How to: Home Organizing Tips : How to Organize the Bathroom Counter

This is Expert Village I’m Yi Lin and I am
a expert professional organizer. Alright let’s start with the countertop near the sink. This
particular set up we are looking at does not have a medicine cabinet so it has a little
more of a challenge but with the help of a container it solves all our problems. What
I did here I put the most commonly used items such as the facial cleanser and the toner
and miscellaneous items in one place and keeps the countertop clean and neat and when you
want to wipe down your countertop instead of removing 5 or 10 various items, you just
lift up one container and you’re ready to go. Also you want to think about where you
place your items so if you’re right handed and you might use your right hand to brush
your teeth you might want to set your tumbler to your left if you can use your left hand
to hold your tumbler. And then also you want to keep in mind the
principle of keeping like things with, like so for example this is a male’s bathroom so
we have the shaving cream right next to the electric shaver and also don’t be afraid of
being creative for example I have this ceramic piece to be use as container for cotton balls.
Feel free to add a little something to your countertop. I have this little accent candle
here. So that’s it that’s how you can keep your countertop clean and organized.

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