How to Identify Boneset

Hey guys this is Josh here with Trillium: Wild Edibles. I’m sitting outside in a huge field and I thought I’d bring you guys an identification video on Boneset. What you’re looking at right now is called Boneset. This is very medicinal plant. This plant is extremely good for colds, and flus. It’s also good for bone bumps, like if you get a bruise on a bone. Or maybe you’ve got arthritis or something, this plant is really good for that. There are a couple different ways you can identify Boneset. The easiest obviously is these white flowers. You can see there is a lot of flowers here on this one plant. This is all one plant But if you look closely at these flowers you’ll notice all those little stamens. All these little spikes. The stem of Boneset is extremely hairy. I’m sure you can notice that here. All those little bitty hairs. The leaves of Boneset go around the stem. They perf..the stem perforates the leaves. Here you can see a fold in the leaf, on both sides right where the stem meets. Here is an underside view of the leaf and stem section of Boneset. Here’s a different angle of the stem perforating the leaf. Whenever you feel these leaves you’ll notice that they feel kind of leathery. They feel almost kind of like buckskin In my opinion. On the top.The underside feels kind of fuzzy. Here you’ll notice the fuzz or the little hairs on the underside of the leaves of Boneset. You’ll see the main vein is very prominent. on the back side of the leaf. Whereas on the top it’s just a crease. The leaves are very long, they are lance shaped and they are toothed. The area I’m in it stays really moist, so you’re gonna find Boneset in areas that are moist. You’re not going to find it in dry high fields where you’re going to find like Echinacea or things like that. It’s a really easy plant to identify. You can find it pretty much anywhere, the places it rerally likesto grow though. These are the kind of places that Boneset likes to grow. This is just a huge clearing in between two treelines. The partsthat you want to use on Boneset are the flowers and the leaves. Those arethe most medicinal parts and you want to use those dried.


  1. I actually found and identified some boneset plants last year all thanks to you! I didn't harvest any yet, but I think I will this year to make some medicine!

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