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notifications turned on so you don’t miss out. Now to get into the eight ways you can get the most out
of your time and therapy because we all know it can
not only be hard to reach out but then also it can be
really, really expensive. And we all get into
therapy to improve things so hopefully these tips
will help guide you to make the most out of your time there. And my first tip is be picky. When deciding on who
you want to work with, don’t just settle for the
first person that you see and I have a whole video on how to know if you’re seeing a good
therapist or a bad therapist and I’ll link those
videos in the description. But for the sake of this,
just know that you should feel easily connected with your therapist, you know in the same way
you would like a new friend and you should feel like
they’re on your team, working with you towards your goals. This means they should you
know, remember your name, duh! Your goals and check up on how well you’re moving towards them. You shouldn’t be in therapy
just chatting like friends, they should challenge you
and make your time in therapy all about you, not them. So don’t be afraid of seeing a few before deciding who you want to work with because research about
therapy just so you know, all points to the fact
that the relationship that we have with our therapist is key to making any progress. Without it, therapy can be a
waste of your time and money. Number two, have an idea
of why you wanted to come or what you wanted to gain or get rid of by going to therapy. Now obviously, we don’t
need to know exactly what we need to talk about
or do in each session, the right therapist will work with you to figure that out just so you know, but we do need to know what symptoms or issues we want to talk about. For example, when I got back in therapy is because I felt really stressed for what I essentially thought
was like no real reason and I was crying easily. I hated that and I
wanted to work to fix it. I wasn’t sure how to fix it but you know, I knew my therapist
would help me with that. If we don’t even know
what’s upsetting us now or why we even decided to seek out therapy in the first place,
it’s gonna take some time for your therapist to
figure that out with you. And I believe that that time can be better spent actually
working on it, don’t you? Just to reiterate, you don’t
have to know how to fix it and other issues may come up
as you talk through things but you do need to have an idea
of what you want to change, that will help your therapist
begin putting together a treatment plan with you so that you know that you’re working towards your goals. Number three, be honest. I know this one can be really, really hard and we can struggle to talk about things that we may have never talked about with anyone in life
before but do your best. Even if your best is just telling them you have some things that
you’d like to talk about but you just don’t feel ready
or you clam up and forget it. You know you can work
through that together and figure out what’s holding you back. Just be as open as you
can about your process so they can help you when you need it. Therapists cannot read your mind even though that’d be
really awesome and helpful so if you can figure
that out, you let me know but remember we’re people too and if you’re telling
us you’re doing better or worse than you are, that will only hurt you and your work. You can even share some
things through art or writing, maybe music you know, that may be hard for you to say out loud or
possibly ask your therapist if you can email them some things that you’d like to work on. You know, noting that they
won’t respond to the email but they’ll bring up the email in therapy. Do whatever you need to share
how you’re really feeling and what’s going on with you now. That way, your therapist
can find workbooks, tools and new techniques
to try to help you. Without the information only you have, we can’t fully do that. And number four, set goals. Even if that goal is
just to shower that week or to make it to therapy
and to talk openly. Just make sure that you’re
working towards something and that you have check-ins
with your therapist about your goals and how
they’re coming along. This usually starts with treatment plans which are really just like overall goals, long-term, short-term
for your time in therapy and I know not all therapists
create formal treatment plans but I believe even
though I’m gonna get shit from other therapists in
the comments about this but I believe that all
therapy should involve some sort of goal-setting and follow-up. Otherwise how do we know if
we’re even making progress? Or what are we even working on? You don’t! I honestly think some
therapists just get lazy and prefer to work
loosely with you on things that are coming up but that
doesn’t hold your therapist or you accountable for your
time and the investment that you’re making in your own betterment. And I think it also kind of means that you know, therapists can
make more money off of you. I hate even saying that but
it’s important to recognize this and that’s why I believe treatment plans are so vitally important and having goals are necessary to our
process and our progress. Having at least a loose
guide for your care I believe is imperative to you getting the most out of
your time in therapy. And number five, set
boundaries and uphold them. You know me I love boundaries and I had to add this to the list because many of us
struggle with attachment to our therapists or we can worry how much is too much
communication between sessions and remember, your therapist should not be at your beck and call
because they have a life too and thank God for it. And if you’re relying on them, you know, emailing all the time, calling, texting and you’re expecting them to always get back to
you between sessions, it’s possible you might
need a higher level of care because the entire goal of
therapy, if you remember, is to get you to a point where
you don’t need it anymore. It’s like fly little bird, yay, right? We should be able to go without it. And if we’re unable to go a full week without reaching out to them, then we may need more sessions each week or to try out a day program
or possibly a hospitalization. Otherwise, it can be
hard for your therapist to keep seeing you and engaging so much because they might get burnt out. Not to mention that they
see a lot of other patients, they cannot be available to
everyone they see all the time. That leaves no time for
them in their own life or their own self-care. So talking with them in
session about the communication that you may have outside
of your time together, like if I need to reschedule
or if I have an emergency, talking about and understanding
what’s appropriate is so important early on to ensure that you’re all on the same page and that you’re also
challenged to work on yourself in between sessions so you gain confidence and you’re able to grow. And so right off of that tip, rolls into number six, do your homework! And I don’t mean your school homework, although you should do that too. I’m talking about your therapy homework. If we aren’t putting in the
work outside of therapy, we’re totally missing
out on a lot of time. I mean think about it, we’re only in therapy for
like one to two hours a week and we’re on our own for the rest. Make the most of that time, it could be spent tracking
our symptoms, journaling, doing homework given to
you by your therapist, it could be reading a helpful
book or utilizing a workbook. Whatever it is, make sure
you’re making time for it in between your sessions. I know it’s hard and it’s way easier just to go back into our old habits and not make it a priority. But I promise you, if you do the work in between your sessions, you will make progress much more quickly and that can help us
feel good about our time and our financial commitment as well as keep us motivated to do more. Number seven, take
responsibility for yourself. I know this may seem obvious
but you would be surprised how many times patients
of mine get angry at me because they aren’t getting any better, meanwhile they’re not doing
any of their homework, they’re canceling sessions last minute, and they’re not sharing
much when they come in, not to mention a lot of times
they’re just lying to me about their progress and their process and just makes it really difficult. You are the creator of your future, you are the one that’s gonna
have to do all that hard work. All I can do or any therapist can do is help guide you, support
you, and offer tools to help you when you feel stuck. But you are the one that’s gonna have to make the change in your life. I’m not around 24/7 nor should I be. So taking responsibility for yourself and your actions and how those
can affect people around us is important and necessary
for our progress in therapy. And number eight and finally, no judgment. Therapy is hard work, trust me, I know. Ignoring everything and
just pushing through can feel a lot easier in some ways but putting in the time and effort is the only way to start feeling better. So be patient, kind,
and gentle with yourself as you navigate your own path to recovery. You’ll be trying new tools and
techniques for communication and relationships and
those will be hard at first and you may fall back
into those old habits but just remember that you didn’t form these habits overnight so
it’s gonna take a while for you to form new ones. You’ll trip up, relapse,
and you might feel like you’re back at
square one but trust me, you are not, you have
learned more about yourself and your experience and that work that you’ve already
done will never go away. So get back up, dust yourself
off, and let’s get back at it because with the right
therapist and a lot of effort, you will reach the goals you’ve set and it can and will get better. This video has been brought to you by the Kinions on Patreon. If you would like to support the creation of these mental health videos, click the link in the
description and check it out. I hope you found that helpful. As always, leave any other tips you have for getting the most out of therapy in those comments down below because with your
experience and my expertise, we will keep working towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. And I will see you next time, bye.


  1. I respect what you're saying and see where you are coming from but I have found that for me therapy without explicit goal setting is far more beneficial.

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  5. As a therapist and someone who worked damn hard for a year in my own personal therapy, I 100% agree with everything you've said here Kati.

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  7. These past couple of weeks have been really hard for me but I can’t afford a therapist. I tried getting a job but nothing so far and when I did work I would constantly have to run to the bathroom to cry. I really want to be helped but everything is just making it seem impossible so I’m trying to help myself and there’s been so many times that I want to give up and give in to it. But my sisters and boyfriend are rooting for me and I don’t want to let them down and I want to get better for them but man I’m just tired. 15 years of pain is just to long for me to deal with especially when there’s more shit adding to it.

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  14. The treatment plan thing was interesting to me. I've never had a treatment plan with my therapist, but we work really well together. I've had her for two or three years and I see her once a week, occasionally texting her if I'm feeling really low or to update her on something (ie: i asked if i could tell her when/if i came out to my parents). We know that we're working on my anxiety, obsessive tendencies, etc, but there isn't really an A-Z plan. It works for us, though.

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  18. Hey everybody, I’ve got a question but it’s kinda off topic, I’m hoping maybe some of you will read it and someone could maybe help me anyways!
    So I’m a university student and finally after many years of debating I’ve decided to seek out help for my problems, thing is I called the contact person with center that my school is partnered with like they say to do and then she asked me if a specific time worked for me to be at the office on campus, thing though is that after hanging up I realized that it’s a center with multiple therapists and I was literally just given a time and location and I was too terrified to ask any more questions.
    My question now is would anyone have any idea of what to expect, like should I expect to be meeting with the contact person to like see how things work logistically and be like fitted to one of the multiple therapists available or will I like already have been assigned to one of them, also should I be expecting like a normal first session like the internet explains or just like logistical stuff since it is through my school
    Idk, any answers either from other therapists or from you guys’ personal experiences would be helpful, thank you!

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  22. ‪Had my first evaluation for bpd today got a psychiatrist who was constantly cutting me off not letting me speak in full to explain, trying to diagnose me as bi polar even tho i answered no to all symptoms and yes to the bpd questions he did ask me. Says because I have anxiety and depression that it is more than likely not BPD even tho I have all the symptoms. I was having such bad anxiety because i felt like something like this was ganna happen before i even went in. I just want to feel better because i’m EXHAUSTED from the constant cycle of emotions and now I feel like i’m not going to get any help through therapy.

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    What you say is absolutely true, accountability is essential to the therapy process.

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  26. This is so helpful! I just started therapy and I feel like I am having frustrating "why am I not better" thoughts. And I know I need to be patient, and continue to do my home work… but I am so quick to compare my situation to the rest of my family and question if it's not working while at the same time praising therapy.

  27. I have no idea how to ask this question. Longest story short, I want to take a load off of my dad because he basically lives solely for his mother. But she spent a lifetime making everyone around her miserable and not understanding why. Given, it's because of her childhood. I know in this situation, distance is important and also trying to emotionally detach yourself. But I don't know how I can do that and help my dad at the same time. As I've seen firsthand, family members distancing themselves from her only makes her cry to my dad more. It makes him mad at them because he feels like they should just ignore her and stick around, and he's totally reclused from everyone. It really upsets me that I can't help him. How do I even approach this appropriately? And is this a case where I should go to therapy? I mean I have other issues LOL, but I don't know how I would bring this one up when it's hardly related to me (but in my mind so important). Thank you for any suggestions and encouragement you have.

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    I have a question that I can’t quite figure out where to start.
    I’m an individual working in the field of social services and I have done a TON of good quality work on my “stuff”.
    With the current political climate and that amazing 24 hour news cycle – stuff can come up.
    The question of the day is “How do you know when your “stuff “ is just coming up because of the current climate- or you actually need to go “back to work” and start therapy again?

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  36. ive known my therapist for more than 2 years, she was referred to me through my high school and now that i’ve started college the time has come for us to terminate our sessions. And when you mentioned the part about being attached to your therapist it really struck a chord within me. She’s helped me through some of the most difficult situations i’ve ever had in my life and i’m genuinely sad because i won’t have her anymore to be able to talk to. My college offers counseling with therapists but i just don’t want to let go of my therapist because she’s absolutely amazing and has been such a big help. I guess im afraid of starting over with a new therapist because im still clinging to the relationship and bond that i have with my old one. I don’t know how to come to terms with the fact that i won’t be seeing her anymore because i believe that i still need to have sessions with her even though she thinks that i don’t need her counseling anymore

  37. I just started therapy again, I was with the same therapist for 7 years because I was young and didn’t understand what to gain from those appointments. There was no homework or real gain from the conversation most of it was me venting because I was so young I really didn’t know how therapy was supposed to work. Eventually I vetted countless therapists until I found someone that genuinely cares and gives me “homework” during each visit. It’s been more constructive than any session I’ve had & this video just confirms for me that I’m on the right path. Thank you so much.

  38. Thank you Kati! I really loved this video. I am a relatively new therapist and in my role as a medical social worker I am able to carry a small caseload of individual therapy clients. Are there any tools online that you like to use with clients and any suggestions on books or resources to help me grow as a clinician?

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    Generalized anxiety and bdp, would you recommend DBT or Behavioral Therapy?? Im confused 🤷‍♀️ thanks!

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    She was a very nice person and I liked her, but I got nothing out of sessions. 🙁
    I got discouraged for a while and stopped going, but I’m not searching again!

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  49. I think this is part of the reason why I didn't go to therapy – I don't know if I'd be willing to put the effort in that the process would require. Kati is right, it's up to us. Unfortunately, I don't know if I'm willing to get there.

  50. I knew I shouldn't have picked her based on her looks.
    She is actually really starting to piss me off because I was just in the emergency room at the VA because I had a mental break down and now she's canceling my appointments. It's ok when I'm just seeing you because I like looking at you because your beautiful but now that I need you I need you. So be there and stop cancelling my appointments. Pretty soon if she keeps playing like this I will be leaving her and going back to my old therapist.

  51. I've only seen two therapists in my life, but immediately I knew the second one was right for me. I clicked with her, we had a natural syngery – not just in the way she worked, etc, but we had chemistry. It's very important you have chemistry with your therapist, otherwise it just won't work.

  52. I just finished 2 years of twice per week therapy (that's a lot of frickin' therapy!) and I feel I only got worse. Ouch. I took a couple months off. I start with a new psychologist tomorrow. Pretty damn scared and VERY skeptical. I worry I'm too far gone to be helped. Wish me luck. I could sure use a little miracle right about now.

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  54. Therapists often relay informstion given to them with their close friends and future workmates.

    Something to consider before seeking therapy. I speak from experience.

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  58. If you need a goals and check ins you need a respite care And hopstial care. I will not be able to create my own goals if my doctor does them for me and he be rude if I know it will be or won’t be appropriate for me. Like my doctor just won’t understand that I ready can’t go out for walks up and down my street the street is a blind drive which means I can get hit by a car.

  59. I am pretty sure that my parent's therapists are mediocre and I am positive they are at least omitting a lot things and/or lying to their therapists. And it shows. Maybe I am incorrect but they seem less logical and much more difficult to be around since they started therapy. They have become convinced it is me who is actually in need of treatment (I guess it would be further treatment and for something I don't think I have.) It is incredibly frustrating. Neither of them are mental health experts and until about 3 years ago, they'd t respect the field of psychology. Now, they have transformed into something above expert in their knowledge of mental health. That is not hyperbole. My father literally told me he didn't believe the information that a mental health professional told me and that it was wrong. It felt like the laziest gaslighting one could encounter.

  60. Kati – Your right in my sessions I always have a plan by the 2nd session. Many times a therapist keeps you on line, just to make money off of their clients.

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  63. I strongly disagree with making more money off of someone by saying what comes up, it means that for instance if you are talking about a thing that happened then maybe you start talking about a different trauma that is upsetting you maybe they tackle the easier one to handle for you then the harder one.

  64. My therapist has not mentioned goal setting at all. She asked me why I was going to make sure I actually had an answer but not true goal setting.

  65. Your pretty good. My therapist is much like you. It took my several attempts to find a good one. Now that I have, I'm not looking for another. Ever!

  66. Hello. Do I need a Therapy? Anyway I can't even afford to pay for a therapist. No question about it. Probably the answer is yes but since I can't afford to get a new one so I guess will wait for a miracle to happen before my psychiatrist will open up and explain everything to me. My illness is getting worse, I hope i can reach out to someone who will be open and honest about everything I wanted to know, at least someone who can provide an a honest EXPLANATION, someone who will empathize and put themselves in my own shoes. Medication is useful but I think a therapist would be great! A combination of medicine and therapy will greatly help me improve of chances of recovery.

  67. What happened to me is more painful than suicide. If not because of medication I would not survive. I wish I just died in an accident. I don't deserve to suffer this much but I do not have any choice. People in Philippines is brutally cruel, savage and merciless. It's not my fault and I didn't do anything wrong or against the law but see I'm the one who suffered too much because of other people fault. I can't even protect myself and I can't expect no one for protection. This life is a living hell. 😭😭😭

  68. There are no wrong in wanting to get better or wishing for a mental health and wellness. I'm not asking for money but just a little help because this event is too stressful for me to handle. I'm pleading and requesting for them to stop humiliating me and make a scandalous scene but nobody even heard me or they don't want to cooperate. So the only way is to suffer. This life is too much for me to handle with all the stressful events I witnessed on internet and local media. Nobody even explain. People is evil! ☹️

  69. I was doing a search on whether talk therapy is better than medicating and found this video and i tried clicking on your link about good and bad therapist but it didnt work so i tried to find it in your playlist and i notice you have Eugenias video with Shane in your liked videos. I was thinking you looked familar too and then i realized you were in that video. You were the one telling shane how to approach her. Lol i know this is a random comment but i just thought that was kind of interesting how i come across your videos without even realizing that i had actually seen you in a video with one of my fav youtubers 😀

  70. I noticed in the videos you keep mentioning something about a workbook? What is that about or where to get one?

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