How to Help Someone with Chest Pains | First Aid Training

Chest pains are very serious business. Any time anybody tells you they have pressure
in their chest, they feel like their chest is squeezing, they have any kind of pain,
especially if it’s radiating down their arm, you want to call 911 immediately. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter what kind of life style
you are. You can think you are the healthiest person
in the world. You want to get help immediately. Why you’re waiting for the ambulance to arrive,
you want to lay the person down, keep them comfortable. Even sit down, they don’t have to be laying
down. But sit down or lay down. If you have baby aspirin available, you can
have them chew two of those. If they have a history of angina or heart
attacks, they may have nitroglycerin with them. If they have that, go ahead and tell them
to take one of their pills and put it underneath their tongue. If you suspect a GI problem, if you suspect
a heart murmur, you can try antacid, but call 911 immediately. Get help immediately. Things can go from bad to worse very quickly
and you want help as soon as you can. If the person stops breathing or the person
looses their pulse, you’re going to want to start CPR. A lot of people are going to want to write
off their chest pain as something minor, something they can take care of, something they can
muscle through on their own. You might think, oh, it’s just heartburn. Hopefully it is. Hopefully it’s something very minor. But if it isn’t, you’re going to want to have
help with you quickly because it can go from bad to worse very fast.


  1. well….you just said "if some one is having chest pains just call 911".i came to this video hopefully to learn how to ease chest pains by myself

  2. Who calls the ambulance for that? Trying to suck the money out of me? I have a chest pain once a week and I just wait it out. It's not a big deal t is just a few seconds or a minute of pain.

  3. Think you misunderstood one does not give compressions for Angina pectoris.(chest pain)..Compressions are done when there is no longer a heart beat ( normal sinus rhythm)

  4. This has just made me more scared my pain only hurts for a matter of seconds it dose come and go all I want to know is how I stop it

  5. I've been punched in the chest. It doesn't sound that bad but it's like CPR but I was obviously conscious. Now I find it hard to catch my breath some of the time and my chest hurts so much

  6. Im only 12 and everytime i lay on my back it starts hurting really bad or even breath or do nothing it still hurts

  7. No one cares in my family about when I call them like I’m hurting in my chest 😭I live alone I can’t deal with this pain when I need help they don’t come check it out and I’m 32 experiencing this pain left middle Chest to almost to the left under arms I only eaten Quesadillas

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