How to Identify Bee Balm

Hey guys this is Josh her with Trillium: Wild Edibles. I wanted to bring you guys an identification video, on Bee Balm. This is one of the varieties of Bee Balm we have here in the state. Some of the varieties are red, or purple. Like an actual purple, purple. Some of them are pink, and some of them are white. Then some of them are variations of either one of those colors. This is in the mint family. These flowers are very distinct. They lower petal is kind of like a lip, you can see the top petal is a bunch of spikes. The flowerheads, each individual flower head comes out of this huge cluster. They have these spiked tubules sticking up out of them. Like any other mint, the stem is square. And it smells like mint. The leaves are lance shaped and toothed. These two leaflets here at the back of the stem. The leaves are opposite, meaning they are on oppsite sides of the stem. When you rub the leaves.. and then smell them you’ll smell mint. And when you smell the flower, you will smell mint as well. This plant is edible, as well as medicinal. Very, very good for headaches, and relieving pain. Sore muscles etc. Like any other mint it makes a delicious tea. This is a plant that I don’t see too many videos on. Really easy plant to identify. I’m sure you can spot them here. You can see they’re everywhere. This plant will grow in clearings, or fields, like you see here. Or it could grow, on the edge of woodlots. Like you see over there. This plant starts blooming in June and it I believe flowers until August. Called Bee Balm because the bees absolutely love it. And for good reason. But I thought I would Share that little tip with you guys today.


  1. Thank for all of your great videos, Josh! I learn so much from you! I'm so envious of that open field with all of the wild plants, near you. I live in the city. 🙁

  2. I grow a few different varieties of bee balm in my community garden plot. They are beautiful and unusual. I'm in Southern California. Thanks for your great information about them.

  3. The bees LOVE my catnip too but they have been SO SCARCE for 3 years that I can't remember seeing more than 20 bees total in 3 years on my catnip. HONEY BEES I mean… lots of the kind you showed and the occasional TRUE Bumble Bee but scarce are the honey bees. SO SAD Although, I did see a humming bird moth for 2 of those years. Now even they have not shown up last year. I hope this year is better! Thank You for the video! I'll keep my eyes out for mint type leaves and look for the flowers, hopefully soon since June is almost here. Great Job showing DETAIL and mentioning WHEN it will flower. MUCH appreciated! Blessings to You ALWAYS!

  4. Thank you! I harvested some of this after smelling it, I said "this is medicinal, I can smell it". Lo' and behold! Thank you for all of your information.

  5. I gotta live where you are!!! This is heavenly!!! I dreamed these dreams of me being in huge fields of these flowers!!! God is amazing in His Creation!!! We have bee balm and cone flowers and echinaceas… wow….GORGEOUS

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