How to Give Your Baby Medication | Parents

When your baby get sick, he may need medicine
but won't necessarily want to take it. Try these pointers. If your infant is younger than 1, you'll probably
be giving him a liquid medicine through a syringe. Before your pediatrician prescribes doesn't
come in a liquid. Ask your pharmacist to compound it into a
liquid or crush the tablets yourself and add the recommended dose to a small amount of
breast milk or formula which you draw up into the syringe. Don't add it to a bottle though. It can stick to the sides and your baby may
not get the recommended dose. When using the syringe, point it towards the
inside of your baby's cheek and slowly release the medication allowing your child time to
swallow. If he doesn't wanna open that, put your finger
on the side of his mouth and gently tug outwards. If your baby vomits after you give him the
medication, call your pediatrician for next steps. With any medication, be on the lookout for
allergic reactions such as hives, swelling in the tongue or lips, difficulty breathing,
lethargy, or if your baby is otherwise acting different than usual. If he's showing any of these symptoms, call
your pediatrician.

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