How to give an IV Push Medication

all right what we're going over now is giving an IV push medication if you're giving an IV push medication you're in need three syringes one to flush one to give the medication the other one can flush that's just how we do it okay um so I draw my medications in the bedroom in fact I say that's my flush that's my slush I'm going to say that this one is my medication now I don't have it marked because I'm just not worried about that right now but normally I would it would make sure it looks different than my flushes flush med flush okay so now I'm going to walk in the room knock down doc nursing I am mr. Raj ten audio I've got the pain medications you requested it's morphine I'm going to give it to you through your IV so I'm not going to be giving you a shot now Jude already to these things up the bedroom so I'm going to check my two patient identifiers okay name date birth make sure I'm doing the right person because when you're giving an IV push medication unlike with a Pio medication you're not getting this thing back when it's in with you always want to be correct when you're getting medications but when you're getting something parental you got to make really certain okay so I checked my two patient identifiers I'm going to put on my gloves I've washed my hands okay my gloves are probably too small all right I'm not sure which ones these are and alcohol pad normal have a moment alright so I'm going to prop my flush pull back push more a little bit so you're concealing it for yourself into our others now I'm going to infuse the medication in the port nearest to the patient okay so I'm going to flush flush wash or clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean all right put my flush on room port now let's say this wartime isn't here yeah what's going to be done there so the reward Kate clamp is down here where it's no not easy for me to get to I'm going to crimp this end right here the reason I'm crimping this is because if I push in and the pressure is greater on this end than it is here which it would because this is a larger lumen your medication your flush is going to go back up the line so I crimp that by crimping that on I flush flush flush flush flush flush flush flush flush okay so I've cleaned out the IV tubing now I'm going to disconnect and here's my medication all right I'm going to keep this clean take our one top and this is already prepped before I walked in put it on and the way I'm normally give an IV push medication as I look at my client okay we're never giving medications IV pushing we want to do it slowly except for certain specific situations you'll know those when they come up all right so I'm going to give like one milliliter every 15 seconds I'll be looking the clock to do that since this is a ten milliliter syringe if I'm giving one milliliter every 15 seconds how long is it going to take me bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum buh say two and a half minutes to happen two and a half minutes it's exactly correct it can take me two and a half minutes because one no leader are one of the litter times ten times fifty there yeah so I'm going to give it wait 15 seconds carefully 15 seconds gateway 15 check that way I'm giving it slowly over time okay then I'm going to disconnect now again when I was giving that I had this thing correct because if I don't the medication is going to go back at the tubing all right then I'm gonna open up my flush pull back move forward attach keeping clean crimping and then flushing slowly again because there's some of the medication in this tool and if I push it fast its gathered in you don't get a pulse so the first light I don't know 5 milliliters 15 seconds 15 seconds 15 seconds 15 seconds then push it and then open it up just blows my thanks click start on the IV pump and then boom and that's how you give an IV medication now if you're only giving it through a saline lock instead of a IV set up kind of the same thing you would come into the room clean the port unlock the lock okay clean port put your flush on flush the medication to make sure the IV is still good so good great disconnect intra medication only 15 seconds once he say 1 milliliter 15 seconds 1 milliliter 15 seconds you got to go disconnect units flush ok connect first couples milliliters over 15 seconds then go ahead and send it through as you're doing the last couple milliliters then you use the positive pressure and lock and then disconnect and the reason that you use the positive pressure and you lock is because if you disconnect this syringe from this setup without using positive pressure and without locking it what happens is if you look in here when you disconnect it creates a slight suction that slight suction pulls back ever so slightly on the tip of that catheter that catheter is in the vein what are you gonna be pulling back on that catheter blood a little drop or two and then it's going to sit in the catheter what does blood like to do when it sits around it clots and you lose your IV that's why you do positive pressure flush flush flush flush flush flush flush flush flush flush lock then disconnect it doesn't pull back catheter tip stays clear you don't lose your ID that's why we do that and


  1. Has a patient ever said they taste alcohol when you are cleaning the lock before you inject the initial flush?

  2. He is so awesome an instructor, thoroughly explains and very kind. Had nothing of the sort in my school, they literally didnt teach most skills just had open labs and made you teach yourself.

  3. You cannot assume that all meds go 1 mL over 15 seconds. Please do not teach that. Follow the medication guidelines. That is the safest way to give medications.

  4. I know you been doing this for ever , but if you teach you need to watch your speed , it's to fast so slow down .

  5. Thank you so much sir, I'm in nursing school and we are starting IV therapy, Starting IV's, Hanging NS with PB. Your videos really break down the information so that anyone can learn. Appreciate these videos. #Subscribed Good luck to your class!

  6. Seriously wish he was my instructor. He explains and repeats the important things so well and gets straight to the point. Please ask him to do more videos because his are by far the best and most helpful that I could find so far.

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