How to have healthy feet!

good welcome to the half fair to help them tonight we're talking about foot health this is a really important subject because I have to I have a right and a left no no no I'm kidding but but when you look at it because I mean the healthy feet that the number one fear of people as we age is is lost mobility loss of function and if you know that the feet are not only vital but if they work and their cushions your bodies glided through if they don't work you're gonna talk to unstable pelvis difficult menstrual cycles bowel and bladder problems and this is all from the feet I like the Vinci when he said it's a masterpiece of engineering and Annie's right it truly is oh now it's complicated but what's stronger a foot or a block of concrete you were right what do you say a foot yeah because in martial arts you can actually kick something you could break concrete you could break a board you could break anything and so you've got this beautiful delicate design we're talking over twenty six bones hundred ligaments and muscles and it's so flexible that you could actually stand on the toes that's strong you could break a board but it but it I mean the design is just phenomenal what's more important though is how it's connected and then this is more important than you could possibly imagine when we look at this the foot has four arches to run length waist who are in crossways so it's a coiled spring and it does that it's like a like a like a it is a coiled spring on the bottom of this foot that runs from the top of the toes or the ball of the foot back to the heel and there's a really tough it looks almost like leather like kind of like a belt almost but very very thin it's so strong that you could actually grab it and pick up an entire cadaver with it I know I taught human dissection for eight years so there's the throw up yet okay but it's it's hugely strong and it's on the bottom of the foot and we call that the plantar surface and it's fashio so it's the plantar fascia okay now if that in flames its plantar fasciitis oh yeah good okay so so we could just say the bottom of the foots inflamed but when you look at it it's really important that you understand that that that it's it's like a safety mechanism so it stops the foot from flattening out so what what's gonna cause plantar fasciitis okay it means the weak muscles of the foot or the arches of the foot are missing if the arches of the foot are missing it's gonna start to flatten out and that's going to inflame okay does that make sense so we got to look at this and now I've had patients coming in and they say oh yeah my doctor shot me with cortisone and the pain went right away okay you know you're putting stuff in there that's gonna weaken the joints destroy the joint cartilage and temporary relief would do those cortisone shots increase the arches no this guy should be fired but this is standard medical care it's like insane so the way to fix plantar fasciitis is to restore the intrinsic muscles of the foot and you've got muscles inside the foot that operate the foot muscles outside of the foot that operate it so we want to build the muscles inside of the foot so how the question is how do you build them up you want to know okay no but don't buy it yet shoppers okay so first well we look at this on the back of the calf and see this is the foot it's the furthest point away from the heart so so let's gonna pull there and if you ever heard that if you stand at attention and lock your legs you might pass out and if you stand at attention you bend your legs a little bit you're gonna be okay that's because if you're now I'm weaving okay but if your legs are bent your weaving just a little bit what that means is that the muscles that support the body in this lake are going to contract and relax contract and relax contract and relax inside of that muscle is a pump it's called the soleus and and what's what's brilliant is this pump allows the foot to drain so if you have any problem with the foot not being able to flex this pumps not going to work right and if the pump doesn't work right there's going to be loss of blood supply and oxygen if there's lots of blood supply an oxygen guess what's happens to the intrinsic muscles of the foot and weakens it and flattens it out isn't that interesting I know but then then still when you look at this you've got muscles on the front of it as well now normally if you're just walking ok the normal strength ratio of the calf is ten to one or the muscles on the back of the calf are ten times stronger the muscles on the front now let's say that you're a toe walk or a dancer let's let's say that you have that spring on the set you know you ever see a teenager walk you know they got kind of an attitude okay well well that's a toe Walker what that's gonna do that's gonna make them back muscles the muscles on the back half a lot stronger the muscles on the front now as the body smarter stupid there's really smart okay so what happens is it takes this front area on the calf and it doesn't want that muscle torn see normal strength ratio is 10 to 1 or the muscles on the back leg are 10 times stronger on the muscles on the front if their toe Walker if their tennis player if they're a track star if they're if they just bounce on their feet a lot you did have a 15 or 20 to one ratio so that what the body's gonna do it's gonna lay down cross fibre adhesions on the front of this calf and those crossfire adhesions can actually and it's there to protect the muscle but it can they can become so strong they can actually cause a fracturing or splintering of that bone called shin senseless isn't that cool you know you always wonder where they came from okay but but so so it's not from running on concrete it's not from you know congenital it's not from any of those it's from a muscle imbalance so when we look at this to eliminate shin splints you restore the balance of the calf and then that restores the function of the calf and then that restores the oxygen of the foot okay got it so far we're also talking about because if we're looking at the health of the foot we got to look at the health of the calf yes and if we look at the health of the calf we got to look at the health of the largest joint the body the and then you'll also have to look at this Nev got muscles on the inside muscles on the outside that guide the action of this bone in the middle and it's called a patella so if those muscles are off or that patel is off you're gonna have altered knee function an altered foot function it sounds complicated but this is why it doesn't make sense to have a foot problem and look at the foot it sure doesn't make sense to have a knee problem and look at the knee it's called holistic I know I know this is like basic stuff I mean you know it's obviously if you know you go into the car dealer and say my steering wheels go and shaken is he gonna look at the wheel and replace the wheel or is it gonna look at the tires and the steering linkage and everything else the same thing if you've got a pain here where is it from I don't know let's find out okay because it shouldn't be there and so when we look at this the primarily we got to get the oxygen going okay we've got to get the pump working on the foot and this is this is what's going to be essential if you're just sitting there okay having the foot go up and down and that's all it requires is the foot coming up the foot going down now if you want to be really fancy put your legs a little bit away from your chair okay and have the right one go up and the left one go down so alternate it just like that no put the heels on the ground so one up one down one up one down now why are you doing this right and left instead of not both together because that's called a cross crawl mechanism against both halves of the brain firing off correctly and it'll heal the tissue faster so anytime you can do cross crawl or one side moves up one side moves down you heal it faster and since I'm not the most patient guy in the world I want fast results okay if I wanted you to take a long time to heal let's say do it together okay you're right I know I just want to make you faster okay so when you look at this it's vital and now there's a couple of other things you can do for the pump but also you know do the nerves that supply the foot where do they come out of they come out of where yeah the spine the low back okay so we've got to make sure that those nerves are clear so everything worse now the foot is a coiled spring if it's not a coiled spring and you can see this you could see this in the mall and it's so much fun to people-watch because when you're in the mall normally a person should glide they should walk okay they should be smooth I don't kind of like a leopard in the mall if you see somebody whose foot is not a spring they throw their legs forward okay where they're throwing the hips for it and you see this you see them throw the legs forward just like that we're in it's just like my god you could see this a block away a person walking like that you know that they've got knee problems you know they have an unstable pelvis you know they're not walking and gliding so if they have an unstable pelvis and they're female difficult menstrual cycles if there are men prostate our balance efficiencies knee problems all of this stuff from from and you could tell it just by walking now I taught biomechanics but but anybody can see if the person's gliding they have a healthy joint function if they're not if they're throwing their hips forward you know it's like they're treading through sand you know something's bad so we have to develop it now bunions these shoes are the great issues on the planet the high-heeled shoes absolutely spectacular from a man's perspective okay mix the calf look long the butt stick up it's incredible okay for a relationship there's nothing like it mechanically it's horrible okay but we can fix that so don't switch the high heels okay guys I got three sisters that would kill me if you didn't okay you can keep wearing high heels but remember you got that muscle on the back of the calf that has the pump in it so if you're walking with high heels is there good oxygen supply or horrible oxygen display okay so now any guy in here to pay his lady back for torturing her feet like this needs to give nightly foot massages I know okay that's pretty good or the guy perspective sure me I'll do it you know give me some hot oil okay so so but that's essential because with there's lots of oxygen in there it's going to start to weaken up now we got a look at Bunyan formation this bone that's sticking out yeah let me see if this thing works whoops you're supposed to be a laser on this a laser nothing well I'll figure it out later that that bone that's coming out like that that's not a bone sticking out what happens is the muscles inside of the foot this muscle here should be going straight down so it means the muscles are atrophying and since muscle on the side is supposed to pull that toe out what happens when that muscle weakens it starts to bend in so bunions only form from weak intrinsic muscles of the foot that's it that's the only reason that's the sole reason that that bunions form they're not congenital I don't care if your mom had it your sister had it anything else they absolutely form only from weak intrinsic muscles of the foot now have you ever heard of peripheral neuropathy okay neuropathy okay now now doctors see a lot of stuff in Latin because it makes me sound smarter okay because if I just said this comes from pinched nerve in the low back you'd say well heck and pinched it okay but if I says no you have a peripheral neuropathy of the foot say damn give me a drug for that okay because obviously a pinched nerve can't be fixed by drug right I know I know so let's give you a diagnosis okay so the way to fix this restore the nurse apply to the foot and then you have to use the foot okay by using the foot it can't be utilized in a shoe it has to be used okay I mean used so now let's let's say that you're walking and I we always recommend that walk in the grip grass or hard sand or dirt because it gives you full range of motion of flexibility but let's say that it's it's wintertime or it's fold outside play with your toes put marbles on the ground put it put a towel on the ground draw the towel towards you curl the toes open up the toast use them as much as you can one of the beauty of having healthy shoes that you can actually flex and bend and twist your foot because the foot doesn't work just like it would if you have a shoe it bends and turns and flexes and so the more playtime that you could do with your toes the more fun it is I mean pick up stuff now clawed foot okay again the shoes are fantastic don't ever stop wearing them okay we can fix it and the clawfoot doesn't come from being in shoes like this it comes from not healthy movement of the foot because the foots designed to be flexed and bend and turn and twist if you have and these short tendons guess how you fix it you use it you take the shoe off you walk barefoot in the grass dirt or sand you have to restore the nerve supply to the foot now do you think a foot like this has healthy oxygen or poor oxygen okay good so do you want to check the pump in the back of the leg absolutely do you think this has healthy nerve supply to the intrinsic muscles of the foot the muscles inside of the foot or do you think it has poor oxygen supply poor oxygen supplying okay good so we got to check your nerves in the back check the pelvis check the calf and have the personal walk in grass dirt or sand it I mean it seems too simple but now also when we're fixing this when we're fixing that do you think maybe that person might have a problem with arterial supply yeah yeah probably because I mean if they're in nowadays let's say if they've had a poor foot like that they probably taken nonsteroidal antiinflammatory is like I've advertised a getter on say oh I don't know 30 to 60 ounces of vegetable juice a day to clean the arteries I know you know it seems like too simple but it's just like wow okay we clean the artery get the nerve supply and we tell them to work the foot now if this person is years old okay how old is the foot say like 11 months old if the person is 50 years old how old is the foot sale 11 months old you're right oh my gosh okay now on my birth certificate that says I'm 54 53 53 I forget when you look at it okay my skin is only 28 days old my blood is about 120 days old my bones are about 11 8 to 11 months old so and my attitude is obviously than that of a teenager so so so my attitude is the oldest thing I got but when you look at this the joints in that person are only about 11 months old so can you eliminate a bone spur yes can you regrow joints absolutely I we've got a gal that comes in she's in her mid 70s in the morning she used to have horrible I mean just look like witch's feet you know the toe was coming in the toes were all gnarled up and I said no no we can fix him I can wear you know and she was all excited to wear sandals someday you know about a year and a half later she's got beautiful looking feet she couldn't be happier now now the foot on a block stretch we give this exercise and all it takes is a simple little block your heels on the ground and you're bending your knee it's that simple because what does this do this actually a calf and allows for normal function if you're wearing high heels god bless you okay what do you need to do this exercise yeah absolutely and if you're wearing high heels does does your your your friend have to give you a foot massage because he's appreciating the beauty okay yes he does every guy in here would you be willing to do it yes yes yes my brothers okay okay so when we look at this and we're going to answer questions afterwards flat feet now how many people think that this is congenital okay good is cancer hereditary no cancers not hereditary as diabetes hereditary no okay to be a species on this planet does each successive and this is a law of biology each successive generation has to be stronger and and a little bit better than the one before why because if each generation got weaker we wouldn't be here as a species okay does that make sense so so each generation gets a little bit better so it's a law biology that each generation gets a little bit stronger each generation is progressing and it's called an environmental adaptation or evolution or whatever you want to call it so now could a caveman run away from danger if you had flat feet no people with flat feet do they have any missing bones or anything no no so when we know that the arches come from healthy intrinsic muscles of the foot what would a flat foot be weak intrinsic muscles of the foot okay good so can this be fixed a hundred percent of the time or a hundred percent of the time I'm gonna make it really easy I'm gonna give you the questions and the answers okay so yeah it can be fixed a hundred percent of time but now here's stupid world this is when the Three Stooges took over Larry Curly and Moe if you have weak intrinsic muscles of the foot do you know how to make it completely non usable you put a support in it and it's called an orthotic now this is where I have to confess okay okay old Catholic background I must confess I used to teach doctors how to cast feet no no no this is good man oh this is good okay you got the styrofoam cast across like 20 bucks the person puts their foot in it you bill a hundred dollars for it and then you get the orthotic the orthotic aligned cost around $50 you can sell the orthotic for around 400 bucks orthotics lasts about six months to eight months so you got a regular customer here at almost a grand because they're getting two orthotics and new castings every year catching baby it's not real ethical but hey then I come up and I find out wait a second all of this stuff that I've been teaching is wrong because the body is designed to heal itself you can restore the nerve supply to the foot you restore the intrinsic muscles of it nobody needs orthotics say with me oh okay well you know you learn and if your ethical you change so the arches of the foot can be changed are the flat feet can be eliminated so I know this is gonna sound crazy but what do you do to flat feet do you want to clean the arteries yes do you want to make sure the pumps working yeah do you want to check the nerve supply to the low back yeah and then do you want to get them walking in the grass dirt or sand I know it's the same therapy for cloth but I know it's the same therapy for bunions I know okay but it's the same thing you work the thing you get the thing working right it's a good design the vinci said it's a good design athlete's foot now let's say that you have a sedentary lifestyle you're gonna have less oxygen going to the foot right so if you have less oxygen going is that gonna be healthy tissue or weak tissue weak tissue so it's going to be predisposed to infections to fungal infections all this other stuff so there's a couple of things to do since you know that it's comes from weak tissue if you want to clean the arteries okay good soluble fiber vegetable just every day do you want to have healthy nerve supply yes you do okay do you want to make sure the calf is working correctly yep do you want to make sure that they walk in the grass dirt or sand so they restores them I know it's the same therapy for bunions I know it's the same fair but but also now there's a couple of things to do you can do a vinegar soak which is one part vinegar to three parts water you can put urea on it okay which actually works really good this is what you were taught in in in Boy Scouts it means when you're in the shower urinate on your feet it sounds gross but it cures athlete's foot it's phenomenal fresh thyme leaves vapor rub I mean just cornstarch anything but but none of these things are going to work unless you restore the oxygen to the foot does that make sense nothing's going to work until you get the calf working right because athlete's foot doesn't it's not from a fungus okay athlete's foot comes from weak tissue right now on my arm I have Pseudomonas originals might actually have gangrene bacteria on here okay so do you everybody does but how come I don't have gangrene here is because I have healthy blood supply and nerve supply if I was to compromise the blood supply and nerve supply and leave it here for a few days you would see gangrene form okay it would compromise my adjusting so I don't think I'll do that that's but so so so athlete's feet fungus athlete's say that three times really fast athlete's foot fungus only forms because of weak tissue okay it's not from a fungus you already got the fungus there okay does that makes more sense okay so when we look at this Oh special purpose shoes baby okay now I rock climb for 20 years anybody in here ever rock climb the most uncomfortable shoes in the world yet absolutely horrible your toes are literally curled up inside of there so you could stand on pencil it you always carry extra shoes and you're in your gear bag so you can walk down the mountain these again specialty purpose shoes okay god bless them but if you're gonna use those type of shoes I you know you're not climbing the ones in the middle not the other ones okay okay if you're gonna use these specialty purpose shoes you've got to take care of your feet afterwards I had a yoga class in Santa Barbara and this guy he was a little bit nuts but it yoga instructor in Santa Barbara there on the edge he said how many people in this class their feet are killing him and you know third of the class racers know you're filling your feet I was like dude decaf okay but it's true so we got to take care of it so if you're going to do this kind of stuff to your feet you got to take care of them running shoes need to be changed now luckily most of the marathoners are going to no shoe supports no he lists because this right here is going to be considered an old style shoe now what they're talking about cushion here cushion there at that that's that's old-school and this is the new shoe that marathoner is going to they're finding out that the shoe or the foot is beautiful design I know it's weird to finally get appreciation for it but but it doesn't flex like this okay so a shoe makes your foot move that direction it bends turns twists and flex so this is the absolute best shoe in the world to wear and and you'll find out it may take a couple of weeks to get used to it because you're not used to walking but when you realize that the foot is a spring and you restore the calf you restore the nerve supply and you start walking correctly it may take a couple of weeks maybe even a month to get used to using this it works fantastically well trust me I know I'm on my feet about 16 hours a day so it's ideal the feet are also like a really cool gauge since it's so far away I know I'm incredibly tall it's so far away way down there okay that if you have toxic blood that's gonna show up there first so if you have nail fungus you've got unhealthy blood you've got diabetes that's going to show up there gouts gonna show up there you're you know urea crystals are gonna form in the joints so so healthy feet are also going to denote the health of the entire body and it's it's brilliant because when you start looking at toes like this you can go in there and see the does this person have healthy blood or sick blood cichlid so how do you clean the blood you get them on soluble fiber between 60 and 100 ounces of vegetable juice a day you get them off of anything that's going to inflame the system anybody that has toes like this should we check their intestinal tract yes or yes so they might have leaky gut they might have a history of antibiotic use so in order to have healthy feet should you check the digestive tract I know it's called holistic but isn't it cool that it that everything adds on the others I mean so you can't really separate feet without looking at the nurse apply to the feet you can't look at the nerve supply without looking at the calf you can't look at the calf without looking the quadriceps you can't look at any of that stuff until you look at the digestion and then you got to look at the arterial system it's called holistic it's just common sense when the world that we have separates it into podiatry because you've got a foot problem and then you go to the gastro neurologists who gives you an antibiotic and he doesn't realize he's causing foot fungus okay that's a stupid system yeah only chiropractors know this okay it's true this is not food I mean right now I'm just finishing up a book on fibromyalgia and and I got a look in there and I'm looking at neurotoxin so I got a whole chapter on on neurotoxins I mean inside of this there's there's actually things that are poisonous they bind pleasure sensors in your brain like you know when you see that beautiful sailboat well maybe not you guys but okay when I see a beautiful sailboat just oh god my heart you know baby come here if that's a pleasure sensor in my brain what they're doing with this food they're mixing it with a huge amount of preservatives they're taking the absolute worst cut of meat they're making it impervious to bacteria so it has a shelf life of decades they roll it in genetically modified breadcrumbs and then they sprinkle a neurotoxin on it I know mmm YUM well the neurotoxin though it actually attaches to the pleasure sensor so this absolute garbage when you describe when you fry it in genetically modified oil and it's it's chicken nugget I've described them by the way okay we need fried in there the the the neurotoxin or msg attached and so the kids go oh my god this is great however the neurotoxins and they're going to negatively affect all the joints what what joint is it going to show up first the feed I know now these are the essentials essentials to have healthy feet and I know it sounds it sounds too simple you need to have good springs so in order to have good springs do you have to have good nerve supply or good nerve supply absolutely you have to have good good calf's function so you have to have good calf function good nerve supply clean arteries it's it's really really simple you got to balance the muscles foot massage absolutely absolutely keep wearing the high heels healthy nutrition and you got to eliminate the toxicities it's it really is that simple there's some yoga foot exercises but it's basically the same stuff it's putting the foot on the block like we always teach everyone it's it's doing the toe curling didn't do things with your toes pick up stuff put down a pen and try and pick it up with your toes move some marbles around you know play with the intrinsic muscles but be barefoot as much as you can't barefoot particularly outside this right here we're looking at three different patients actually four different patients here now this is the side view of the low back that's a healthy disc that one's crushed and this one here's a healthy this those two are crushed I mean you're looking at these and these are the nerves in the low back that supply what do they supply the foot and what's wild is again if that foot is a coiled spring everything works right if you don't have dorsiflexion you start walking like this okay and and that destabilizes the pelvis I mean there's so many things that lead to the foot because if this nerve is out the organs that it supplies are out so if it's a woman difficult menstrual cycles a man prostate and bowel and bladder issues and if those things are out the foots not going to work right then that's going to destabilize the pelvis I it sounds complicated but everything's connected you you can't look at the health of one aspect without without looking at the health of the entire body does that make sense because it's true it's just the medical system that we have today doesn't do that you know if you if you if you're you're depressed because your dog ran over you go to a psychiatrist if you have a tummy issue you'd go to gastroenterologist even though ninety percent of the body's serotonin which is in vital for brain functions produced in the gut you know it's it's a disjointed system that doesn't make sense oh and by the way all of these people they had their discs regenerate I mean that's that's fun because how old are the bones and these people eight to eleven months I know I know isn't it cool I know this is what everybody's required proper nerve supply exercise nutrition that means a man makes it you don't eat it because you don't have can't have neurotoxins sufficient rest and prayer meditation because an attitude of gratitude actually really does help now I've got some pliers because I mean normally I have an assistant here but right now I have an invisible cameraman and and and everybody else but what we've got coupons because particularly in this month we got to save lives because people are walking out there with with nothing I mean I mean two weeks ago we had a patient on Thursday from Canada Texas in Montana and the guy from Montana had I mean he hadn't slept correctly and about I think was like 20 years one adjustment the next day was sleeping so so people are coming in literally from all around the country and grab a coupon and give it to a friend because we've got a five point disease check and we're gonna literally disease proof your body to check and see how the nervous system is working right in so it's not it's it's not just us I mean you got to look at this is our planet okay that's why I make it easy does that does that make sense I know and then all of these are recorded so please Facebook us share us I mean let's let's get the message out you


  1. Oh my God. OMG I so thank you for this information. I just did a foot soak and the bottom of my feet looked grayish so I went to Youtube, because, you know you can find everything basically on Youtube and I just learned so much about my feet that I never knew. Of course, I realize the grayishness mostly is coming from poor circulation. I love high heels, but it hurts my calf, knees and thigh bones so I know I got to exercise these areas more and I am going through some therapy not due to an injury, but extremely too much manual work labor. I m also will do some detoxing and CLEAR THOSE ARTERIES. At least this is a start. Smile

  2. Hi Dr. Bergban. Was wanting to get your input on my foot health. I sprained the top of the foot going into extreme plantar flexion when playing a sport. Ever since then it has been swollen. I wonder if I tore my inferior extensor retinaculum. No physical therapist has helped to eliminate my swelling and discomfort. Do you recommend I do anything to heal my foot? As a young person, I am soo longing for a healthy foot again!….

  3. Enjoy watching your videos, I have RA plus five discs in lower back going to chiropractor, feet are a mess with bunions and crochet toes and wearing orthoughtics.Have been at chiropractor two months hoping to see improvement. Thanks for videos. Gerri in Canada

  4. Thank you for this video. I'm 21 years old and feel like I'm 60 or something and have been for a long time. My joints hurt, my back, belly just everything and developed depression. I don't like going to doctors and I've been doing reach search. I've been slowly adding work out and yoga to my life and going to focus on healing myself from my feet and work my ways up. I'm very excited about this and hope I can maintain the machine that is my body. It's a slow and long journey but I'm hopeful for the first time in a long time. Thank you🙏

  5. He talks and the advice is positive, I just wish the camera person had thought about showing the diagrams above and behind rather than focusing on the beauty of the speaker. I have peripheral neuropathy from back problems and I would like it to be fixed but I get nothing from docs but the fact that I'm 76. So it's normal?

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