How To Get Off High Blood Pressure Medication

okay welcome back fam this is Kareem urbis Kareem and I'm gonna have to share with you exactly what the title says actually uh getting rid of hypertension / high blood pressure out of your life because a lot of us actually deal with the actual uh the actual you know just tapering it off by taking supplements or prescriptions but we're not dealing with the root cause so I'm going to actually show you a concoction that I would do if I money had high blood pressure all the tell them to do or I'm now I'm sharing with you on how you can make your own tonic so you can have it in your cabinet you don't add it to your hypothecated I can be telling you to do and whatnot but um you could go back and watch my video on how to actually do our actual teacher but I'm going to be doing for you right here go through the process so you won't be lost so anyways there's a few things you don't want to do when you're actually trying to knock out high blood pressure and now have it come back and you will have to be taking supplements um more so so first of all you know how green talks about fast so go back and watch my video about the one to two day liquid fast it actually shows you how to do our actual facts and you're really going to prepare your body for four of the first two days for vegetables and fruits and then the liquid fasten cream coming out of the bathroom vegetables and fruits and water so that's pretty much what you're going to be doing so watch that liquid fast one to two day liquid fast that's what you need to do first before you start taking and actually reading yourself off of winging yourself off of the drugs and the medication that they're you know the pusher push your own that license push it anyways first we're going talk about actually uh the concoction you're going to be doing is actually absolutely um selling this concoction this one right here is actually Hawthorne berry and ginkgo and the reason why I do it in a powder form because high blood pressure you counted I don't want to do it in no capsule you want to actually get it right into the blood so I can start working on the heart and the actual circulation you want to actually have good circulation going on and you want to put herbs that's going to actually target where you're having issues with that's dealing with the actual high blood pressure and actually soothing the blood and your heart at the same time and this one is hard from Barry and ginkgo so this one right here is a piece now with heart or barring that when you're doing this one here you can make it the reason why I like this you can actually do it any tea you don't actually I have this to top 2 or 3 times a day what 1/2 a tablespoon and that'll keep your up your blood pressure regulator high and low as well as it'll keep your heart strong and your actual blood pumping the correct way Hawthorne berry is a known fact to actually regulate the blood high or low you know it's no joke when it comes to so Hockenberry isn't necessary it's to me it's necessary when you're doing any concoction any tea you should have Hawthorne berry on the tape so anyway that's what's gonna be in the mix right there ha thumb there then you're gonna add some uh so here we go you're gonna make a teacher right here so here we go you know my me this colors right here consists of Halle Berry and ginkgo berry and then it also consists of ginger and garlic these bad boys are beast when it comes to actually circulating the blood garlic is nutritionist all the way through the for the body I mean mother nature has nothing but just great things for you so I can't say enough about which one you always hear me say there's a beach this is the Beast because pretty much all of them are if I had to pick my top 10 I'm gonna do a video on that but not right now but man it's so many I mean mmm I would probably have to say top 20 because there's a lot of herbs out there that just mother nature gives you the aid for your body so anyways it's not rocket science folks so you know since this is a mixture of Hockenberry and gingko pear you know I hopped on Baron gingko you know you just uh just I you know is you just want to get equal equal measurements in there so what could be you know cool so I mean that's cool that's like a 1/4 of the jar and then of my add me some uh-hmm whoo shit the smell data instead uh guess that ginger right there gonna put some ginger up in there down here and make it a mess you know it's good right there I did on my edge so you pretty much can i you know just want to put equal portions and excuse stuff is wicked but putting more of one is not gonna hurt you if I had to put more one it would definitely be half of it and this right here is the actual garlic throwing this garlic in there you know so this is a mason jar and I believe it's a 8 ounce mason jar you know ain't nothing uh fantastic and whatnot okay so I'm gonna go ahead and throw a little bit of this up more there's Hassan berry in kinko up in here so uh you know and then i'ma put the alcohol stop tripping over the alcohol alcohol pretty much it ain't going it's gonna pull out the properties the potent properties that the herbs are having whatnot so I mean you know it ain't really you're going to get drunk off this alright anyways but uh I'd be going only in my you do a video explaining the alcohol when you actually make it a concussion but this right here you don't need none fast to get something cheap eighty proof or eighty proof alcohol vodka alcohol and forty percent alcohol it's all you need nothing really serious okay so I'm gonna go ahead and um try to feel this bad boy up and yeah you know I might even messed up but shit you should put the alcohol in there you know a little bit of the power and then I'll call them little bitter particles you know it it kind of try to get stuck on you down there okay I got it I got it good you know I'll have to do the video over alright you want to just get it all up in there because uh those of you that have already made yourself a teacher you'll know that actually when it starts you don't Gruen and whatnot over the course of three days it uh start rising to the top you'll see that the actual teacher itself that good stuff sitting on the top and so you give it a nice little shake and you're gonna shake it you're gonna let this groove in the crock pot on low because somebody's crock pots have medium low and high so you're gonna have it on low you know I think they have more on lower in high and you're gonna have it on actually uh low not know warm low for three days but every six to eight hours you're going to come across and you're gonna shake it because you're going to see the separation of the herb the power in the actual mixture at the teacher at the top so uh here's how I do it I take me an actual rag or a towel and I put it down at the bottom of the crop box the reason why I put it at the bottom of the crock pot because I do not want it to crack you know Sammy the glass this is glass right here then I put my blast down on the center of the actual crock pot then I pour water don't talk about it okay and I try to get the water to pretty much be almost at the top if possible on the draw now if you have a big jar mason jar you ain't gonna be able to you know just fill it up as much as you can and then I put it on low and I pretty much let it do its thing let it get warm you know let it uh do what it needs to do and every six to eight hours I'll come back and top it off with some more water I top it off with some water and then I actually first I shake it pull it out and shake it and top it up with some more water because you don't want it getting so low that actually the water evaporates and then you know now you got an old you're fine and you're cooking your time you know champion but we keep it on one because it's not going to kill all the UH the the properties that's that the herbs have just I could use making the teeth drink it on down so a tincture to me is more potent and powerful it goes directly into your bloodstream you put it under your tongue anywhere between the drop of four or four or five drops and just you know hold it there for about eleven fifteen to twenty seconds and then gonna swallow it down and chasing down some water to wash your mouth out and and then you see your blood pressure go down you check your blood and then go down that's a powerful up concoction of its own so you're going to actually what is done after three days of you doing the shaking and topping it off with water shaking topping off water you're going to stuff that separated you're gonna use a either turkey baster or actual something that you can put into a container and then you're gonna suck it and put it into a teacher like this they sell these teachers like form six out of time on Amazon and with the dropper for like ten fifteen dollars so they're not really that expensive I think they're less than that like five dollars for six other so anyway the more you purchase the cheaper they are so that is actually the concoction that actually uh what actually do when it comes to a actual blood changer you can just do Hawthorne berry and the absolute ginkgo you can do this mix by itself and that is still powerful but you definitely can add the ginger be done with you you can have the garlic be done with of that basil you download it I mean your sentiment I mean there's several other ones that you can mix and make it your own this is not to all be all people this is just cream sonic that I would actually put together if I was doing an actual tip of somebody lower their blood pressure now on top of that what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to be taking a supplement while your weaning yourself off the drugs and when I say wing is yourself off the drugs after you're doing the fast and you're taking this actual of this um this absence up limine why are you fasting going to be taking the actual teacher so prepared to teach you before you fax so why are you actually up while you're off the fast the supplements that you're gonna want hey after the fast is you don't want to take that black seed oil you know I'm saying me about a tablespoon a half container over here by the teaspoon a teaspoon half a teaspoon to a teaspoon twice a day okay so if you can do it in the morning and you can do it at a night how do you want to get it down if you want to put it in some kind of a liquid you can if you want to put in the tea you can if you want to put it on the tablespoon or teaspoon put it down and change it down with water you could do that too I kind of just get it over and go that route it's nasty but I don't like it in my and my juices in my liquid and whatnot so black seed oil is the supplement you're gonna be taking every day okay It's A Wrap let's just make this part of your life okay cuz it's a beast now um the other one you're going to want to take is I'm actually put a link down here is coenzyme 10-q 10 so people call it Co Q 10 but it's coenzyme q-10 and you can never I'm gonna put a natural one down there at the bottom you want to get that in your body and take about 100 milligrams the actual you know 100 to 200 milligrams the first day every day working yourself every day for about a week and then working yourself up to 500 milligrams okay when you get up to 500 milligrams you're gonna be doing this for a nice anywhere between 3 to 4 months because you wanted actually to really get inside your system the co of coenzyme q10 cuz that one is actually going to boost yourselves and actually energize the body your body already creates coal coins on intent but as you get older your body slowing down creating eating this processed food you dog in your body out and whatnot and it won't even you know except it won't even produce it no more so this is a way of actually putting it back into the body and then your body will actually start you know doing what it's supposed to do which is actually keep everything correct and balanced and the other supplement you're gonna want to get I'm gonna put a link down there is magnesium you want to put magnesium in your body and you could take my Greg magnesium you don't want to take about 500 milligrams of magnesium 500 milligrams day of magnesium is sufficient and having that in your body because you're lacking magnesium most people in United States are lacking magnesium because you know you're not eating all the foods and all the stuff you don't have it in there so you know it definitely if you're doing the CMOS or irish months if you have that on deck that's the actual natural multivitamin that should be taking every day because it's necessary you have see moms are moms in your body so that that's that's the actual natural multivitamin if you're doing that because all the food that's out there in the store ain't nothing in there but but just jump it they don't have no nutrients to it at all maybe maybe five percent if that so the next thing you're going to want to do is you're going to want to start eating foods that are and fruits and vegetables so you so you cannot continue eating a high in processed foods in the stores start cooking your food and you know not to put iodized salt in it you know not to put the table salt in there you know not to put hi-ho US sodium you want i'm not talk about excuse me i'm not come on cook food that actually is already in the frozen section and you're in it's already processing you just preparing it for and putting it in the microwave or putting it in the stove and just heating it up i'm trying to literally cook in your food and you add your black pepper you can see you black adding your own real natural oils you adding our tumeric you added your own season that you put cayenne pepper you added your own mixture i got my own little mixtures of of a seasoning over there that I actually put what I'm actually made preparing my food I don't use this stuff in the store you know exami this stuff is they're cool to use but I don't use the actual processed food it's time my best to stay off the processed food as much as possible so you need that Magnum so the daily supplement we're going to be taking but actually are coenzyme q10 and you know I already told you how much you should be taking with the actual milligrams and the magnesium those are the sufferings you're gonna be taking dating for about three to four months now while you doing this you want to actually wing yourself off of the drug so you can literally be watching yourself checking your blood pressure and if you you need to take it take it if you feel you don't need to take it don't take it but you're very to tell if you need to take it or not but you want to get to the point that you're taking this like um you taking this once every other day and then now you're taking it up twice a week now you're taking it once a week now you're taking it once every other week to the point that you ain't taking it at all you want to get to that paint spot right there but also you want to add potassium to your actually of diet and a good food that has high in potassium is avocados believe it or not is high in and impact testing and one more last thing if I don't say nothing else you definitely need to actually raise your activity in your life you got to start doing some type of exercise I make sure that I do at least three to four times out our exercise a week and I do about fifteen to twenty minutes of exercise on every other day so three or four times a week I exercise fifteen to twenty minutes that's all you really need to keep that blood going and circulation going of your actual you know your the activity in your body going you want to get that going on a regular basis so thus that's key y'all so I actually went through some steps I might have talked to longtime let me say along that video was sixteen minutes so I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this up but I definitely wanted to let y'all know y'all stick to this script right here you can definitely get rid up actually a high blood pressure hypertension completely out so like anyways this is Kareem I love y'all I'm out peace


  1. At my young age at TWENTY SIX years old, I have already started out using drug treatments to deal with my blood pressure issues. Of all the so-called remedy I have personally tried, “zοtοsο Yuku” (Google it) is the one that has proven to work on my blood pressure level. Within a thirty day period of following the suggestions in the book, there wasn`t any sort of require for me to take every one of my drugs.. .

  2. Seeking to get off the blood pressure medicine It’s been a real nightmare ! Ugg ! I don’t wish this on Anyone ! My Doctor medical doctor won’t allow me to she doesn’t have knowledge ect – anyways I’m looking for a herbal Doctor and no one take United Health ! Ps I agree with you Sir but a bit concerned possibly maybe slightly afraid to jump not knowing if somebody’s got my back !Thank you You make sense ! I don’t trust the Left ! 🌿🙏🏼❤️📖📖🍃🤗

  3. I went to the doctor today and my blood pressure was high ow I’ve been taking black seed oil , apple cider vinegar fasting daily not putting crap in my body but it’s still high my doctor said it could genetics is there anything I can do I even take a garlic supplement any suggestions

  4. Hey man do you sell your remedies hard to get some dried herbs here in northren Ireland love your videos man would be interested to see what it would cost to get direct from you bro let me know [email protected]

  5. I have been blessed by your knowledge. I put them in to action and seeing great results. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I just had to get back on lisinopril 20 mg & hate taking this crap as it's poison and doctor said I needed to lower my BP!!! Going to try this for sure!!! THX Brother!!! God Bless

  7. Hello Kareem, I appreciate your knowledge and your willingness to share it, had a question, where do you buy your herbs from, especially in this video. Thank you for reply.

  8. We love you too brother, Salam (peace) ….assalamualaikum (peace be unto you) Heard that's what Jesus would say. Heard in English His name is Jesus, in Greek it's Isous, in Hebrew it's Yeshua, and in the language He spoke, Aramaic, His Momma named Him Yehoushua Ben Yosef

  9. I used Olive Leaf to replace Losartan (pharma medicine). It was a risk I was willing to take. I've had HBP since 16, decided to take Olive leaf at age 21. I went to 2 doctors and at age 25, I don't have high blood pressure anymore.

  10. Hi Kareem, I got a second bottle of your high blood pressure, and you change the formula. I had just forwarded all those herbs from the mountain herb website. To find all of the things that I ordered are in your new blood pressure formula. I could have saved some money if I had known. My next problem is I have very itchy ears that hurt and itch, allergy pills don't help can you help me

  11. There are a million ways to lower blood pressure this will prolly work but u dint realky have to do all that..all I really have to do is change diet some and main thing more then anything is cardio and working out..more cardio if u can do that a good 3 to 5 times a week it will help with blood pressure but u can do both for best results

  12. Hi Sir, enjoyed the video, I have hypertension and already use a tenure with a lot of these things in it from a really good natural supplement store but will try making my own it sounds like it's more potent than what I'm using, also what are your thoughts on using the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to lightly season the food? It has over 35 natural minerals in it, thank you for this informative video.

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    Now, with that out the way. Is there some type of substitute for alcohol??? What if you are an alcoholics????

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