How to get good rank in NEET 2019|| MBBS Student Review || Success Mantra for Crack NEET

everyone this is dr. as kissing and as my up go Pat how many awesome hostess Twinkie baath karenge a a stamen a those alpha Helios is friend Cooper hiya disken am here hurry to Gandhi and she is selected in Gorman medical college in Rajasthan or Assam 1k or success story who they can guess video go through uno named Mary video codec R&F wattichai lega lega the Winona caucus any success story go up key of channel K through the Hana chatham taki Bazar as a medical experience a moon a benefit malaise channel K through or merry success story get through in a benefit mili cookie last time Childre coffee or tough time both is wrinkly the last time I Cassie prepare Gary chilly i NK we do good through thick thin hi friends this is Rico Gandhi and I crack neck exam under the guidance of dr. s kissing so ash my up case out of now personal experience it sick Shere Khan HR team Joe situation is time back our face Karev very same situation many we open exam could I have a face key T to ask my uncle steps forth only just say up exam achieve a cracker second so step number one is read the NCERT books clearly step number two read maximum to maximum MCQs and the third is read at least 20 years previous question papers now we will elaborate these steps step number one was ncert book so ncert book the her topic Oh up line by line party HSA coos topic of name I may set curly just say he Java topic up examine attempt Korean to attempt cut the time pay up to bill could be problem knowledge agar up a topical barber cutting it to go topic automatically after mind beside ho taiga so example tempered beautiful problem I really yellow party line ski up questions chaos at lines well equation milk theoretical case adult examine diagrams be angry angry to diagram Scott edge of best part he walked a year he up on diagram school those it thing but at least Pocky Giada Chang poker Sofia but minimum dose a theme by our own to practice recurring or labeling label Inka accessory handy you can labeling Hamas Alexia to examines above diagram while a question attempt car a home to diagram relabeling arch is occurring or both neatness a diagram when I don't watch Amina Bonham so vocal abusive time taken so our second step was MCQs MCQs your fam box our mo previous years caveat a other now behind to our topics Co accessible a mcq scope attempt curry or Hodges mcq topic a bulimia Pune Picabo yeah Farah you scale ashore now Oscar attempt willfully McDonough to cometh mana kyookie you secure go negative marking booty Alchemist burning it was I or composing it so easily H is a temperature scale is shown now certain now Korea step number three was previous 20 years question papers so 20 30 % / Joe who type but last year equations may say are they are the questions he same with a yeah for topic similar to other up 26:30 percent up cows missing as I got the 20 to 30 percent opacity clear obeah butts over 70% are pooja first two steps back I think NCI tea books read diagram or the second step America MCQs again up on coke arena to watch over 70% be coverage I go so overall they cause I got a hundred percent Joe Harris a clear hooyah to up go Joey steps but I go hey Agora pinky according cello game so up body easily need exam up now crack cars up to fit many the doctor is kissing salty guidance me Eclair TAS or Mucha Belaga Komunyakaa sake of my experience a cilium a video upload can you just say our plucky examine help Usagi many Tecate doctor is kissing out locally Ethne hard work quran so easily Mucha be lavaca coochie coohcie carnage eggy to upload please Nicki example who were matzah Mooji you say physically do s best practice Carter a just siggy up for is a time a heat knock over curly he upper example problem 9 so all the very best a cheesy current do you best and thanks for watching


  1. Thanks for your tips and advises.. I'm going to write neet in the year 2021…im a CBSE student from tamil Nadu and I'm kvian

  2. sir ,how many money required for mbbs after cracking need exam ( for fees of college and books , Is any scholarship ..)

  3. Hello sirr
    Me minn 14 se16 ghanta padha ta hu phir bhi marks nahi aa raha h allen me mera abhi marks 500 tak aajata h par hmko minn 650 lana h kya kara

  4. fed of trying mbbs???!!..
    courses offered at jipmer medical colg. its easy to get one of the courses .

  5. सर कोचिङ किये बिना दो महीनेमे नीट क्रेक कर पायेंगे प्लिज बताइये न।

  6. Tysm Sir , m really very highly oblige to u, this helps me a lot. M watching ur videos from two to four days n i have get much more knowledge from ur videos. Tysm sir…..
    U r really great….

  7. For mbbs we have to take medical as well as non medical stream ….. plz i am really confused plz rply me bcx everyone said u have to take both stream plz rply me plzzz…… mam u take which stream both medical as well as non medical

  8. Please give me the tips to attend the question of chemistry and physics please reply every one know this question please reply.

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