How to Get Rid of Anxiety (A Natural Cure for Anxiety) – Teal Swan


  1. mid panic attack and i have no one to talk to i put this video on and i already feel a sense of relief. i have great sense of hope every time i listen to your videos. you’re truly an angel. thank you

  2. Please, don't ever commit suicide ! Your words, ideas, exercices are SO helpful! You are saving so many from dépression or even suicide!🙏🏼watching your videos is one of my persanal techniques to get through overwhelment 🍀💚🐸and it works !! Î will Add more sea weeds and Maca into my life and definately choose to stop sugar 👌🏻👍🏻🔮🦄blessings to you for all your work!

  3. U have a few issues with this one. If one has chronic insomnia and can't sleep, has runners feet and knees from running for years for anxiety, can't find a compatible mate (widow), no children or friends to get a massage and at the age of 57 has lived with physical and mental pain, since the age of 11, and have done everything she has said. In addition, as an extension, I have experienced an extreme spiritual life of celestial travel. I like Teal's messages, and I do hope she has a more updated experience of this subject to share. This one is dated 2013. A lot of changes take place in a persons view in six years. She has also expressed that she had not yet conquered this by the words she wrote in her journal. Again, I like her messages, but some things can take a lifetime to understand.

  4. You need to educate yourself with nutrition, hormones… your info is old and most wrong but you advice is the same as doctors and they dont know nutrition. I love what you do and learnt so much from you. With a lot of appreciation, I suggest check the new nutrition evolution and you will see what I mean.

  5. Am i the only one missing the part of the core of the anxiety? This feels more like ways to deal with it or a plaster on a wound. But dont we need to heal the wound that causes the anxiety followed by the thoughts? And how can we heal those wounds caused by traumatic situations and led to feelings of not being/feeling save or loved or appreciated as we are. Can we heal them and as a result to that get rid of the anxiety? But a part from that thank you for your video. Thanks for the tips and im curious how they work out for me. (having extreme anxiety and 24/7 Derealisation and depersonalisation combined with ocd and sometimes pannic attacks. ) 🙏🌸

  6. I'm on Yourube scaling down all of a sudden l felt like a cigarette and then it says How to deal with anxiety a moment ago, huh, how bout that.

  7. O. M. G. Teal, I have massive respect for you having the courage to read that letter. You have inspired me.

    I am inclined toward transparency, as well, even if it is to a large audience of people I do not personally know. It feels true and good to me.

    But time and again I have shyed away from keeping it in my videos because I was afraid of being judged and rejected.

    PS I enthusiastically said, "Holy Shit!" outloud with a smile on my face when you read the first sentences.

    I appreciate you.

  8. What can I do if anxiety makes me lack motivation and inspiration? I have no appetite. I only eat when I'm starving and dizzy. I need help. Please, how to get over the Nausea and my apetite Back?

  9. Im now 44. I had worst time in my life, but still im on the edge with my mind atacking me every day. Because of that, im unable to build any close relations with anyone. I was thinking about medical treatment, just to be a little less toxic to people….

  10. Avoiding anything that is disempowering is good advice. My problem is my entire life is disempowering and it keep getting worse and worse….

  11. Journalling
    Breathing exercises
    Clean diet
    Self care, morning and night routine
    Good qualities
    Find yourself
    dont force urself
    Self love, self worth
    Focus on smth that isnt worry, relax before bed, let it all go in ur journal (i like to do audio diary when i dont feel like writing)
    Positive thinking

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