How to get RID of Keratosis Pilaris (KP) bumps, ACNE, and Get RID OF RETIN-A FLAKES!!

Welcome back to my channel so today i have an awesome video on a product that i’ve wanted to share with You, guys for a long time but i needed to do a little bit more research so that i could explain to you exactly Why it’s so fabulous That product is called cleary stuff and this is it you guys it comes in a tube? Like this it is a Retexturizing gel now if you have ever suffered from kp keratosis pilaris Which is basically excessive keratin, and you get that kind of chicken skin the bumps on the back of your arms Some people get it on their cheeks It’s it plagues you it never goes away it’s difficult to take care of you can, use acid washes and kind of keep it down but it’s really a, big problem for a lot of people and Also if you’ve ever had separate keratosis, which are kind of like barnacles on the skin They, come up like dark, brown patches on the skin that’s Another thing that cleary, stick can, take care of and also it really really helps with basic Texture issues for me i’ve been, using it for my kp on the back of my Arms but i also am using it to get rid of the retin-a flakes From using, my elbow g nu derm system and you guys i can’t explain to you, how Amazing it is making, my skin, so i’m going Through, this molting process from using the obagi, nu-derm from using My, hydroquinone retin-a expert erm all of that stuff is causing, me to peel and flake Daily clarice ty breaks down solubilizes the keratin, and Causes it my face to be completely smooth yes i repeal that night the next, day But the clarice to just literally dissolves that keratin, and washes it away so i was like, why Why is this happening because literally, these ingredients there’s no shining star as far as i could tell So to tell you a little bit about clarice ‘te it came about from a group of scientists getting together from uc santa barbara in university of california santa barbara and also from mit and they were actually getting me together i think it was in 2011 and they were trying to come up with a more comfortable way for Biopsies to happen and like a lot of discoveries in the process they ended up discovering What is now clear ista and it’s basically a? Patented group of chemicals put together that are able to solubilize Keratin, which is to make it? water-soluble meaning it can, basically dissolve Keratin, and make it flush out with water so you can, see how This, can, be pretty amazing, when you have keratin related, issues like kp keratin keratosis pilaris or? Flakes on your face i have used it as a mask on my lips for literally like two minutes and I just scrubbed, my lips and i’ve never Had more smooth lips ever it gets rid of any kind of texture on your lips it would be the absolute perfect Daily, scrub especially if you are a matte lipstick, where that kind of thing i have always suffered from crazy dry cracked Flaky, lips this clear stuff it is so phenomenal i love it love it on my Face it can clear acne you guys several of the ingredients are, also antibacterial and antifungal and Some of the ingredients are i’m gonna tell you about some of these ingredients because i got out. My handy dandy m’lady cosmetic ingredients Dictionary now this is totally old-school to go looking stuff up in a book but i decided i wanted to sit and really read The ingredients i wanted to go through, each and every ingredient and find out. Why, the heck this works so Took, myself some notes some copious notes and i will tell you that, well some of these are Stabilizers and that kind of thing several of them are soluble i tzer’s Which is meaning that it is going to be breaking down that keratin the other thing Is there is capital saltine which is a detergent used for gently breaking up membranes so you can see that not only do you have Keratin solubilizing going on but you, also have in there for breaking down memories you throw In the fact that some of these are septic. Antifungal antibacterial and you have the perfect. Adjunct. To Acne, medication you guys acne medication this is the most amazing product so i just wanted to share it With you because if you suffer from acne if you suffer From kp if you have separate keratosis those barnacles on your skin Find out if you have a practitioner in your area so you, don’t have to have them cut off you literally can get them removed with, this retexturizing gel in office no i Do a treatment in in the treatment room where i actually use clear. Ii still like a, mask and i soften that keratin and For a length of time and then i actually will perform a micro term to Accelerate the process so if you suffer, from kp and you? Want to get rid of it more expeditiously then it can be done in office but if you, don’t have access to somebody who carries And works with clear isa you can simply use this at home as an at-home Treatment morning at night and you will Clear that skin like i said i use it in combination with, my, new, derm system to keep all that flaky Ugliness it is completely gotten rid of that Moment that retin-a ugly your molting you look Terrible it clears that up i use it every morning and my skin Is soft it’s clear it has no none of those flakes it’s amazing. You guys and it’s patented You, guys it’s patented this is no joke it also sits at an 8.5 Ph, so it’s not a napkin it’s actually Alkaline, it has jojoba beads in it they are biodegradable and let, me tell you this product Contains, no synthetic dyes or fragrances not tested on animals paraben free and Patented made in the united states You, guys it’s freaking amazing is i think that almost everybody can benefit from this product in one way or another obviously i’m in a different setting I actually came home for a christmas party, and i’m in my mom one of my parents their bedrooms filming so sorry about the light and The funkiness i’m using a vlogging camera but i really just wanted to sit down and get this out to you. Guys Because truly there aren’t very many products that i’ve been more excited to have and to share and to use in my practice Than this one it’s legit and if you suffer from kp or seborrheic keratosis or if you have acne that you’ve just struggled to get under control yeah comment down below, and Even if this isn’t something that you’re going, to use i’d love to start that discussion on how, we can manage some of those Skin conditions anyway have a great day, you guys, and thank you so much for watching


  1. Good morning gorgeous!! You had me at "getting rid of Retin A flakes" lol!! omg!! that's amazing!! Love that story of discovery!! I love a scientist discovery! I need that for lips, too!!!! I peel like crazy in the winter!! Always pickin'!! Aah!!! I need the Milady Dictionary!! Girl I love an ingredient analysis!! This would be great for me AND my daughter! I'm about to go total Nuderm for 3 months! with the Blender and Clear – So I might need this! Do you think? For dissolving skin? Oh my gosh, you're gonna be my new personal consultant! Freakin' love it!! And love you, gorgeous!! This was QUITE a little Sunday treat for me!! Spending time with my GIRL! Kisses!! xoxoxo!!

  2. Retin A flakes you say??? I’m listening!! I want a smooth face. I appreciate you researching this so well, although it doesn’t surprise me. Always on top of things. How fun that you are home. You look beautiful!! 💜💗

  3. i am so happy you did this video. my aunt and cousin have kp so bad! they will love this and i can’t wait to tell them about it. love the videos you post because you explain everything so good. love you gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I am definitely going to try this. The Retin-A peel drives me nuts and makes me want to stop. This sounds like a great solution.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing!! I'm flaking like crazy right now! Do you use this once or twice a day? Is this used under serums over moisturizer?

  6. I actually believe I have that chicken scratch a little behind my thighs which is weird af, cause I hardly have hair on my legs, but realized that this had nothing to do with hair, but like you said, excessive keratin 😂😂😂😂. And I use the Glytone exfoliating body wash helps BIG time, but need a good aha cream cause aha seems to help A LOT with that. But this CLEARISTA seems amazing!! I have to try it. Hope I could find it, because I need it, this sounds like a life saver.😍💖🙌

  7. You made me literally feel right now the back of my arms to see if I still had that. I don’t!😍 I just realized that I do not have it anymore. I use to use body lotions and use a lot of LUSH bath bombs a lot back when I had it so I might have been clogging my pores. Once in a while, I will use just argan oil alone or add it to one of my lightweight body lotions like Cerve, Palmers coco butter lotion or little heavier one my LUSH Dream Cream. I have not had a problem since I cut back. I still use the products but hardly ever. I had it bad too. I had it on back of my thighs. Strange that this is the first time I am noticing it is gone. I mean, I feel a tad but if I exfoliated regularly my body then that would help. If ever it were to come back, I would jump on buying this product! You look so pretty. Love you🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

  8. Helps with RetinA flakes.  Sold!!! They are driving me crazy and my granddaughter is beginning to experience acne.  Thank you for such good information and research.  Will be contacting you.  Debbie

  9. If you want your healthy skin back, it's as easy as letting your body do the work for you. Just make a few adjustments, and you'll have skin like everyone else, or usually even healthier. Maybe try searching for Cybil Lenglores Chicken Skin tips on googl.

  10. Hi Penn, I'm a new subbie over from KathysBeautyCareChats and I love that you found this! I've struggled with KP for a few years now, sometimes better, sometimes worse, but always annoying! I'll have to give it a try. So happy to find your channel and btw, your skin is amazing! ❤

  11. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover best treatment for keratosis pilaris try Elumpa KP Remedy Alchemist (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my brother in law got cool success with it.

  12. I have been using this for almost a year and it is amazing! Thank you so much for this video ~ xo

  13. Hello:) just purchased this and there is a new warning ⚠️ label sticker that says not to use on peeling and irritated skin-should I be worried? I bought for use on my retin a peeling skin…

  14. Penn, I ordered Clearista yesterday. I have struggled with small flesh colored bumps on my cheeks for 4 years. I’ve seen 3 dermatologists and they all said they were milia. They tried to express them, I used AHA’s, BHA’s, tretinoin and even had a CO2 laser resurfacing. Nothing has helped… until today. I had no idea these bumps were keratin related!! The improvement in my skin has been immediate. I can’t thank you enough. The company offers a yearly subscription for this product so I will most likely be ordering soon. 😘

  15. Guys, if you have this condition on your face like me I would highly, highly tout the praises of this product. I used it twice yesterday. First time, a face wash and massaging for 60 seconds (go easy if it’s on your face). The second time before bed: used as a ten minute mask on dry skin (info from the website) and then rinsed. I woke up to almost clear skin. I started with maybe 25 bumps on each cheek and this morning it’s down to 4 bumps. Now, I also apply tretinoin after using this, so it could be that my actives are finally able to penetrate more easily, however… without this product this would not be possible. For me, it is a Godsend. Please like, share and subscribe to Penn’s channel. She is the real deal and out to save our skin!!

  16. I have been diagnosed w/ KP this year at 42. A year ago, my skin was clear and never had it before. It is so bad that I don’t even want to go out in public. I wear long sleeves and pants when it’s 100 degrees out and it’s made my life miserable. I’d like to try this but I’ve thrown so much money at products that are supposed to work that end up doing nothing.

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