How to Get Well, Stay Well & Never Be Sick Again- Raymond Francis (Nov 2017)

all right so very fortunate tonight to have Raymond Francis here Raymond is a friend and my mentor we've probably known each other about 20 years now so I'm excited to have him here he's living in Florida now so I don't see him as much as I used to but Raymond's been called a brilliant advanced thinker and has been cited as one of the few scientists who has achieved a breakthrough understanding of health and disease I personally think it's the most comprehensive health model that expresses health in the simplest way and makes it actionable to on the cutting edge of health science Raymond is an internationally recognized leader in the field of optimal health maintenance and a pioneer in transforming our failed disease care system to a true health care system he's a chemist by training a graduate of MIT and best-selling author and a world-class speaker please welcome Raymond Francis hello everybody can somebody please I have these little Flyers can somebody please hand them out there on that chair and I'll give you a slight warning last night when I was speaking somebody spilled a glass of apple cider on my handouts so they're a little bit damaged by the apple cider that's the bad news the good news is the future on it you'll get a delightful cinnamon flavor so there's always a silver lining to the dark cloud and I thought I'd be embarrassed handing out my damaged Flyers but they are tasty yeah and i also brought copies of my latest book the great american health hoax and and i have a limited number of copies they'll be available afterwards they're $15 each and let me tell you something these make great gifts and the holidays are coming up get one for everybody on your Christmas list because you will be giving them the most precious gift of all the gift of health topic of my talk tonight isn't what I want to get across is we have a problem we have a very very big problem that problem is called the epidemic of chronic disease chronic disease is epidemic in America and it is decreasing our quality of life it is decreasing our longevity and it is increasing the national debt and threatening to bankrupt the United States government the government is on an unsustainable path within 15 years unless we do something we're going under financially and the US will become like a third-world country unable to pay its financial obligations if we look at the numbers the big 800-pound gorilla in the room is the cost of disease the economists say if we can cut the cost of disease in half we can salvage the situation and make it manageable so that needs to be our goal to it to cut the cost of disease in half and that my friends is easy to well I shouldn't say easy simple simple to do not necessarily easy because of all the political impediments and other impediments to implementing it but if we want to do this not only for yourself because if you're healthy you will feel better not only for your family because they'll have you around longer to enjoy you and not only for America so that we don't go bankrupt and and and that's going to be very unpleasant for everybody the quality of life for everyone will decrease if that happens so there are great incentives to reduce the epidemic of chronic disease and reduce our healthcare costs so we have to get on with it and it has to start with you it's not going to come from the top down it has to be a bottom-up revolution with individual people deciding that they are going to be healthy and doing that and that is a challenge because you know most people don't really think about health actively I mean and people are concerned about the health there's no question about that but they're not actively concerned about their health they're not reading books on health they're not trying to educate themselves they're not looking at everything that they eat in everything that they do in their life and trying to be as healthy as they can be most people just live their life and and don't think much about health so that's a huge impediment to solving our problems and so it's something that you need to be apostles all and talk to your friends your family your neighbors and start to get them interested in improving their health as well as you improving yours and you can be a shining example as you become healthier and healthier and healthier and more energised you can be a shining example to all of those around you so they'll say hey what are you doing well I'm trying to be healthy so health is not an active concern for most people it's a huge impediment to achieving our goals so we need to change that the change needs to start with you and you need to start taking personal responsibility we don't teach this we don't teach people we don't teach our young people that they are personally responsible for their health there is no one who is responsible for your health except you I'm not your doctor isn't nobody is you are responsible for your health no one else and however even if you decide to accept this responsibility you don't know how to do it because one nobody ever told us we were responsible and two nobody ever told us how to be responsible what to do about it so there's it's a two-step process you don't just decide well I'm gonna be responsible for my health I'm gonna educate myself and I'm gonna learn how to get well how to stay well how to never be sick again all these chronic diseases and I want to use this word very carefully there is no compelling reason why anyone should have any of these chronic diseases and I'll say that again for emphasis there is no compelling reason why any of us should have any of these chronic diseases now are there genetic diseases that are difficult to deal with absolutely yes they are true genetic diseases but you know you're talking maybe 5% of all disease the other 95% you're responsible for and if you learn to accept this responsibility learn how to execute this responsibility you can remove disease from your life and you can live a very long disease-free life now I used to be like an ordinary person I lived an ordinary life in fact I probably ate a better diet than most people and I probably avoided toxins and I probably did better than most people and yet at age 46 I was crashing I was tired fatigued dragging my tail I went to my doctor and told my doctor boy I mean just I'm really tired I just don't have energy and the doctor did thousands and thousands of dollars worth of testing and I came back for the next meeting and the doctor said you're in perfect health I said doc if I'm in perfect health how come I feel this way and he said you're getting older and I said I've never felt this way before and he said you've never been this old before the ignorance is so profound that it's just astounding this man you know I always go I'm a quality freak I want the best of everything this man was a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School that's pretty prestigious professor of medicine Harvard Medical School and he was so ignorant he didn't know that if you're tired you're really really really sick pages you're getting older instead of hey you're really really sick let's try and make you well let's try and find out why you're sick let's try and make you well so two more years passed and and by that time my tail was really really dragging and made another mistake went to see another doctor that doctor gave me diagnostic tests to which I suffered a catastrophic reaction became totally disabled went to 36 top specialists and finally the last one I went to you know all these pills they they they they look at you they measure your symptoms they come back and they give you a fancy name you tell them in English what you're experiencing and they come back with a Latin which is the same thing you just told them in English and and for that they said you were built so I went to these 36 top specialists and all they did was send a bill and come up with fancy Latin names for what I told them in English and the last one finally said who boy I can help you take this drug and I took the drug the drug poison my liver my liver died and my death was a medical certainty at the last moment I had to use my knowledge of biochemistry to save my life and then it took me two years of hard work and learning to restore myself to where I could once again function like a normal human being and after that I started asking very fundamental questions like why did I get sick why do people get sick how do people get sick how do you take a healthy person and make them a sick person if they have a sick person how do you make them a healthy person I started to get answers to these questions and the answers was so profound they just blew me away blew me away and about six months into this I realized that what we call modern medicine is essentially unscientific nonsense and worthless it doesn't work it's very expensive it's very dangerous and it's already on the way out and the faster it goes the better off we're all going to be because it's basically nonsense so anyway I started thinking about well if medicine doesn't work what does work and I started thinking well you know I cured myself anybody you know I'm a highly trained scientist and I was able to use my scientific training to help myself and to heal myself but I thought about it I said what if what if somebody else was in the same position I was in what would have happened to them well my death was a medical certainty you can be certain that other person would have died so I started thinking how do I take what I've learned and bring it to others and I've been doing that now for a few decades and I've written five books on the subject and they're all cutting-edge books and and what I've done is I've simplified things you see if we look at human health it's infinitely complex infinitely complex according to the World Health Organization there's over 12,500 diseases well name somebody who can cope with over 12,000 diseases nobody can do this nobody so if you want to help people if you want ordinary people like yourselves to be able to take charge of their health and you have something infinitely complex with thousands and thousands of diseases what do you do the answer is you have to simplify and so what I've done is I've taken all this complexity and I've cut through the mystery and I've simplified health and disease so that anybody can do it anybody can do it I teach this to 10 year olds people all over the world have bought my books with terminal illnesses I wrote a book on how to cure cancer people around the world with terminal cancer by that book cost fifteen dollars they go home they cure their cancer and it's just it's happening all the time people keep coming up to me thank you thank you thank you where I was here a couple years ago and and a guy came up to me and he said thank you thank you thank you God bless you god bless you he said I had terminal melanoma I had 26 rapidly growing tumors all over my body the doctors had Stanford told me nothing could be done I bought your book I'm totally cancer-free so you see when you empower people with simplicity they can handle it and they can do miracles for themselves I had another lady come up to me and she she came up to the podium like this and and she was saying look look look look look look look and she get up to the podium and she said look at my hands look at my hands she said I had rheumatoid arthritis and I was crippled and you cured me I didn't do anything she cured herself all you have to do is learn very simple system which I call the beyond health model which we teach to children and if you learn this model the power is so awesome you can do almost anything so in this power is available to you if you're willing to accept the responsibility too learn how to do it so what I've done is made a simple system in which there is only one disease so now we don't have to worry about thousands of diseases there's only one disease well if our doctors say that there are thousands how can I say that there's one well here it is see all of us are made of little microscopic units of life called cells a cell is a unit of life a bacterium is a single-cell organism it's a unit of life algae is a single-cell organism it's a unit of life all of us started life as one single cell in our mother so we started life as a single-cell organism and now we're multi trillion cell organisms and we think of ourselves as a body but you know that's wrong because you really aren't a body what you really are is a community of trillions of cells acting together to make you who you are the basic unit the unit of life is the cell not your body so it's all about the cells so what is disease well disease is when a cell is not functioning normally when a cell is malfunctioning now when you work one single cell on your mother if that cell was malfunctioning you were sick and it's the same thing today when you have cells that are malfunctioning you're sick and the more cells that you have that a malfunctioning the sicker you are so disease is a malfunctioning cell and there's only one disease a malfunctioning cell now so all the other diseases simply don't exist cancer doesn't exist arthritis doesn't exist diabetes doesn't exist none of them exist now it's okay for you to use those words in conversation for conversational purposes it's okay to say little johnny has a cold because that conveys to me that little johnny has the sneezies and and he's going to have a call and we know what's going on it's okay to say aunt Suzy has diabetes because now we know that she has a sugar problem a blood sugar problem so it's our right to say that so-and-so has breast cancer because now we know what they're experiencing so for conversational purposes it's alright to use these terms it is not alright to use them for treatment purposes because if you use them for treatment purposes then you believe that there is such a thing as diabetes and you're immediately defeated who can cure diabetes now who can cure cancer who can cure Alzheimer's you know you can't you can't they don't know how to do these things don't know how to do these things so you defeat yourself when you talk about who can cure colds I mean you know you defeat yourself when you'd start using these words therapeutically so start thinking completely differently you know I used to see people all the time and I lived here in California and I would know what was wrong with someone before they came through the door because I know this only one disease malfunctioning cells now the doctor doesn't know that they have to go into the doctor the doctor has to do all sorts of fancy testing and then the doctor finally comes back and says you have diabetes well what good is that and it's a useless piece of information he is just you know I knew what was wrong with people before they came through the door because if you're sick you have malfunctioning cells so what do you need to do you need to change those malfunctioning cells back into normal cells and when you do that whatever is wrong goes away diabetes disappears the Alzheimer's disappears the cancer disappears it's so simple so all you have to do is restore the cells to normal function and whatever is wrong goes away isn't that nice so if you start to incorporate this kind of thinking in into your mind that there is only one disease then you're on the way to winning well if a cell malfunctions why is it malfunctioning there's only two reasons just two either it's not getting everything it needs to function properly which we call deficiency or it is getting things that are interfering with its normal machinery normal communications screwing up things we call that toxicity so this one disease malfunctioning cell there's two causes of disease deficiency and toxicity this is the essence of this very simple simple system and once you incorporate that into your thinking the power is awesome because otherwise disease is very mysterious very mysterious very complicated nobody can deal with it your doctor can't deal with it so you're lost you're done if you're sick you're done I mean nobody can help you all the doctor does is suppress your symptoms at great expense great economic expense and also great expense to your body so let's say you have high blood pressure and the doctor says well I'll give you a pill and so they give you a pill that poisons your kidneys and lowers your blood pressure or they give you a pill that poisons your heart lowers your blood pressure poisons your nervous system lowers your blood pressure and you say success my blood pressure's down well no you're being poisoned to death and by the time you're on three drugs there isn't anybody on the planet who knows what's going on in your body your body is now in biochemical chaos so if there's only two causes of disease deficiency and toxicity and you're taking poison you're adding to toxicity so you're making yourself sicker and sicker and sicker and by the time you're on three drugs you're in biological chaos and health is when your cells are functioning normally disease is when your cells are in chaos so modern medicine keeps people sick makes them sicker and kills them the leading cause of death in the United States is medical intervention medical intervention kills about a million people a year what other industry would be allowed to do that you know I just flew out here from Florida what if the airline industry killed over a milli people a year who would fly I'd drive out I wouldn't fly yet doctors kill over a million people a year and people go to their doctor and think nothing of it think twice so that's the situation and and people are making wrong decisions all you have to do is keep your cells functioning normally and if they're not restore them to normal function and there are different approaches to doing this and I call the six pathways the six pathways the first pathway is the nutrition pathway you have to deliver to the cell all of the raw materials it needs every day that's your job you are delivering the groceries you're a grocery delivery person that's your job and if you don't do that you're gonna be sick if you are chronically short even one essential nutrient you will eventually get sick so your job is to deliver the groceries so that's the nutrition pathway and there are certain foods that you absolutely have to get out of your life because they're so deadly and so dangerous sugar is number one sugar is a deadly metabolic poison deadly deadly poison get it out of your life totally and completely out of your life you know the biggest problem with sugar is that when you eat it you do not immediately fall over dead because if you did you wouldn't need it again and because you don't fall over dead you continue to eat it and every time you eat it it does more permanent damage and by doing this permanent damage it ages you makes you older so every time you eat sugar you get older well getting old is an enormous mistake an enormous mistake and we are accelerating the aging process every time you eat sugar so get it out of your life get the wheat out of your life wheat is a deadly poison get it out of your life get the dairy out of your life get the processed oils out of your life processed oils go to the supermarket get down the aisle with the oils look at all those oils all of those oils will kill you so don't buy them don't eat them then walk down a little bit there's our salad dressings made with those same oils those kill you too but it's just a side effect so if you don't mind dying from them so okay so I call them the big four the big four sugar wheat dairy processed oils get them out of your life that's a big big step forward and then more fresh vegetables organically grown fresh vegetables and you are so blessed here in the Bay Area where you have easy access to organically grown fresh vegetables I live in Florida which is a wasteland there's there's no food in Florida at all and here you are blessed with easy access to good food so the next is the toxin pathway there are three things you have to do with the toxin pathway look we're all toxic waste dump sites were over the top absolutely over the top and toxins are now a major cause of disease we're measuring people now with certain toxins that are exceed what we know causes disease in animals so the average person is a toxic dump site it is causing disease you have to stop that first thing you have to do is stop putting toxins in learn where they are and my books I have I have whole chapters on toxins learn where the toxins are stop putting them into your body you want to reduce your pesticide load get rid of the meat the dairy in your life you just reduced your pesticide load by 80% how easy was that you have to reduce the amount of toxins you're putting in number two you have to support your body's detoxification system so you need to give raw materials again from your diet from supplements to support the detoxification pathways so the body is able to get rid of toxins vitamin C very important to the liver detoxification you need adequate amounts of vitamin C everyday number three you have to get rid of existing toxins that are already stored in your body and for that you have to sauna on a regular basis saunas are now a household necessity and it is no longer a choice as to whether you want to do them or not you must do them or you will be sick so we're now over the top and toxic load hundreds and hundreds of toxins all bio accumulated in our bodies and getting up to concentrations where they are so screwing up cell function that we're all getting sick from them the only way we know how to reliably get rid of these oil soluble toxins is with a sauna so you need to start sauntering on a regular basis and you need to learn how to do it and I explained how to do it in my books so there's your three things with the toxins stop putting the toxins in support nutritionally support the detoxification pathways and three get rid of stored toxins with saunas the next is the mental pathway and the mental pathway is more important than any of the others put together because the mental includes the spiritual and just as everything you put into your body everything you drink which you breathe in what you eat all these things have an enormous impact on your health but your thoughts also have an enormous impact on your health and so you not only have to police what goes into your mouth you have to police what goes into your mind we know in these well done studies good thoughts produce good results and bad thoughts produce bad results and I once worked with a lady who had had a very bad very bad divorce 20 years prior and she now had cancer and every day for the last 20 years she relived that divorce she ran that movie reran that movie over and over again every day in her mind for the last 20 years so every time she ran that movie again she put stress on herself those same stress chemicals coming out now she had cancer so good thoughts loving thoughts caring thoughts have a very beneficial effect on health and anger and resentment and say all these other negative thoughts have a very bad impact on health and your connection to spirit the ultimate power in the universe has a very powerful impact on health so that's the mental pathway and next is the physical pathway and one of the most important things in the physical pathway is movement movement is life you cannot have life without movements and if you are not moving you're dying so you either have to start moving or you're just going to die and here's why see there are three things you have to do with the cell one you have to deliver to the cell all the things it needs to function properly and that's the nutrition part two you have to keep the cell free of toxins that interfere with its normal function but three you to move and stretch the cell because when you move and stretch the cell you facilitate the delivery of nutrients and you facilitate the removal of toxins and so we're right back into deficiency and toxicity and that's why movement is essential now historically we didn't have to worry about that because historically we all did something called work there are still a few people who do work but for the rest of us we have to do the dreaded keyword and and that is an evil word ad job and people have all kinds of excuses to avoid that evil it's raining out it's it's too warm out it's too cold out I don't want to go out I don't want to get dressed there are all kinds of reasons why we avoid the dreaded a word but there's a way to cheat and that's what's something called a rebounder and again I talked about that in my books even 20 minutes a day on a rebound on a good rebounder will give you the movement that you need to keep yourselves in good health so and then the next pathway is the genetic pathway and here this huge huge misunderstanding people think that their genes run everything that genes were on their life and and and you're going to have genes that predispose you to cancer or diabetes or whatever and you're gonna get these things that's just nonsense because that's not the way it works there are genes you know your computer has what we call an operating system well you have an operating system two runs in the background keeps everything running about 30% of your genes are the operating system the other 70% of the genes just sit there and don't do anything until you ask them to do something so they're like you know you have the operating system on the computer and then you have all these other programs all computer now you have a word processing program when you click on it you can do all kinds of word processing but you have to click on it and then tell it what you want it to do the genes are the same way you have to click on the gene and tell it what you want it to do and then it doesn't so if you have a cancer gene one gene the predisposes you to cancer and you go to the gene and you say oh please give me cancer the gene is an obedient servant and we'll give you all the cancer you want and then when you have all the cancer you want you'll become very very unhappy and if you're really that unhappy stop asking the gene is a servant it does what you ask of it so how do we ask well the biochemical environment that we create inside the cell is what gives signals to the genes that and our thoughts and other things gives signals to the genes that tell the genes what to do so we have to be careful about the signals that we give to the genes so you have to have a good biochemical environment in your cell and they are again we come into deficiency and toxicity you have to make sure the cell has what it needs and it's not toxic because you know what the toxins in the cell give funny signals to the genes so if you have toxins and your cells giving funny signals to the genes you're out of control body's out of control so we have to be careful genetically to be sure that we're giving proper signals to the genes we have to keep the genes and good repair genes get damaged every single day every moment of every day they're getting damaged but you have all these repair mechanisms to keep them in good repair however if you are deficient in repair materials or your toxicity is shutting down the repair machinery those genes are going to stay damaged and when the cell replicates you're going to have damaged genes and you're going to continue to accumulate more and more and more damage with time and that's how we age that's how we go out of control that's how we get sick so you have to take care of your dreams make sure they're getting all the repair materials they need make sure that you don't have toxins that are interfering with the repair process and the the final pathway is the medical pathway and in there you have to be really really careful because the the medical thing confuses us you know we we see the miracles of medicine and there are true miracles and medicine but the true miracles are pretty much confined to a couple of areas trauma care and crisis intervention we're about 15% of medicine the other 85% of medicine is basically nonsense and and it doesn't work and so you've got to be really really careful when you when you interact with the medical profession our doctors are now and get went wrong our doctors are amazing people they're wonderful people they're caring people you know I was in the army and we had medics in the Army and medics are not MDS but they're highly trained professionals and and these people you know if someone was injured they would be the first to run to them and to their aid and and they would risk their lives they'd risk their life to go help somebody else who's injured and they try to stop the flow of blood and they play too they try to comfort them these are good people so our medical people for the most part not all but for the most part are good people they're caring people and and they take risks to help others the problem with our medical doctors is that these very good people make the biggest mistake of their life and they go to medical school where they are taught essentially 85% of what they're taught is unscientific nonsense and then they're cut loose on the general population to practice unscientific nonsense well it doesn't work and that's why people stay sick that's why they get sicker that's why the costs keep increasing and that's why quite a medical intervention is the leading cause of death so be careful the medical so those are the six pathways learn to master the six pathways there's one disease there's two causes of disease there's six pathways to disease this is a simple system that if you learn to master it you can keep yourself healthy now here at age 48 I almost died my death was a certainty I'm now age 80 and I have boundless energy I never get sick in the last 32 years I've had three health problems I had three colds and 32 years I had three colds and I have a very good excuse for each cold there's no excuse for having a cold it's totally irresponsible and it ages you you don't want to get old you don't want to get old I have the arteries of a 22 year old so my probability of having a heart attack or stroke is that of a 22 year old not an 8 year old I'm cancer proof so you can make yourself disease proof you need to reduce your biological agency we have no control over our chronological age every year on our birthday we got a year older but we do have control over a biological age and it is extremely important that you keep your biological age substantially younger than your chronological age we're not doing this few years ago we did a study of 10 year olds the average age biologically was 45 so when you're measuring 10 year olds who are 45 years olds what are these kids gonna be when they're 50 you know maybe dead this is the first generation of American children that will not live longer than their parents because they are so old and so sick I've got a friend a doctor who works with aging he measures 30 year olds who are 80 years old see we got it turned around you want to measure an 80 year old who's biologically 30 not a 30 year old who's biologically 80 so we're out of control here and we've lost control of the repair process you see the body is a self repairing system unlike your car your car just wears out and you have to keep replacing parts you don't wear out you're a self repairing system so all the wear and tear you put on you every day you go to bed at night gets repaired you're as good as new in the morning only we're not because we aren't giving ourselves the repair materials and we're poisoning the repair machinery and so because we don't have the repair materials and the machinery isn't working right you wake up in the morning with a repair deficit you haven't repaired all the wear and tear from that day and then tomorrow another repair deficit and the next day another repaired deficit and pretty soon you need a hip replacement or a knee replacement or you know pretty soon you're falling apart for lack of repair and you're getting older and older and older and older instead of younger you have to go back into the repair mode and start becoming younger if you do it right almost anybody can be 10 years younger in one year the best I've ever done I had one man who became 20 years younger in one year so you've got to start working at it you got to start somewhere you've got to start becoming biologically younger and keep your biological age under your chronological age and that's how we live longer live happier don't lose function as we age and we don't run up the bills so problem solved and all you have to do is take personal responsibility and learn how to take care of yourselves and when you do this we all win you win your family wins America wins and it's not that difficult to do and my books are gonna be available for $15 I'll take any questions do I have time for questions what am i doing on time that clock is wrong oh okay well it didn't fall back ah justice justice just tests I think we have a question here or you get a question okay good yeah I'd like your opinion on coconut oil and butter especially grass-fed no hormonal antibiotic cow butter uh-huh okay here a lot of negatives about oil you you said don't touch all but I'm just wondering what you think about coconut oil good coconut oil and again not easy to find I make my own by the way and it's available on my website good coconut oil is a very healthy food and and good butter is a very healthy food both are difficult to find but they're healthy foods of course like anything don't do them to excess but they're healthy foods how do you measure biological age how do you measure biological age well there are different approaches for one thing there is uh as you may know the little ends of your chromosomes called telomeres I've ever heard to tell them here's well the length of your telomeres as in the indicator of your age and as you age the telomeres get shorter and shorter and shorter and finally they get so short everything unravels and you die so the length of your telomeres is one indicator of age there are hormone measurements that indicate age there are other biological chemicals that enter we measure my arteries by using something called a Doppler ultrasound test and and that listens basically what it does is it listens for noise in your arteries then well clog your arteries are the more noisy they become and also measures the elasticity of your arteries if you're young your arteries are elastic if you're old your arteries are hardened so by listening for the noise and measuring the elasticity you can come out with a calculation as to the age of the arteries and so there are different approaches to measuring biological age and but that people are doing a lot of this now regularly to measure a biological age can you talk a little bit about stress if I have a job I lose my job I become very stressful I cannot find a job this will affect my health so can you talk a little bit about how to deal with stress how to deal with stress well you're absolutely correct stresses we live in a stressful society they've measured in Los Angeles people driving on the freeway in rush hour they have just as much stress on them as astronauts blasting off for the moon that's a lot of stress so we live in a stressful society and stress is a killer and how to stress kill well there's only two causes of disease deficiency and toxicity so when you put stress on yourself it produces stress hormones and stress chemicals in the body and the production of these stress chemicals uses up precious nutrients and causes deficiency and then when these stress chemicals build up to high levels they themselves have a toxic effect the body so stress kills through deficiency and toxicity the best way I know well first of all the dreaded E word exercise is a good way to get stress levels down but meditation is really super super so if you don't know how to meditate go to classes learn how to meditate meditate for at least 20 minutes a day and what that does is it gets your stress levels down so even though you're putting more stress on now in the old days I had a very stressful job you know I was there was years when I was a turnaround corporate turnaround expert and you go into a corporation that is dying and you have to turn that corporation around and make it healthy again and you have to fire people and you have to hire people and you've got I mean done and and your reputation depends on whether or not you're successful and if you're not successful you may not get another job very very very stressful and I got to tell you there were weeks that at the end of the week I was just wired I had a place on a mountain up in New Hampshire and I'd Drive up to New Hampshire on a Friday night and it wouldn't be till Monday morning when I was my stress levels were back down again and then by the end of the week I'd be wired again absolutely wired it's a killer so but if you meditate say even 20 minutes a day if you meditate what you do is you pull that level down you see every every day my level my stress levels are getting higher and higher and the stress chemicals for getting higher and higher but if you bring that down every day then it never gets up to this excessive level to where you're really wired so meditation and exercise are two really fabulous ways to deal with that more questions so my grandson fell off his bike and he got cut here from the handlebar that didn't have a thing on it this was just two days ago and so he got stitches and they gave him an antibiotic cream okay now I had a cut that was probably two or three times longer and and it was deeper and I used turmeric jammed in there and I have no scar you can barely see anything yes okay so mmm we have two questions number one well that antibiotic cream affect his microbiome has got bacteria and it's as topical and number two you know this this is total hypothetical but do you think I mean it was by his mouth so it seems and he's only four and a half so it seems like it would have been difficult to keep the tumeric in there and it's you know he already has the stitches now but anyway what do you have to say well it is possible that that would affect his microbiome but hardly anybody in America gets that old before they've had an antibiotic orally never had any well god bless never ever ever allow him to have any he's probably okay I mean I don't know but he's probably okay from affecting the microbiome because I don't think that the exposure was sufficient enough to have a major effect on the microbiome so that's just a guess but he's probably okay and and god bless his parents and you for keeping him healthy in a way antibiotics and one of the biggest blunders in the history of world they rank up with vaccinations as two of the biggest blunders in the history of the world so I'm thinking now so this is day two or three and I'm thinking because I was thinking well wait till the stitches they said five days till the stitches dissolve and I was thinking wait till it's closed but I didn't wait till it was closed on my leg so maybe start putting tumeric they sure yeah sure okay thank you more questions my question is so what's your take on a ketone diet on the Wichita eatin you eat more fat than like a 70% fat and then 20% carb and 10% protein I don't have any problem with it I think it's perfectly okay but you know there are so many diets people all over the world have thrived on many diets Eskimos eat a different diet than South Sea Islanders and Southey Islanders eat a different diet than Australian bush people and Australian bush people eat a different diet than desert nomads and so humans have thrived on quite a varied diet so it's hard to say what's best but if we look at all these diets and try to find well what's a common denominator or the common denominator is they're all eating real food there are home heating food that nature produces and they're eating it fresh and they're not eating any sugar is the absence of sugar and the absence of processed foods so the most important thing to do is not eat processed foods not eat sugar not eat the big four and then you know fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds and you know I'm I'm it's it's hard to say what's the best diet for a human being and we're all different and we've thrived on different diets so if somebody wants to go on that particular diet well god bless no it's okay but stay away from the big four stay away from the bad stuff get the sugar out of your life and that's it I can't repeat that often enough it's a such a deadly poison yeah I was listening to dr. Joel Wallach the dead doctors don't lie doctor not too long ago and he was telling a story about how Jerry Lewis brought the Muscular Dystrophy Association the cure for muscular dystrophy and they fired him oh and they didn't and they didn't put it out they don't want any cures they just want the research money cuz that that's correct there's no reason for any of these people the Heart Association the Cancer Association the Diabetes Association there's no reason for any of these people to want to cure because if there's a cure they're out of business I do not give a dime to cancer research because it's all wasted linus pauling once said most cancer research is a fraud and it's a jobs program to keep people employed and they just go round and round and round in circles and they keep announcing great breakthroughs and great discoveries and and which never pan out but they keep announcing new ones to keep you going they're really not doing anything that that will solve the problems and and they don't want to because you all these people will be unemployed and the bottom line is we already know how to cure camp so so you don't need to spend another dime on research because I already know how to do it so I'd like to dig into that sugar come in a little bit at the cellular level in the mitochondria in the metabolic cycle a glucose atom is split in the first step so it has to have glucose T and it generates ATP and with maybe 10 or 12 other steps ATP is the the energy molecule that runs everything right and it runs on both sugar and fructose both that that's part of the cycle if you take a look at the biochemical pathways so I don't sugar staying away from sugar if somebody literally said that they never heed any any fruit they'd have to stay away from a lot of vegetables because they're sugar and vegetables the tell you can you please be careful to define what you mean by sugar yeah well the commercial definition of sugar is refined sugar now chemically sugar is a type of sugars the whole family of sugars or type of molecule but in in commerce sugar is refined sugar and that's what I'm talking about is refined sugar I'm not talking about the sugar and an apple or a banana that's okay because the sugar in the fruit is combined with the fiber and it's not very bioavailable so the sugar will come out and become bioavailable over a period of time it doesn't immediately become bioavailable like refined sugar and you get the big insulin spike now that's why you can't drink fruit juices because if you make fruit juice you make the sugar immediately bioavailable so drinking orange juice is a really bad idea fruit juice is a really bad idea now eating fruit is okay but if fruit juice is not because you've made the sugar too bioavailable and the problem with refined sugar is that it is immediately bioavailable and and then you get the insulin spike there was one researcher once it was asked is there a single key to disease and the researcher thought for a moment and he said well I don't know but if there is a single key to disease its insulin because when you make your insulin go up and here again this is why sugar is such a deadly poison and why it ages you when you make your insulin goes up this triggers an enormous amount of biochemistry all of its detrimental and so insulin is a killer you need to keep your insulin under control and you do that by not eating refined sugars or highly bioavailable sugar and that means you shouldn't be eating white potatoes and and and and grains grains alike eating sugar because grains are made of starches well starches are sugar molecules that are stuck together and in the digestive system the the digestion system unsticks them so all those sugar molecules become immediately bioavailable so grains are bad for you humans were never designed or intended to eat grains and when we started eating grains health just went to heck in a hand basket and it's still going down so however half of all the food in the world today is grains so if we all stopped eating grains everybody starved to death but I don't eat grains I'm very very very little I have some but very little in my diet I basically do not eat grain so I eat no bread whatsoever bread is made of wheat and of course wheat is a deadly poison so you don't want to do that more questions who raised your hand first you made some comment early on about medicine maybe medicine the practice of medicine changing I don't remember exactly what you said but I'm hearing that a lot of doctors are bailing on the current medical system and becoming like functional doctors or integrative doctors and I heard an interview with doctor Mark Hyman once say he thinks within 15 years the practice of medicine will be so transformed that we won't even recognize it I think that would be a good thing but do you have any a sense of is there that much change going on in the system well I think Mark is being a little optimistic on that he's very gung-ho on the subject I think he's being a little optimistic on how fast the change will happen but basically what we call allopathic medicine is about a hundred years old I evade ik medicines about 6,000 years old Chinese medicines about 5,000 years old allopathic medicines of a hundred years old it's already on the way out because it's basically stupid and it doesn't work and it's very dangerous and a few years ago the National Academy of Sciences the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences with pretty prestigious issued a report and said that the medicine we have is now so far behind the science that it is impossible to bring it up to date and it said that we have to take the medicine we have and discard it and start over and my books start over this is a whole new system of medicine with one disease and two causes of disease so we need to start over but in the meantime you have to understand that the medicine being practiced by most physicians is a pretty stupid form of medicine and it's on the way out so be really really really careful don't allow yourself to be damaged by it where did we ever get the idea that we can help a sick person if we give them poison now and a prescription drug is a toxic chemical in other words it's a poison that is specifically designed to poison some aspect of your body chemistry in order to suppress a symptom and you do suppress the symptom where you lower your cholesterol wonderful right yeah but your liver is being poisons and and you're gonna get cancer and you're gonna get diabetes and you're gonna destroy your brain and you're going to destroy your muscles and you're gonna lower your immunity but those are just side effects so it's a pretty stupid system but it makes enormous amounts of money and the drug companies have enormous power because they have so much money and I think Mark is being a little bit optimistic about the 15 years because there are billions of billions of dollars betting against him it you you said something about vaccinations earlier yes and I was asked a couple of times by two different doctors in the last couple of weeks did you have the flu shot yet and I said no I don't believe in flu shots so is that the right attitude that I have yes god bless you flu shots don't work in fact there there are some studies that show if you have a flu shot your risk of getting the flu actually increases and and every flu shot will do permanent damage to your so you're permanently damaging your body permanently damaging your immunity permanently damaging your nervous system in exchange for little or no protection whatsoever from the flu and maybe even increasing your risk of getting the flu so is that a good deal I don't think so so you're pretty smart your your common sense is working for you keep it up yeah a question of bread you said you don't have you don't eat bread right but is there any safe healthy bread on the market like I see dr. Dave's killer bread for example it's all organic grains and well nothing bad and it's supposedly yeah nothing bad and supposedly but when you when you go back to basics that human beings are not designed to eat grains and should not eat grains well that answers the question yeah we're not the body's not designed to eat grains I have a question since you mentioned vaccine I'm just wondering about the attitudes of the people here how many people here did not have a flu shot how many people here didn't have a flu shot how many people did have it right well I understand you need to find a friendly doctor who signed off on it you know it's amazing I go around the country I was in where was I I was in Minneapolis st. Paul lecturing and we talked about vaccinations and and afterwards this group of women came up to me and they said thank you for saying the things that you said we don't vaccinate our children we have a doctor who signs off and says that they're vaccinated but we don't vaccinate the kids and guess what when a flu epidemic goes through the school our kids are the only ones that don't get the flu and so you know there are various ways of approaching it it's but it it's it's a tragedy it's a tragedy that they are forcing you to do harm to yourself in order to keep your job I think it's unconstitutional any more questions is the main problem with dairy the hormones given to the cows as is their you know it's dairy okay if they're you know grass-fed or buffalo meat okay is the main problem with dairy the hormones given to the cows no the main problem with dairy is the dairy you have to understand what milk is milk is mother nature's perfect food but it is the perfect food for the infant of a specific species each milk is biochemically unique for that species for the need of the infant of that species so you there are two things you can't do you can't cross species feed because you're not addressing the needs and you can't feed milk after weaning so you can't feed milk to the adult of the species because the milk is very specific to the needs of the infant of the species and you'll make the adult sick so nowhere in nature does one species drink the milk of another species except for the crazy humans who do that and nowhere in nature does the adult of the species drink milk except for the crazy humans and there are good biological reasons for that but when you come to cow milk you see the cow milk is loaded with growth hormones and that's a real problem all by itself because you know it's one thing if you have a kitten drinking mother's milk the kittens gonna grow to a cat but you know it's not that much bigger than the kitten but you've got a 50-pound calf that's going to become a 1500 pound cow you need a load of growth hormone to make that calf grow up into the big cow so cow milk is loaded with growth hormone that's okay to make the calf grow but if you give growth hormone to an adult and you keep signaling the body to grow grow grow grow well guess what you'll grow but then we call it a tumor but that's only a side effect so it's nothing to worry about if you don't mind having tumors and ice cream from my observations ice cream is probably the single largest cause of prostate cancer for example because of the enormous amount of growth hormone in it so you stay away from Dairy I mean it is that now there are safe ways for example you know yogurt real yogurt is a healthy food because the the bugs have transformed the the molecules and done a lot of chemistry so yogurt made from like goat milk or sheep milk or something like that not cow milk it's a decent food the problem is trying to find it and you can't find it it has to come from healthy animals and and with good bugs and hard to find so the Queen Elizabeth eats yogurt but she imports hers from Romania flies it in from Romania because there's no yogurt in the United Kingdom so you might give her a call see if you could get some of her stash and yeah somebody was asking about bread earlier so I want to mention there's something you could buy that's made from Kenmore kid no bread that's not grain quinoa R is not a grain you're absolutely correct and they have that at the health foods and and has been traditionally a healthy food the ancient Incas lived quite well on quinoa and so yeah that's an option yeah so I buy it at country Sun if you know where that is on California Avenue and since I'm gluten sensitive I found out one time I had a blood test and that I was gluten sensitive so that's why I've been eating the quinoa but it's very good if species don't cross over with milk and yogurt made from cow milk is not good why is sheep and goat milk okay for yogurt because the chemistry is very different for example the chemistry of cow's milk the proteins in cow's milk are radically different from human milk radically different from human milk so a human being has a very difficult time processing cow milk goat milk is the chemistry of goat milk is much closer to the chemistry of human milk and it's much easier for the body to process so well a same thing it the yogurt is if you make it from the goat milk if you can't make it from the cows milk what about amorous and Tess well amaranth and TIFF are healthier grains than wheat and and certainly the gluten grains like like rye and barley however they're still grains and humans were never designed to eat grains so however you know again half of all the food in the world Graeme's so if you want to have a little bit of toughen a little bit of amaranth in your diet and and go ahead what about g GH ee d ee ya g h ee yes if it's organic and comes from a good source sure it's a it's a key is perfectly acceptable in the diet and of course as you know it has a wonderful buttery flavor so if you want to add a buttery flavor to something Aggie is very acceptable what about cheese cheese well again do I have cheese if I have a reception at my home you know people like cheese and crackers they love their cheese and crackers I'll buy some organic goat cheese and and serve that to guests and I'll even eat some of it a little bit of it so but again if it's made from cows milk absolutely no if it's made from like sheep milk or goat milk or buffalo milk or something you can you can have some in moderation it's okay you know it that the whole thing is when you follow what I teach none of us can be perfect our world is too screwed up none of us can be perfect and you don't have to be perfect you don't have you don't have to be a fanatic you don't have to go crazy here's the bottom line most of us do most things wrong most of the time and it's killing us turn it around do most things right most of the time and it will be like a miracle you don't have to be perfect you don't have to be a fanatic just do most things right simple what about keither kefir again it depends on the source kefir is okay because the again the bacteria alter the the composition of the molecules and so if it comes from a good source but again not from cows not from cows hi you mentioned earlier your on your conversation about starches and you know how they're not good for you what is your opinion about prebiotics and cold starches like cold rice for example as a prebiotic and the beneficial qualities of that well you know people are packaging and selling prebiotics now we all eat prebiotics we call it food and now people are taking specific molecules out of the food and putting it in bottles and selling it as prebiotics some of them work I'm not against them I think it's perfectly okay but some of them you have to be careful of to use only for a short term and not for a long term because if you use some long term you can actually cause the overgrowth of things you don't want to over grow so but prebiotics can be very helpful and in certain cases so oK we've got to wrap it up for Raymond here so let's give him a round of applause [Applause]


  1. If cancer research is fraud and keep people employed.. y do u make money through selling books . U should give for free..

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  3. I've been on a wellness path for decades and I agree with a lot of what this man is saying but what I find with some people who recommend getting rid of all meat and dairy is that they do not differentiate between commercial (CAFO) Big Ag meat and dairy and small, local, organic grass-fed meat and dairy. There is a big difference between commercial meat and dairy and organic, grass-fed meat and dairy. I've made many changes that have positively impacted my health such as absolutely no grains or starches, many more green veggies (sometimes as smoothies), no processed food, and absolutely no sugar. The no sugar or starches thing was a big hurdle because I had to learn to make a lot of everyday items. I make my own Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, mayo, sweet and sour dipping sauces, etc. I also do not use processed foods. I make everything from scratch. But I do use organic grass-fed meat and dairy with no ill effects.  I am generally taken for 15 to 20 years younger than I am. I do believe that each person is responsible for finding out what path works best for them. I have friends who are vegetarian and vegan and that path works best for them. Other people can consume ancient grains with no problem. For some people Keto works best and for others Paleo works best. So each person has to do the work for themselves. One size does not fit all. I take a shot glass of homemade fire cider 4 to 5 times a week and have never had the flu and I never get the flu shot. The other issue is that politicians keep talking about healthcare reform but these same politicians seem to do nothing when it comes to holding Big Ag food manufacturers accountable for GMOs, toxic additives, and the ruination of our entire food system.

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    The very best overall treatment for anxiety and stress is to SOLVE your problems that are causing the stress in the first place. For the lady who was stressed about losing the job, you very simply must get another job, even if only temporary until you find the optimal job. That is the very best way to reduce that stress. As someone who suffers from anxiety, it flares up when you feel out of control of your life. When you take responsibility for your health, happiness and all your necessities, the anxiety reduces. Of course this is the ultimate solution. In the short-term, you have several techniques that help such as exercising and meditation which will reduce cortisol and in the middle of an attack, "bundling" (tightly wrapping up, usually in a soft, warm blanket – which mimics the feeling of safetly felt when in the womb and when swaddled), walking at a steady, around the block or around the house if necessary (such as if it's nighttime) but not at a fast pace (this steady walking naturally and automatically corrects and balances your breathing pattern which dramatically reduces the light-headedness), breathing deeply and slowly (also affects lightheadedness and heart rate), remembering that a panic attack will not kill you and will peak at about 10 minutes and start to subside, chanting a soothing phrase (e.g. "this too shall pass"), etc. Magnesium also drastically helps reduce anxiety. I have not had a panic attack since I started taking magnesium!

  11. Thank you for this great information, this makes me think about back in the early 70s there wasn’t all these pesticides we had more organic food. People were healthier and most people were skinny or thin not too many people overweight. Now everything is toxic and pesticides are killing us. All I can do is do the best I can do to be healthy. Out of greed man has ruined everything.

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