How to Give the Heimlich Maneuver | First Aid Training

What do you do when someone’s choking? You and a friend are out in a restaurant and
all of a sudden, they start choking. I’m going to have my friend Hannah come over
here. We’re out, we’re having a good time, we’re
eating and all of the sudden, she seems like she’s choking. First, you ask, “Are you OK”? Oftentimes, the international sign for choking
is this. I can’t breathe. Something’s going on. If you’re around other people, you want to
get them to help you. If you’re in a restaurant or place of business,
have someone call out for help and have the people help you out. Tell them what you’re doing. Don’t just attack them because that will just
heighten their anxiety and their panic. What you’re going to do is, you’re going to
stand behind them and you’re going to wrap your arms all away around. You find their belly button with your pinky. Make a fist. Put the pinky on the bellybutton, then roll
it up so the knuckle of your thumb is right there and then you thrust. You pull it in and up, but I’m not going to
do it as hard. In and up. In and up until they can dislodge whatever
is in there and they can breathe again. Don’t go crazy like in the movies and start
slapping their back and wrestling. Sometimes people get carried away and they
want to slap your back. They just end up hurting you. If the person is pregnant or a larger person
and you can’t get your arms all away around to where their belly button is, you want to
go higher, up to where their breastbone is. So, say Hannah is pregnant – Congratulations! You wrap around. You find their breastbone. You do the same thing. In and up. In and up until they dislodge whatever is
in their throat and they can breathe again. If the person is so big, if you’re a small
person, and you have a big strapping person with you who’s choking and you just can’t
even do that. You can assist them in doing a self Heimlich
maneuver on a chair or surface that will get to their diaphragm. You just lean them over. Talk them through it. Stay calm. The more panicky you get, the more panicky
they’re going to get. They’re already in a state of anxiety because
they can’t breathe, which is normal. If they lose consciousness and they fall to
the floor, you’re going to lay them down. You’re going to roll them over and then you’re
going to do the same thing. You’re going to find the bellybutton, roll
up, and you’re going to thrust while they’re on the floor until that comes out or until
help arrives. Continue trying to do the thrusts and trying
to get them to get that out of their throat so they can breathe again. Stay with them until help arrives.


  1. Had a friend choking once. 1st friend tried to attempt the heimlich, but he was too short (guy choking was 6'5 while my other friend was 5'6.) Second friend tried to do it, but he had no idea what to do, finally I came in and tried it out myself. Neither of us knew what we were doing but I was able to get it done.

  2. Learned this when I was a child in swim classes. Two weeks later my little brother was choking on a candy. Everyone freaking out I ran over and did the heimlich and saved him. I will never forget that day and how close it happened to when I learned how to do it. It was one hell of a coincidence I must say.

  3. I had to come and watch some video about this maneuver and yes i did it exactly correct. Well i did something right, because my wife is still alive. Yesterday i made a good stake for her, because she was very hungry after work. She was so hungry that she eat too fast and something get stuck in her bronchus. She managed to get my attention even i was at next room. Fortunately, I immediately understood what it was all about and in that instant moment i remembered what I was taught at the first aid course. The Heimlicht maneuver. I was not so sure how to do it, because i had only seen it but not made it myself. But i did my best and it really did the thing, that piece of meat just flew out of her mouth and she could breathe again. Holy crab that was a close one.

  4. Choking Adult

    For an adult who is choking
    Don't panic and don't shout,
    Stay calm and reassure them
    Encourage coughing out.

    If that is not effective
    Still congestion of the neck,
    Give back blows between shoulder blades
    After five re-check.

    Next is Heimlich manouvre
    Was his technique to fame,
    But did not like back blows
    Asociated with his name.

    Now called abdominal thrust
    What this is all about,
    By forcing up the diaphragm
    Might force that blockage out.

    So stand behind the casualty
    Place hands round waist to front,
    Grasp fist pull in and upward
    Just enough to hear them grunt.

    Always check between each phase
    To see if clear and fine,
    But after three attempts have failed
    You must call nine nine nine.

    Unless you're from the USA
    This is how it's done,
    Instead of calling 999
    Now it's nine one one.

    Now if you use abdominal thrust
    This is important you see,
    There's a slight possibility of rupture
    Please insist they attend A&E.

    It's better to be safe than sorry
    Abdominal thrust they were needing,
    But if an organ has been ruptured
    They could have internal bleeding.

    Wild Bill Entertainer

  5. i came here after a tablet got stuck in my throat 10 mins ago and i was about to die. God just saved me and i vomited that tablet out . i was alone in room and it was night 2AM. What the hell kind of situation.

  6. Back slaps alternating with abdominal thrusts. Ignore the part where she tells you to ignore the back slaps.

    No wonder this stuff is rightfully confusing for so many people…

  7. First off, take CONTROL of the situation if you're the one helping said person. You point at someone and DEMAND he/she calls an ambulance. Don't "ask" for help and especially don't openly and non-specific ask a crowd for SOMEONE to call an ambulance hence it's typical for people to think "someone else is doing it, so I'm not going to"
    Taken from the SOS courses I've attended to.

  8. In and up looks more like up and down, I'm not sure what I'm suppose to do. Please spend more time teaching the actual maneuver.

  9. This video is much too slow for an emergency! Show the maneuver within the first 10 seconds and stop chatting! People search for this video in an emergency not while relaxed over a cup of tea.

  10. I was just choking, almost unconscious, and my husband wanted to find out how to do the Heimlich maneuver. He came here to find out but there was this darn ad playing first. I was truly afraid I was going to die just now, before we could find out how to do this maneuver. PLEASE, someone, can you make the ad come on AFTER they tell you how to do this. When someone is having an emergency, they don't want to have to wait for an ad to play. They may die in the process. I see someone else below here had the same concern. PLEASE help!

  11. My daughter had to do this on me in a restaurant last week. I motioned to her to follow me as I ran into the bathroom. She started pounding on my back. I turned around and motioned the heimlich maneuver to her, then she did it twice and the food came up. It really works miraculously! It's embarrassing, but it happens. I have dry mouth and throat syndrome due to radiation therapy for cancer treatment from 30 years ago, so I have trouble swallowing. I'm going to have my daughter watch this so she understands the maneuver better. I agree, should have emergency version available without ads, and just quick info, could save lives.

  12. I almost choked once on a piece of bread when my brother hit me in the back. I tried to scream but wasn't able to. Luckily my mom used her special skills; she just put her fingers in my mouth and cleared my airway. That would've been one sad way to die.

  13. You make a video about how to save someone in a life-threatening scenario but you don't demonstrate the actual technique used, instead opting to showcase a watered-down, version instead? What? If you're instructing people in how to potentially save their own lives or someone elses, you should probably show people.. how to do that..

  14. mali daw yan sabi ni katrina, dapat kailangan yung isang paa nya nakasupport sa likod ng pasyente para stable yung patient sabi ni katrina

  15. Life saving video clips should not have commercials, just in case someone has to reference the videos in the midst of an emergency.

  16. I chew almost 30-50 times. I also make it a point not to laugh when eating or having a mouth full of food.

  17. I read that this maneuver is actually not recommended as the first option now since there have been reported cases of life threatening complications associated with abdominal thrusts. Back blows need to be done first (up to 5) and then this should be used as the next option.

  18. Not so sure I agree with continuing to do the Heimlich on someone who has fallen unconscious. As an EMT, we’re taught that once they fall unconscious, you immediately start CPR. That can be done by the regular citizen as well, so I’d say if you’re performing the maneuver and they go unconscious, don’t continue, but rather initiate CPR. What good does it do to get an obstruction out of the way if their heart is no longer beating?

  19. Last year I was choking and no one was there to help me waited for a 5 second ad to end and ended up frantically trying to bend over coughing it out while waiting. YouTube needs to acknowledge these videos and emergencies as this could save a life.

  20. Quick question when you say lay them down. Do you mean face down? Or lay them on their back? Please reply back.

  21. Not even 5 minutes ago my brother was chocking and I manage to get it out without even knowing how to do this technique, Now I'm ready to do it properly next time

  22. a coupe of things in this video are not following the updated international guidelies. Therefore the video is suboptimal (and might be dangerous). The suggestion is to study the guidelines and substitute the video (which is overall nice to watch).

  23. "That's not my belly button, you have to go high……"

    "Shhhhh……just go with it, it'll be over soon".

  24. Important to say that you have to use muscles which small womans maybe dont have. You have to do it very harsh

  25. The video should start as a very quick no nonsense 10 second explanation, then segue into the rest of the video. No doubt this video will be used in the heat of the moment and ppl don't have time for gentle introductions!!!

  26. How to do heimlich maneuver in a patient who has undergone fresh laparotomy ? Cx we cant apply that much force on abdomen

  27. YouTube… Please don’t put ads on first aid videos… I watched an ad for Red Lobster while my granny is choking of a fish bone… THANKS YOUTUBE…😑😑😑

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