How to Harvest Medicinal Sarsaparilla

hey everyone today we are harvesting
star sarsaparilla what is sour sarsaparilla well it’s in the same
family as ginseng what’s good about ginseng ginseng and star sarsaparilla is
good for helping with any sore joints or even helping if you’re feeling all under
the weather or sick do not take star sarsaparilla if your core temperature is
100 for by that point you should be going to the hospital but if you’re
feeling a little sick and you’re just not feeling good take a little bit of
the tea or just chew on some of the root is what we’re harvesting and you’ll feel
just a little bit better so what does it look like well here’s a few fitness
photos of what you’re looking for well you’re looking for the shape of the leaf
now there’s three leaves on the plant but it looks like there’s 15 leaves well
each one of the leaves has five leaflets in a palmate form now each leaf goes to
the center of the stock and then goes down to the root is what we’re
harvesting now what is the look of the root well here’s some photos of what the
group looks like now another name for the root is runner it can you can see
them on the surface of the ground or just below the surface of the ground
where it might be ink no more than that what you’re going to need to harvest is
you’re using your hands now well here’s a nice lovely root sticking up out of
the ground and you just want to find some of the plants they’re going all
around and you just want to pull and that routes over babe now we want to
search for a smaller route unless you have a knife to pull some of that route
off and here’s a smaller piece just show you
guys um but you do not want to just start munching down on the whole route I
just pulled out on the ground it’s a little dirty you don’t want a little
pathogens so you want the inner core all plants all organisms to be more exact is
sterile inside so what we want is not the inner core we want the outer core we
know so how do you get that well you just basically i’ll show you a little
closer pull apart the root and that basically shows the inner part so the
inner part is where the food is now how do you get the outer part off well I
take my thumb and I just pull off the outer skin I do not want that it’s a
little dirty well my hands are a little dirty but I got a good immune system I
eat sour sarsaparilla so what you’re searching for I don’t want that part it
was little dirty so what you’re searching for is the outer core now what
does it taste like flaw starts out fruity it’s nice and starts
warming up gets a little spicy right about now and yeah it’s good and like
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