How to Grow Aloe Vera in Pots

In the name of ALLAH I am your host Aqdas Rehman Welcome you to your own channel Plants Insider today we will talk about very common plant named as Aloe Vera it is germinated from seeds and it is also germinated from pups this is not propagated through cuttings these slices are leaves of aloe vera they didn’t grow to plant these as cuttings instead its pups grows like this and will multiply through pups and divide itself into many plants its roots grows like rhizomes spread under the soil and produces new pups there are many medical benefits of this plant it is used in many medicines and it is used for medical purpose from centuries and commonly used all over the world and grows throughout the world and very common medical use everywhere but I will make separate video on its benefits we will see all its benefits in that video in today video we will talk about only its care and bit about its propagation This is very easy to grow plant it doesn’t require much care and it doesn’t require much water only water it when the soil is completely dry when dry drench with water completely drainage hole is compulsory beneath the pot if there is no drainage hole then standing water rot the roots and damage the plant and this will not survive common reason of aloe vera’s death is overwatering if there is overwatering in the plant and water doesn’t drain out of pot then plant will start rotting Aloe vera plant will increase the oxygen level in your home because this plant will absorb carbon dioxide and carbon mono-oxide this is one of the best air purifier plants this will purify the air of your home and make it excellent to breath this is best air purifier plant because if you compare this plant with other air purifiers if you have 9 air purifier plants at home then these 9 plants could be replaced with 1 Aloe Vera plant this plant doesn’t need repotting soon because this plant likes root bounding and its roots doesn’t grow very fast that is why you don’t need to repot it soon if you want to repot it then do it when roots are visible at surface area at this place if you see roots here on the top surface then you can repot it and when you repot it you can also separate its pups these are the pups of aloe vera that are coming out of the soil one pup is this and one is this and one is this small one coming out that you can see this is also the pup but I already planted it separately these are still young that is why I didn’t separate them yet when you will repot your plant then you can separate these pups as well and grow them as individual plants this plant produces many pups so you can make many plans from one plant you can repot this plant in any season this is a hardy plant and will survive long even if the roots are exposed out of the soil this won’t harm the plant and roots will not ry out soon even in summers because there is a lot of pulp in its leaves and have much moisture in its slices because of that roots will survive out this plant will survive in any type of soil you can plant it in any type of soil but you should be careful while planting in any soil there should be a drainage hole beneath the pot so the water won’t stand long and won’t damage the roots of the plant this plant doesn’t require any fertilizer this will grow well without fertilizer because its roots wont grow much because this belongs to a desert and a hardy desert plant all desert plants doesn’t require much fertilizers an also there is no much attack of insects on it because of its own self defence mechanism is strong to resist insects and they won’t attack easily on it and will not damage this plant much this is a perennial plant there is no specific season of its growth this will grow good in summers and also grows in winters but its growth reduces in winters you can place in indoors and outdoors as well but this will grow best in outdoors and this will require full sunlight outdoors place it in direct sunlight and care about its waterings this will grow easily if you place it indoors then place it where it gets bright light either direct or indirect but bright light this will not grow best in darker places this is all the information of this plant that is what I have to share with you in this video if you like this information then click the like icon and share my and SUBSCRIBE my channel, Go Green, Pakistan Green!

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