, as soon as I say it my brain be like: “come oooonn we both now your trying to prank me. There’s no chocolate tomorrow either so just eat it now“….

  3. Yes, even when you eat low carb keto etc and eliminate the sugar hunger you still want to eat the foods you know you cannot have…even when they don't even taate good to you anymore. It's like there is NO SOLUTION.

  4. The problem is that after I have fooled myself three days with the ‘fine, we can eat that chocolate tomorrow’ trick, I stop trusting myself so it stops working even today.

  5. Also want to add: people can be addicted to anything: cell phones, sex, hand washing, shopping, carbs, salt, meticulous eating of whole foods, exercise, laxatives, and on and on. That doesn't make the object of their addiction necessarily bad. Just because many addictions are to harmful substances (nicotine, alcohol, heroin, crack, meth…) does not mean that anything a person can be addicted to is equivalent to those substances. We abuse things because we want a quick boost of dopamine- a pleasure boost- to distract us from real life which is often painful or diffucult. Just cutting out carbs is not going to address the problem. Why are we abusing carbs in the first place? Likely we are either because we have been restricting them and feel deprived, or because we are in the habit of using carbs to distract ourselves from the moment with a hit of dopamine. Many dieters do both! A vicious cycle is formed.

  6. Cravings for me are the worst… I can take hunger well. I can go all day with no food at all, go for 4 hrs biking and will be just fine. But when I feel thins urge to eat sth I am done. Yesterday I finally realised taht I have a problem. Had a normal meal around 3 p.m. – fish, baked tomatos and potatos. Was full. And than around 8 p.m. I just couldn't resist ordering a pizza and eating it whole (dominos peperoni large on thin crust). I am not obise or overweight yet but I feel like my entire life revolves around food and if i'm not fully focused on what I eat (and that is realy exhausting) I would weight so much more than I do.

  7. Also that trick doesn't work. You can't just stop something like that. You know you are trying to trick yourself. As long as you want the food, you will get it. That is so not the solution. This woman is a fool and she is hurting people. 😡

  8. Wtong wrong wrong!!! I couldn't stop eating carbs and sweets because I had dieted and that made me obsessed qith food. After a year of eating as much sugar and carbs I wanted, I stopped caring about them so much. No I am ok enough to start enjoying my food and not overeating. It's a process.
    Try to cut these foods out and you will make it soooo much worse. Horrible advice in this video.

  9. I've been struggling with food addiction since I was a kid, I'm pretty sure. Anyone out there interested in chatting about it? I don't feel like I can talk to my family or my boyfriend because, honestly, I'm embarrassed. I've never had a conversation with someone who is in the same boat, either. Feel free to message me.

  10. As a bulimic, I don't agree with the low carb thing. When the food craving kicks in, I can eat lots of protein and even veggies/fruit too. Addiction is not only physically or brain chemistry triggered. Addiction is mostly a mental thing. People don't 'choose' to be a drug or alcohol addict. Besides the brain chemistry thing, they 'need' the drug to mentally feel better and not only physically. Since my recovery I can eat healthy, but on moments I feel like shit, I can only think about food to make me feel numb and forget about the real life. She should mention the reasons why people 'need' to be addicted to something in the first place, the psycologic stuff. Not only the physical thing.

  11. My dad is 70 and he is killing himself with food. Problem is, he's a baby boomer, and they know everything. So unfortunately, him dying will make more lives better than him living forever. I'm torn because he's my father.. But he was always abusive to me and everyone he's ever been around. I find myself some days watching him eat himself til he vomits and I enjoy it. Some days, I feel sorry for him.

  12. I’ve told my husband to please stop bringing junk food all the time because I will eat it. He just says “well, don’t eat it if you don’t want!” Like jeez, I’ve never thought of that! I have a problem and need help 😔😔😔😔

  13. I think I have a serious addiction to foods. I eat when I'm bored or emotional. If there is something tasty in the house, like a chocolate bar. I won't stop thinking about it until I eat it. I'll be thinking about it at 10pm if it's still in the cupboard. I even have ate food in my sleep.. I was having a dream I was making toast.. lots of toast and when I woke up my toaster was sitting on the bench, not packed away.

  14. I have a really severe ice cream addiction. I eat about a gallon of ice cream a day. I think part of it is that I am recently divorced and I can't stop thinking about ice cream. I was on phentromine but after I had a tragedy and it was rough.

  15. This is the truth! People don't want to believe it! They will deny it! They will hide from it and whine, blame , make excuses and stay overweight because it is just too hard! This is hard , but I wish I knew this when I was a teenager because my life would have been so much happier! Didn't learn until in 20s and lived it ever since. Now it's public knowledge and people stick their heads in the sand!

  16. When I had a food addiction, bread was fine too. I easily ate 5 pieces of bread, I wasn't hungry at all, but it didn't make me full. Just bored.

  17. I don't have a sugar addiction, I have a portion addiction. Let's say tuna fish sandwich, I eat 4 sandwiches and 2 cans of clam chowder for dinner before I feel full. I can't be satisfied eating small meals. What's wrong with me?

  18. I think a great step for helping food addiction is veganism or vegetarianism. I am vegan and feel much better

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