How to Get Health Insurance in Germany as a Foreigner! 3 Companies Reviewed

hello lamb-like here most of my viewers are germans who watch my videos but this video is actually directed towards anybody who's international who's coming to germany and who needs to get german health insurance and just thought you guys know this is not a sponsored video no one's paying me to make this video the link down below from pop sure which is the company that helped me get Technica is an affiliate link but all the experiences in this video is real and true and I'm really thankful for them for getting me Technica so I want to explain to you guys my experience my recommendations my warnings because I just experienced a really big accident I was hit by a car while riding my bike in Germany so I have learned a ton about health care and I am so so thankful that I have the health care that I have and I'll explain to you how I got it and also tell you why I'm thankful that I didn't have Moishe which is which has been a very good health insurance for me actually but my university told me I am NOT allowed to have it or they told me that it since it's considered a private health insurance it's really risky actually to have this private health insurance I went to the doctor three times while I had no ista they always send me back my refund for for the doctor appointment for everything so I thought it was really nice and then they told me that the problem is when you don't have a public health insurance through the state certified public health insurances like their Technica it's really risky actually to not have these I was told in order to continue studying at the University I have to change my health insurance and then I found out about there there's this company that helps you sign up for Jer Technica and our Technica which I've been calling it TK but apparently in German my German friends don't even when I was saying TK they're like huh so apparently they call it their Technica here I first heard about that from my old German roommates flatmate when I was studying and my first time in Hamburg and I remember asked him what do you recommend for health insurance and he said the best one you can have is Technica mostly because they have the best customer service they have the best reputation and I was like really oh and then a year later I come back to Germany and so that's the only one in my mind I also had auto cop or a okay I had that too they were good but there was some problem with my payments and then I don't I don't know so I actually owe them a bit of money so I can't use them but I'm really happy with their Technica I've called them on customer service three times now since my accident and they're super quick super helpful and many of them speak English as well which really surprised me I was speaking German with one and he said you know he can speak in English knows what so yeah that was really nice surprise the great thing about pop sure which is the company that helped me get there Technica why I'm thankful for them it's because the first time I went to Technica I went into a technical office in Hamburg and I asked them hi I have this new East the health insurance I'd like to switch to Technica and they looked at the noise and they're like this is private you're not allowed which was actually not true just to explain why I said it's not true I asked my University and they told me because I never signed a paper that says I'm excluding myself from public health insurance that means I'm still a free moving person or in Germany Ivy League so that's what you have to tell these insurance companies if you go in person you have to say I'm Frei villag I never sign anything so I can still have public health insurance if you're in that situation just don't even mention Louisa don't even mention it to the people because what Kyle from pop sure there's I've spoken to two people from pop sure and they're just super nice their slogan is pop shirt insurance made easy for people who don't speak German at pop sure we specialize in helping expats blah blah so yeah so I did the process myself and I got approved through them so they have this little easy signup which I'll put that link down below and you just put all your information and when it asked me what insurance I had I just put my American health insurance on there and I told them that I'm ending that at this day and I want Technica to start with their insurance I wanted to start on this date so that's what I recommend so don't if you have Maresa if you have one of these other health insurances just don't mention them because you don't want to give them any reason to decline you because I experienced that technical decline me when I went to their office they told me no we don't want to insure you but if you sign up with pop sure they will do the work for you which is really nice and also if you have any trouble they have a customer service number and I called and the guy has a really nice accent I don't know where he's from England or something but he was really nice and he helped me because I wasn't I clicked on the wrong link or something so yeah if you have any issues they're super nice when I got hit by this car first thought was honking house hospital I need to go to the hospital second thought was insurance I'm like and then I had this relief I have Technica oh my god because I just remember my flatmate saying this is the best health insurance you can have and I don't have mo ista because the problem with these non-public popular health insurances like mo ista they have the option to decline you to just decline you service if they feel like it but these public ones from my understanding at least they don't have that option really they are required to you know support you and pay for when things happen like like for me I got hit by a car so yeah I'm really really thankful for pop share for them existing and also I can't say that my waist was bad cuz I didn't have a bad experience with them I just did a google search to see what melesa has refused to pay for and someone mentioned in the fine print they don't pay for ambulance rides so I got really lucky that I got approved one week before my accident otherwise I'd have to pay for my ambulance someone else said that the visa the outsider Bureau the foreigners office didn't recognize Malita as a real insurance during their visa appointment if you want to study in Germany when the university wrote me they told me that mu ista was not a satisfactory health insurance for them so if you go for one of these non you know health insurances you have the risk of an employer or a university telling you you can't begin until you get a real health insurance and that is a headache so that's what I'm recommending you guys so you can avoid it because it was quite the headache for me so it was really nice having pop sure to kind of do the work for me and it took them a week they should send you a email saying that okay you've been approved this is when to expect in the mail all the instructions because it'll send you what that's not with me and well actually there was a problem I think the email wasn't sent to me so I called or I emailed pop shirt and they emailed me back within like less than an hour and they said I'm so sorry you were supposed to get this email so you sent me an email saying you have been approved I'm say yeah just contact them they're really quick really quick really nice and give yourself yeah five days to get signed up anyway so I hope this video was helpful for those who are coming to Germany looking to get health insurance yeah I mean you could walk into an office but chances of them speaking English is also not very common did I mention that pop sure there's no cost they just do it for them oh yeah also some bonuses and that pop sure does I try to do some research to figure out I really like their company if you need a policy number if you are getting a job in Germany pop sure can also help you because to get a job you need to show your your employer this number so that you can get signed up it's like the I think it's the social security number and so they can do that for you they can reach out to the insurance companies get it get it you sign up quick with that and give you your number that you're gonna need to show the employer you could I've heard that you don't you don't necessarily need this number when you go to the employer but sometimes there's issues that the employer has so if you can just get that number quickly and then I think the employer will be just happier with you that you are prepared and you're ready to work if you're coming to Germany for work and yeah and they're native English speakers by the way so yeah Kyle is from the US and then the other guy spoke to Vidal I forget his name he's from England or I'm so bad with accents maybe Australia I'm not sure and as I said it could take up to a week but they said it could also be less than 24 hours so just email them if it's like an urgent case and see what they can do for you because they just say that that's a possibility and so I hope this video is helpful let me know if you guys have any questions and subscribe if you want to hear more tips or just my cultural differences which I usually do on my channel so I'll see you guys later bye


  1. The German health care system is basically bleeding out. The problem is the mix of private and public health insurance. Also, the payments in public health insurance depend on income. The rates build up pretty quickly, but cap out at a monthly income of 4,537.50 €. So, if you earn exactly that you are paying the highest possible rate. If you earn 6,000 € you pay the same. 

    For example: Lets say you earn around 3,700 € of gross income. (this is obviously just an estimation)

    When your pay check comes, before the money even hits your account the government and the health insurance takes its share.

    +3700,00 €

    what you pay:

    -350.00 € (Rentenversicherung/Retirement insurance)–> kinda similar to 401(k)

    -50.00 € Unemployment insurance

    -290.00 € Health Insurance

    -65.00 € Care Insurance is an additional insurance to cover cost for if you need special care

    Ok, so these are the Insurances now on to taxes:

    35.00 € Solidaritätszuschlag Basically a tax invented to help rebuild Eas Germany after reunification

    -50.00 € Church Tax depending obviously on whether you have a religion and so on

    and finally, the income tax:

    -600.00 € 

    so approx. 2.260,00 € of the original 3.700,00 € hit your account.

    But it doesn’t stop there. The first part, the social and health insurances and so on….

    As a rule of thumb your employer pays the same amount as you to the government.

    This means if your employer wants you to have a little over 2.000,00 € a month, he has to pay about 4.500,00 € a month.

    For the specifics of health care, this means for this example, The health insurance company gets about just under 600,00 € a month

  2. I almost watched all of your videos for the past two days, and they’re super helpful I can’t thank you enough for sharing your experiences (I am planning to finish my bachelor in Germany this winter semester). Am an introvert myself and I think you are a very confident and have a great personality. I wish you all the best in the world 😊 Danke schön.

  3. There are many things you have to deal with when coming to germany.
    That's why it is so important to learn the language, because otherwise you won't be able to understand what people want from you.

  4. Sehr gut und detailiert. Viele Beispiele vor allem Prozesse zu den Abläufen. Hast du Zusatzversicherungen wie Zahnzusatz oder für Krankenhausaufenthalt?

  5. Come on you planed that you just switched so you can get yourself be hit by a car to make them pay 😀 (hope that's not to dark humor)

    How is their business model popsure? Do they sell your data, or why do they not ask for money?

  6. All the Germans watching your videos to feel better, when you tell about the advantages living in Germany 😀

  7. Its very simple to get an insurance as a foreigner. Just start working and your employer has to insure you publicly. And the insurance cant say no. After 1 month you can quit the job and pay the freiwillige Beitrag which is a minimum of 180 per month once you are in you cant loose it.

  8. That's the spirit! Making the best out of your accident. Not only were you lucky enough to get the right insurance at the right time, it also gave you the opportunity to learn a lot about Germany (more than the real Germans know) and pass your knowledge on to others. We are not worthy.

  9. I am the only one who thought this video might be about Switzerland in comparison to Germany by just looking at the thumbnail? 😉

  10. Wenn man einen Krankenwagen ruft, obwohl es kein Notfall (man hätte auch selber ins Krankenhaus fahren können) ist, dann muss man den immer zahlen. Glaube ich zumindest.

  11. Sei froh, dass die Krankenkasse die Kosten vom Unfall trägt, sonst kannst du ganz schön schnell arm werden!

  12. You forgot to mentioned the most important issue; How are you after accident? Already healed completly? Was it somebody else fault?

  13. Great video! There are some doctors though that refuse public health insurance, since they pay less than private. A certified German health insurance either public or private will give you full coverage. For younger persons a private company usually is cheaper, but it can get more expensive. Plus you have to be able to opt out of the public system. Private health insurance also offers more service like single bed rooms in hospitals, braces for your teeth, glasses etc (extra costs). But I would still recommend public insurance for a student, since you don't have to deal with pre-existing conditions and stuff.
    By the way, I say TK as well instead of Techniker Krankenkasse.

  14. you are really obsessed with the German Health-Care-System !? ( intriguing: because we never think about it on a daily basis, we just take it for granted since forever…

  15. About health insurance, when I started working at one company in Munich they demanded the health insurance. I selected AOK.

  16. Great to compare US and German health insurance solutions. Germans are clearly in the lead in solving this problem.

  17. It is actually Die (!) Techniker. It is short for "Die Techniker-Krankenkasse" and "Kasse" or "Krankenkasse" is female. The Techniker is male, of course, i.e. der Techniker.

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