How to Give Baby CPR – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

If you ever find your baby is not
responding to you, you will give them the best chance of survival if you know what
to do. If you have found your baby unresponsive and not breathing normally, you’ll need to perform baby CPR. Call for help. Ask a helper to call 999
or 112 for emergency help. Use a mobile speakerphone if you’re on your own, so you can start CPR as soon as possible. If you’re on your own and you don’t have a speakerphone, you need to do CPR for a
minute before you can call for help. Place them on a firm surface and open
their airway. With one hand on the forehead, gently tilt their head back. With your
finger tip, gently lift the chin to open the airway. Pick out any visible
obstructions from the mouth and nose. Step one is ‘puff’. Take a breath, put your lips around your baby’s mouth
and nose make a seal. Blow gently and steadily for up to one second. The chest should rise. Remove your mouth and watch the chest fall. That’s one rescue breath or ‘puff’. Do this five times. Step two is ‘pump’, or chest compressions. Put two fingers in the centre of your baby’s chest and push down a third of
the depth of the chest. Release the pressure, allowing the chest to come back
up before pressing back down again. Repeat this 30 times at a rate of 100-120 pumps per minute. This is quite quick. After 30 chest pumps, open the airway and
give a further two puffs. Continue to alternate between thirty chest pumps and
two puffs. If you’re on your own and don’t have a speakerphone, stop after one
minute and call 999 or 112 for emergency help. If a mobile phone is not available
and you have to move to get to a telephone, take the baby with you. Keep repeating 30 pumps then two puffs until help arrives or they become responsive. So remember: if your baby’s unresponsive
and not breathing, call for help. Ask a helper to call 999
or 112 for emergency help. If you’re on your own use the speakerphone and start
CPR soon as possible. If you don’t have a speakerphone, do CPR for a minute before calling for emergency help. Give five initial puffs, covering both the nose and mouth,
then 30 chest pumps with two fingers to the centre of the chest. Continue CPR with 30 pumps and two puffs until help arrives. And that’s how you do baby CPR. Thanks for watching. Help support St John Ambulance. Donate today.


  1. Unlike the previous comment…I doubt if this is your own baby that most people would bother with a face shield..

  2. Question; what do I do if it isn't my baby? I don't want to put my mouth on an infant baby I don't know. I could have harmful bacteria in my mouth that could harm him or her. Just wondering. I'm a student nurse. We were taught CPR. But it wasn't like this and I'm curious. We were told to ever put our mouth on the babies mouth.

  3. This has some incorrect information. The correct amount of compressions is 15 to 2 breaths (after the 5 rescue breaths).
    I watched this video to remind myself before an exam, and I failed because I said 30 to 2. that is the ratio for adults.

  4. Why has st.john gone to bland videos. The instruction is good but the setting is not conducive to comfortable viewing. Contrasting surface and background would definitely help.

  5. Oh God I'm so stressed for this exam like there is no tomorrow… I pray to God I pass it but without additional actual training on a baby doll I so dread to think of the odds T-T… what do I do… the puffs terrify me, I'm terrified they'll either be too strong or too weak for the baby mannequin… Lord have mercy.

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