How to HEAL YOURSELF without medicine (EASY) – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Now you’ve been working with Teaching people how to heal themselves with their minds right overcome disease overcome any type of chronic illness or pain Through the mind in principle the mind. I grew up in a religion called Christian Science (Mmm), that did not use medicine. I didn’t get vaccinations when I was a kid. My dad wouldn’t let me go to the hospital, he wanted to use thought rare the mindset to overcome any pain or any physical ailment and so It’s something that I was learning in a different way as an early kid. (Mm-hmm) When did you start to learn about this philosophy or principle or truth? And Start applying into your life? Well, I got run over by a truck and a triathlon in 1986 on a biking portion of the race. I broke six vertebrae in my spine and I was told that I’d never walk again. And so the typical surgical procedure for multiple compression fractures with Gordon pinion is this surgical of Harrington rod surgery. And in my case They were going to cut off the backs of parts of my vertebrae from the base of my neck to the base of my spine And then they screw in these long stainless steel rods and when you screw those rods in into the vertebrae Accent like cantilever it lifts the spinal column off the court. But the prognosis was – I probably wouldn’t walk again and and that the surgery was was hopeful that it would give me some relief and and I think if it was any other Patient, Lewis, besides me, I probably would have recommended the surgery, but this was me. – Sure. And I just couldn’t rush into it So I had four opinions, you know from for the leading surgeons in Southern, California And they were adamant that I needed this. -All four of them? – All 4 of them. Yeah, in fact the the medical director of Scripps hospital at the time was my it was my surgeon and he was He thought I had a head injury or he thought do you know that I had PTSD that I wasn’t just following his instruction Anyway, I decided against the surgery and I thought what was that? I’m not going in where I’m not doing anything I’m basically laying face down and I thought well There’s an intelligence that’s giving us life. That’s keeping the heart beating and digesting our food It really knows how to heal way better than me This innate intelligence is what’s giving us life And I thought well if it’s an intelligence, it’s it’s a consciousness and consciousness is awareness and awareness is paying attention So it must be paying attention to me. So I said look, maybe I’ll just spend the rest of my time Trying to connect to this intelligence and give it a plan Give it a design give it a template and when I was really present and complete with that design I would surrender this creation to this greater mind and allowed to do the healing for me And the other thing I said is I’m not gonna let me thoughts live by my awareness that I don’t want to experience Now that sounds really easy and right But when you’re faced with crisis or trauma We tend to focus on what we don’t want to have happen instead of what we do have it I want to have happened. So I started on this journey I decided against the surgery and it was a big revolution at the time and I went through six and a half weeks of hell I just could not get my mind to do what I wanted to do because I’d start reconstructing my vertebra and Imaging an outcome and then I start thinking I’m gonna be living in a wheelchair or like I sell my practice So you were thinking about the way you wanted your body to look and feel in your mind. I reconstructed every single in Vermont Yeah in my mind. I wanted to show it exactly three dimensionally in your mind in my mind You’re not drawing it out or no? No in my mind that was reconstructed visualizing visualizing and I wanted to say look take a look at that Because this intelligence is always present, right so we got to be present with it so I’d start off reconstructing my spine and then I’d be like, oh gosh, um, Should I sell my practice? What if I live in a wheelchair practice chiropractic? Yeah in the Southern, California, Hawaii so I Couldn’t get my mind to do what I wanted to do and then after six weeks, I just went through the whole thing I felt like I hit a golf ball right in the sweet spot something clicked and from that point forward What took me two and a half or three hours to do I was able to do in 45 minutes I was firing and wiring you know these new circuits and I was Practicing paying attention and then all of a sudden I started noticing dramatic changes in my health like this And the moment I started noticing changes in my body what was going on outside of me? I started correlating at what I was doing inside of me now I was just hooked and I just started doing with more passion and more sincerity anyway back on my feet and ten and a half weeks back training at twelve weeks back in my clinic and And I just made a deal with myself that if I was ever able to walk again I’d spend the rest of my life studying the mind-body connection and mind over matter and then that led me to Just stop everything in my life. I just wasn’t the same guy. I just been initiated into something and Sold my practice sold my home sort of off sold it all moved to the northwest and just started asking bigger questions Like Who am I? What is why am I here? What are we doing? Then? What happens when we die? And how did how did all this happen for me? What was the process? I started studying the the science behind and I couldn’t find it in any conventional Textbooks because this was unconventional I didn’t miraculous is kind of unconventional. So I started studying quantum physics and neuroscience and Epigenetics and started making sense. I started building this model of understanding then I asked the fundamental question Has anybody else done it so then I traveled to 17 different countries and interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people with serious health conditions that were treating either conventionally or Unconventionally and they were staying the same or getting worse and all of a sudden I got better So what was the cause that produced the effect? You know and the stories and what I learned was so amazing. I went back to school and studied neuroscience Because mind was such a strong element. It wasn’t diet. It wasn’t Celibacy it wasn’t any of those things. It was just really this element. And so then I was able to figure out that there were four common things and Then I wrote a book about it and then I thought God if this works Really on people that were sick and or better and they come from all walks of life all colors all races all genders the sexual preferences, but all of a sudden I Wanted to see if I was able to reproduce it. So then I started seeing okay Let’s see if we can teach this be able to reproduce the outcome because that’s science, right? So I went through about what were the four common things? The first one was that there they all believed and accepted that there was an intelligence that lived within them that was giving them life These people you interviewed who had had injuries that overcame. No. No, these are people with cancer MS Lukas Parkinson’s disease got better. Yeah, just spontaneously it’s called the spontaneous majority So as they believed there was an intelligence there was some invisible life force that was they were connected to that they felt like they had lost their connection to they became separate and disconnected from and that when they got the Diagnosis they woke up and said man I gotta connect again and I got to connect to my essence and so they developed the relationship with it Just like you develop a relationship with anybody it takes time. You got to be present You got to connect you got to experience you got to be present. All of these things are important elements. So so that was the first thing the second thing was that they realized that it was the mismanagement of their emotions and The hormones of stress that really began to create their condition now now stress is when your brain and body are knocked out of balance Stress is when your body’s knocked out of homeostasis We have an innate mechanism in our body that returns us back to order So then if you’re someone cuts you off on the LA freeway, you have a emotional reaction but 15 minutes later You’re back to driving and you’re over it, right? That’s all organisms in nature can tolerate short-term stress, but when it’s all day long all week all year Yeah, so if you’re reacting to like of Toronto Soros Forex is chasing you you have to make a decision Am I going to use 20% of my energy? I’m gonna use 100% So it turns out when you’re reacting to traffic 200 percent All right, or if you’re reacting to your coworker sitting in the cubicle next to you you’re you’re turning on that response and what was once very adaptive becomes very maladaptive Because when you turn on the stress response and you can’t turn it off now you’re headed for disease because nobody can live an emergency mode for that extended period of time while human beings We can turn on the stress response just by thought alone. You can think about your problems and you’re producing the same biological effects so those chemicals Give the brain and body a rush of energy and people become addicted to that rush of energy So now they use the problems and conditions in their life to reaffirm their addiction to that emotion They need a bad job. They need the poor relationship So that means they become addicted to the life That they don’t even like why do why do we need the bad job or bad relationship and stay stuck? Because it’s a conditioned response. So listen, if You get angry at a co-worker and all of a sudden you’re getting arousal in your brain and body Right you get a rush of energy when you start noticing that your body starts dropping your brain starts noticing your energy starts dropping you’re Automatically going to have the image of the co-worker in order to what give your body of the demential the jolt, right? So all of a sudden people become addicted to their own thoughts, right? So these people realize that oh my god, um, I-i’ve been mismanaging my attention and energy and I got a I got to get beyond my past I got to get beyond these emotions. I got to make some big changes I got to break the habit of being myself, you know, I can stop being this person now that Sounds really good, theoretically and philosophically but change is such a hard thing All right Because the moment you come back to your senses and you step back into your life and you see that person or you go to that place or you’re with that the experience so many people are unconsciously Reacting in their thoughts and feelings to everything in their environment so now their environment is Controlling how they think and feel so they realize that in order to change they’ll change the environment They got to be greater than their environment greater than the conditions in the world great in the circumstances mindful that every time they come Right, right I’m not gonna go back I’m not gonna go back because the moment you start reacting emotionally Emotions are a record of the past and if those emotions are driving your thoughts You’re thinking in the past and if you can’t think greater than how you feel and you believe your thoughts have something to do with Your destiny you’re creating more if your past right? So it turns out that the repetition of thinking and feeling and feeling of thinking these loops that people get caught in Condition their body to subconsciously become the mind of that emotion, which means now their body is their own conscious mind is believing They’re living in the same past experience 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days year. What’s the relevance behind that? Well, the latest research on gene says genes don’t create disease it’s the environment that signals the gene that creates disease the emotional environment or the physical your environment any environmental reaction But if you’re reacting emotionally to your environment the same way You’re signalling the same gene in the same way and now you’re headed for a genetic destiny. So The hormones of stress push the genetic buttons that create disease if you can turn on the stress response just by thought alone Your thoughts could make you sick and if your thoughts could make you sick Is it possible that your thoughts could make you well, so they began to realize that? Oh my god the repetition of thinking and feeling of the feeling of thinking Caused me to feel guilt and I don’t even know it’s killed. It just feels like me It’s just I’m used to the same chemical continuity now the moment they decided to change Anytime you decide to change and change anything about yourself get ready because it’s going to feel uncomfortable You’re gonna leave the known Yeah gonna leave the familiar and you guys step into the unknown even if the familiar is uncomfortable and painful, right? You still gonna be painful leaving the pain right? Because some people are super happy being unhappy, right? So then they would rather cling to their suffering than take a chance in possibility So these people said I really have nothing to lose, right? So then they said I’m willing to be uncomfortable and being the unknown and that turns out that’s the perfect place to create from hmm So when the body is conditioned to become the mind then to change is to be greater than the body Right because we become greater than the body. Well, that’s a whole nother conversation, but let me finish this, okay? so the third thing they said was Okay. So now that I know that I gotta break the habit of beating myself and I can’t mismanage my thoughts and feelings I gotta Change how I act I gotta watch how I speak I gotta become conscious of how unconscious I am because 95% of who we are by the time we’re 35 years old It’s a set of memorized behaviors like a computer program emotional reactions unconscious beliefs and perceptions so the first step to change is to become conscious of how you think to notice how you act to pay attention to how you feel and The act of observing those states of mind and body separates you from that program now You’re the consciousness observing that program. It turns out the more conscious you become of how unconscious you are You know letting imagine a dark place that First step creates enormous amounts of chaos in the brain and body and it’s disturbing So people just go back to the same addiction the same emotion the same problem. This feels better. No that feels familiar So they said okay now I got to change I got to reinvent myself now This is really important because they started sitting down and thinking okay who in history do I admire? We’re great people role models that I could follow what are the qualities and characteristics that they have How am I gonna change, you know? These are what we call frontal lobe questions the creative center of the brain switches on an emotional center settles down So then they started thinking How would I have to be in a new life if I was really going to heal? What would I have to change about myself? Now there’s this interesting phenomenon that if you close your eyes and you begin to think about doing something you’re an athlete you understand this if your Background in football and you are running a pattern or you are doing something you would rehearse it in your mind turns out That the act of mentally rehearsing something when you’re truly present Your brain does not know the difference between what’s going on out there and what’s going on in here? In fact, your brain will begin to look like you’ve been doing it for the last five days and you’ve never run the course So now your brain is no longer a record of the past Because typically it is now. It’s a map to the future So now you’re priming your brain so that became a very platform, you know experiments with piano players, you know You can take a group of people that never played the piano before you the vitamins into different categories I think one group of people you teach them one-handed scales and chords you do a brain scan on them They come and practice for two hours a day for five days at the end of five days If you rescan the brain, they reel new circuits on the opposite side of the brain nothing magical there You learn something new learnings making new connections get some instruction you get instruction and get your body involved get your body involved You’re gonna have an experience experience in which is the brain pay attention to what you’re doing You got to pay attention and repeat it firing and wiring here in the simpleness circuits You can take the other group of people have them come for two hours a day for five days Do a brain scan before the brain scan after have them close their eyes in mental rehearse playing those scales and chords at the end of five days They’ll grow the same amount of circuits and the brain is the people who actually physically demonstrated the action. What does that mean? It means not only they changed their brain by thinking differently But their brain looks like they’ve been playing the piano for five days now set them in front of a piano Never played the piano before they’ll play those scales in courts because their brain is wired to play it So now the act of rehearsing who they’re gonna be What are the qualities and beginning to get in this creative state? Began to lay down the circuits of a new personality and a new personality is connected to a new personality


  1. Hey @ 16:23 you mentioned something "clicked". How did that happen, how did you begin focusing and connecting with this "Intelligence"?!?!

  2. these words are very much helping/healing me today. and so, I offer them to you…
    great quote from Adyashanti: “Any energy that you deny becomes a demon for you. It becomes your inner tormenter. And you don’t get rid of your demons. You embrace them. Not indulge them, but embrace them. And if you embrace them in the way I am talking about, they no longer feel like demons. They are just energies that are available to you. They are just part of this whole spectrum of what it is to be conscious and alive and present. And everything becomes joined together back again. A mature emotional life is when all the different parts of yourself emotionally are joined back together. Nothing is put outside, nothing is denied, nothing is hidden. Nothing is unacknowledged. All brought together so that it can all come together.”

  3. it is incredibly annoying when supposed scientists are making assumptions that results are a a direct outcome of the same circumstances. Every health issue is different, in a different body. Just because of his situation, it doesn't mean it can be duplicated in a different body, with a different environment, with a different illness or disease. There are unlimited variables, and he is assuming since he made a change, everyone with different genetics and bodies will just simply apply something that worked in his brain, will automatically generate the same results.

  4. These videos are brilliant and very informative is it possible to actually heal Tinitus and Hasimoroes from your body I would love to know how to do this .

  5. Piano Example: is false, the hands-on people play better, due to 'muscle memory' nice try genius 😂 I've heard that unoriginal concept countless times_ they might learn the same but imagine/pretend and actual practice is somewhat different,_ stop lying JOE just to sound intelligent..😀

  6. Very powerful… I had Bilateral Hip Replacement 5 years ago.. 2 Hip Replacements in 3months the Doctor told me I'll never run again… I run @ still train fighters to this day..

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  8. Our bodies can heal anything through our loving and healing thoughts. Thank you for sharing this awesome voice. 💖🙏🏼☘️

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