How To Get Your Veggies In

hi everybody it’s Denise back with Keto
with Denise and today I’ve got a treat for you I get so many questions about
how in the world can I get in seven to ten cups of veggies a day because
remember that’s what I say a lot that we need to get in our veggies for the
micronutrients you need that for your minerals so you don’t want to skimp that
when you’re doing healthy keto that’s one of the key components of following
this journey is to make sure you get your veggies in so today I’m gonna show
you a quick way to drink your veggies I know I get tired of chilling salad
sometimes so I’ve switched it up and I use this recipe I’m about to share with
you to make sure I get in some good veggies so we’re gonna start with it’s
my spinach blueberry smoothie and you’re going to love it I get so many people
telling me how they love this smoothie and I hope you will too as a matter of
fact I want you to when you try it just make a comment on this video and let me
know how you liked it okay so let me tell you what the ingredients are first
I’ve got two cups of spinach now I like to do three cups because again I’m after
that 7 to 10 cups of veggies so I have an extra cup because I plan to drink
this when I’m done so 2 cups of spinach I have 1/4 cup of blueberries now I will
do a couple of extra blueberries in it just because I like that flavor you
don’t have to but if you want to throw a little bit in just remember now you’re
getting in a few carbs when you’re doing blueberries but it’s still good I have
one scoop of protein powder this is a plant base this is all I use this plant
base and I recommend you do the same all the other types have different things in
them that we don’t want to put in our bodies so this is a plant-based protein
powder I’ve got one tablespoon of MCT oil you can use avvocato oil coconut oil
you could use olive oil if you want to as well both all of those work I like
the MCT oil because it is flavorless and that’s really important because if you
use coconut oil it’s going to change the flavor
I didn’t like it I tried it but I just didn’t like it so I stick to MCT oil
because there is no taste with that I’ve got a cut 1 and 1/4 cup of almond milk
this is unsweetened original flavor almond milk I know there’s a lot of
almond milks out there lots of cars lots of sugar in some of them but this is
unsweetened and organic everything I try to use is organic grass-fed etc and a
little bit of ice because I want that extra smoothie taste so we’re just gonna
put everything together now let me say this if you want to take a little bit
more fat than what you’re going to get from the MCT oil a little secret for you
add a little bit of heavy whipping cream 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream will go
a long way and getting in some great fat because I use this as a meal replacement
too if I’m not hungry in the evenings and I haven’t gotten in all of my
veggies this is a great go to or in the mornings if you’re starting out and
you’re doing your three meals a day this is a good meal with some great fat you
will not get hungry if you’re going to add a little bit of extra fat that’s the
heavy whipping cream option or an avocado this is a great option and it
gives it a smoother flavor even or taste when you’re using the avocado so those
are a couple of things you can do people have asked me do I have to use
blueberries no you don’t you can use other berries you can use raspberries I
have someone who swears by the fact that the raspberries are the bomb and using
this recipe and some used strawberries and some have used blackberries so mix
it up try it for yourself and see how you like it
how are you ready I’m just gonna take handfuls of these and remember this is 2
cups of spinach I’ve went 3 because remember I’m drinking this when I’m done
so I’m gonna do it the way that I do it but in the recipe it’ll say two cups of
spinach so you want to follow along with that that’s ok too
ok so let’s do that I’m just going to pour my almond milk in there get that
out of the way all I’m doing is just taking everything that I told you we
have in terms of recipes and I like to move stuff
out of my way when I’m in the kitchen so let’s put that in there put the I like
to use all my protein and this protein that I’m using just check your protein
remember it is plant-based I get about 15 grams of protein so you don’t want to
do too much protein we’ve talked about that in other videos so just make sure
you’re following your macro targets for the day as you are using this and then
I’m just gonna pump it in there you see how simple it is you’ve got a home
blender that you can use I like to keep the lid on things so I’m just going to
go ahead and tell it I’ve got it plugged in and I’m going to set it on the option
that I want I’m gonna pause right here because you
can determine how liquidy you want your smoothie some people like them really
really thick and like my sister she likes some super thick I don’t I like it
a little thinned out so I’m gonna go a couple of more seconds not gonna try to
talk over the noise but I may make some gestures about this because this is so
good let’s try it again now simple as that didn’t take me five
minutes I just grabbed all of my recipe all my ingredients put them aside I’ll
go ahead and take that off take the lid off and let’s get ready to enjoy so
remember you’re getting in two cups of veggies and if you’re like me you got
three cups right there with just the spinach and of course it’ll make a
little bit more than your my 16-ounce glass and guess what I’m gonna drink
this when I go off camera because I don’t waste anything but I just want you
to see the consistency of it again you can make it as thick as you want but
Cheers that is really good now one thing I did
forget to tell you this is almond milk vanilla so it already has a nice vanilla
flavor to it but if you really want to take this up a notch add a dash of
vanilla I think I put that in the recipe sometimes I use it sometimes I don’t
it’s only half a teaspoon by the way and it you know doesn’t change it too much
but it really does make it you know taste like that that extra smoothie
flavor so I’m gonna go ahead and end it here go ahead if you haven’t already
subscribed to this channel and comment let me know how you like this smoothie
just send the notes in the bottom and I’ll tell you what continue to enjoy
thanks for watching


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