How to Get Medical Jobs : How to Become a Physician Assistant

A physician assistant is much like a nurse
practitioner; in that they can practice much like an independent physician would, under
a physician’s supervision. A to become a physic, a physician’s assistant, you must first complete
your bachelor’s degree, a four year course of study at a college or university. After
completing your bachelor’s degree, typically, some work experience is required before admit,
before being admitted to a physician assistant, or PA program. The PA program itself is typically
an additional two years of study past your bachelor’s degree. It is during this course
of study that you will learn the clinical skills required for you to practice medicine,
or practice in the med par, as part of the medical care team. Upon completing your course
of study as a PA, you must take a state licensing exam, and after you have completed your licensing
exam you’re ready to practice as a physician’s assistant, working on part of the care team
with the physicians and nurses.


  1. Physician Assistant, not Physician'S Assistant.

    Any NPs dont need to work under MDs.
    PAs always have to have a supervising MD. He Makes it sound really easy.

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