How to Help Someone Who Can’t Breathe | First Aid Training

What do you do when someone has trouble breathing? Call 911. Get on the phone with them and they can talk
you through everything that’s going on. They know what they’re talking about, they
do this everyday, and they can help you out. You want to clear anything that’s in the airway,
any kind of obstruction, get that out of the way if you can. Loosen any tight clothing, anything that’s
restrictive or kind of closing them in. The next thing you want to do is, if someone
is asthmatic or has any kind of medication at home, grab that if it’s nearby and give
that to the person to use. That can help immensely. Keep checking for airway problems, breathing
problems, pulse problems, while you’re waiting for 911 to come, for the ambulance to come. If there’s any open wounds, especially in
the neck or in the chest, you want to cover those up. You want to keep calm so that they can see
in you how to act and they’ll reflect that calmness. The more stressed out you are, the harder
it is going to be to control this troubled breathing. Do not give them food. Do not give them water. Do not give anything that can obstruct the
airway even more. Sometimes when people have trouble breathing,
they’ll tell you that it feels like they’re breathing through a straw, that they can’t
get enough air in. They may wheeze, they may have gurgles. They’re going to panic. They’re going to feel anxiety. They’re going to get freaked out. It’s a normal response. Don’t do anything like you see in movies. You don’t need to put a bag over their head. You don’t need them to lean over or maintain
a weird position to try to get breathing. You just need to calm them. You need to get them someplace where it’s
safe, where they can sit, or lie back, and just try to breathe slowly, slowly out, and
slowly in, longer out than in. It’s going to feel longer to them each breath
because anytime you have trouble breathing, your anxiety heightens and heightens and heightens
and you want to try to quell that down, otherwise it just spirals.


  1. I wake up in the middle of the night and then i can't breath for 10 seconds..or longer sometimes, im scared of going to sleep now

  2. i woke up and it was like the video said like i was breathing in a staw i learned that in health class and i was scared and this video helped me lot thank you

  3. Anyone have any advice on on how to stop thinking about having trouble breathing? Because just thinking about it is making have trouble. This is the worst day for this to happening too, my birthday!

  4. I'm struggling to breathe right now & I don't know what to do its 3:42 in the morning so everyone's asleep my inhaler didn't work (Asthmatic) and it really hurts, I got rid of things that were tightening me but it still hurts & when I lay down it hurts even more

  5. this happened to me today it was scary as hell, got to the point where I couldn't feel my legs and arms but luckily a few teachers, a nurse and the principal calmed me down

  6. Everyday… i breathe heavily. Sometimes, my lips get purple and my skin gets whiter. In 2015, i almost fainted but thanks to the lady she helped me.

  7. Today I was running and suddenly I felt like I couldn’t breath! And it was during our athletic ACP! I’m fine now though

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  10. I can't breathe and idk why, Cuz I am not sick
    I feel like that there's something in my lungs, cuz my body doesn't fill with air well when I try to breathe in. Anybody can help plz😳😨

  11. I can't breathe right now, I'm like not going to call 911 I'm waiting for my mom to get home. It's not HELPING!

  12. When I was getting dressed this morning I could not breathe so I sat down and just breathed and I got up to brush my hair and I’m like 5 secs in i starting to feel like I can’t breathe then my vision starts to get blurred and like I start to see like black slowing covering my eyes then I run on to my bed and I lay down try to breathe and I’m fine, I have no idea what this is, I have asthma I’ve had is all my life but it’s never acted up so since it’s never acted up I never learned how to use my inhaler so I can’t use it bc I was never taught how to use it

  13. Mona mc sherry was. At a breastroke race and her whole body was warm and she fell unconscious because her breathing was bad at the beginning of her race s and she woke up again and she won medals and she was so delighted with herself and she is home today and a big congrats to mona ❤️❤️

  14. My Bestfriend couldn't breathe earlier and I don't even know what to do i just called the teacher now I will learn and study about it. Because I care.

  15. I looked this up today, because after literally running (Not jogging, like sprinting) around my middle school (It's large) 3 times with 25 sets of 2 exercises per a lap, I didn't even feel like I could breathe through a straw. I just couldn't breathe. What she said in the video is true and I have learned to instead of panicking (Like any kid would), stopping and telling those trying to help you not to, you should get help.

  16. Everyone who can't breath proper please visit your nearby hospital today even if you are breathing good now because you never kmow when it can get worse
    3 days back suddenly while working my oxygen level fall down and i wasn't able to breathe from my mouth and nose
    i was so scared and thought im gonna die today then i call the ambulance and they took me to hospital and now i have inhaler and one spray just to clear my chest as i don't have asthma or anything please visit your nearest hospital and check this out because when it get worse i know what it feels like.

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