How to Grow Damong Maria (MugWort) : Paano Kilalanin, Palakihin at Paramihin (with English Subtitle)

In English this is called Mugwort Sometimes also called Maidenwort Mugwort belongs to Artemisia family of herbal plants. This one is particularly called Artemisia Vulgaris. Tarragon also belongs to the Artemisia family. There are lots of plants that belong to the Artemisia family and Mugwort is just one of them. Mugwort is known as a herbal plant that can provide remedy to many ailments such as Hypertension, those with diabetes, and peptic ulcer. The leaves can also be used as topical application to treat minor wounds. It is said that it can also be a remedy to stomach ache. The leaves are the ones used by boiling and drinking it as tea. LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR HOWEVER THAT I’M NOT AN HERBALIST. I’M A GARDENER AND THE FOCUS OF THIS VIDEO IS HOW TO IDENTIFY THIS PLANT how to take care, and propagate. For more information about its medicinal uses, it is better to consult an herbalist or do your own internet research. It is also said that this plant is used for bathing especially women who just gave birth. But before drinking this as tea, it is better to consult an expert on this or a healthcare professional. So how can one identify Mugwort? First is to be familiar with how the leaves look like. Some call the leaves five fingers because of how it is formed. The underside of the leaves is pale in color Another is when you touch the leaves it will leave an aromatic scent on you hand. The scent is slightly similar to Cuban Oregano and leaves a somewhat musky and minty scent This plant is also used as an insect repellant in gardens because of its strong scent. There are also those who use this in making fermented plant juice (FPJ) So this is how to identify Mugwort. Incidentally it is also called Dream Plant in other countries. They make a pillow out of the leaves and it is said to induce a good night sleep It is also said that this plant can help you remember your last night’s dreams It is also called Plant for Vivid dreams πŸ™‚ I have not tried this plant as pillow so I wouldn’t know…. So how to take care of Mugwort…. It is easy to care for because it is also a type of weed It can thrive in almost any kind of soil Can be planted directly in the ground or in container. Better growth if planted directly in the ground. The main thing that it needs is full sunlight If not exposed to direct sunlight, it tends to be limpy or leggy. When exposed to direct sunlight for the whole day it can develop a strong trunk such as these ones…. Make sure to expose them to full sunlight the whole day. Avoid over-watering.. It can even afford to have dry soil between waterings especially when it is planted directly in the ground. When it comes to fertilizer, just mix in compost in the soil and it will be fine. If you must put fertilizer, apply one that is high in nitrogen because this is a leafy plant. Triple 14 once a month is also okay if it is what you have but organic is still best especially if you intend to make tea out of the leaves or as topical application. Now how can this plant be propagated? First is thru seeds…. But I prefer propagating it thru its sprigs because it is easier that way. All of these small ones here came from the sprigs of this mother plant. Let me show you how to take the sprigs… Just cut using a sharp tool such as scissor… This cutting can now be planted. Mugwort can grow roots on its stem especially if it is constantly touching the soil. To root the cutting just remove some of the lower leaves, stick it to soil down to about two inches, water, place in a shaded area and its done. When it starts rooting, it can then be put under direct sunlight. Expect it to root in about two weeks. Mugwort can grow and be rooted very fast that in just a short period you can have lots of this plant. If you have entrepreneurial spirit, you can even make a business out of this herbal plant. Well, this is the end of the video and I would like to thank you for watching till the end. If you haven’t subscribed yet to the channel please do so for more videos about plants and vegetables that you can grow in your backyard or garden PLEASE SUBSCRIBE πŸ™‚


  1. Nasaan na ung pakwan mo patay nanaman ba… Hanapin mo ung channel ni ace gregorio para matuto ka magtanim ng pakwan

  2. Thank you sir for the info nagsesearch talaga ako ng guide para sa damong maria till nakita ko tong vid nyo, ginagamit ko po kasi iyon bilang tsaa para sa menstruation ko, and balak ko po magtanim dahil ang mahal at kung minsan mailap pa sa merkado. 😊

  3. Hello po sir nagbebenta po ba kayo ng damong maria? Sobrang kaylangan kopo sya ngayon sir dahil may adenomyosis po ako sabi po ni doc farrah maganda daw yan

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