How to Inject Your Face Yourself at Home


  1. Inject yourself at home bad bad really bad idea don't play at the nutty doctor, unless you want to be botched or even worse!

  2. Thank you Dr Rajani. I have viewed the YouTube video of this nightmare in action and I was yelling at them for about 10min then I had to stop watching it. Silly, silly people, go to a professional. Your not paying for just a syringe, your paying for our knowledge, experience and for us to create our art.

  3. Say I want to inject one syringe of filler in my lips but want to do it slowly and gradually. How often should I replace the needle/microcanula? If I do it two weeks apart or so

  4. Would you fix your teeth yourself at home? No? There you go! Though we all know how to read and can acquire a lot of general knowledge – medical professionals not only went through years and years of school but also years and years of practicing what they learned. Just use common sense and go to a professional. 🙄

  5. I do mine myself with no problems . Learnt from u tube. Has saved me hundreds of pounds . If you follow the correct steps and are scrupulous in hygiene you should have no problems . You don't need a degree to work a hypodermic needle ….

  6. Haha, you have mastered the clickbait title! Shaking my head anyone would try this.. I'm a nurse and I would never have the nerve. So much could go so wrong..

  7. Can you please send me just a little bit of Botox for free ! I sincerely have Nothing ! I'm going on 48 and my forehead is Out of Control, one big wrinkled mess oh, it's horrible I can't even look at myself in the mirror And haven't for 5 years now ☹😟😞😦

  8. Thank you for using science instead of sensationalism and dull reporting to educate us. I'm a huge fan of DIYs and I'm as stingy with my hard earned money as it gets, but THIS isn't a risk I'm willing to take.

  9. This is stupid. I’m an esthi and I don’t even recommend my clients extract their own blackheads. Why would anyone do this?

  10. Omfg, I thought this was real, I would not have hesitated to do this, like I know it’s bad, but when ur so insecure, u will do anything

  11. Its all about money. I am trying to take the course but is only control by heath care professionals. I am willing to pay for the course which is $1800.

  12. To be honest I think injecting your own lips/face is the way forward. Providing one has researched and educated themselves as much as possible before injecting. I've had my lips done 4 times by professionals who worked at the highest ranked clinics in London Harley street and they've never ever given me what I wanted despite explaining before hand what I wanted. They either inject too much or they inject in the wrong areas. Getting my lips done with a professional has resulted in the increase of my nasalabial folds, smile lines and has created lines at the top of my lip. They have caused me great anxiety, depression and destroyed my self confidence. Nobody knows your face like you do. Nobody knows what you want as much as you do. So I've now decided to do it myself. Having hyaluronidase at hand of course. And yes, the needles, the filler, the gloves, the Hyaluronidase, the saline all come from ligitimate companies. I know for a fact I can do a much better job on myself. Some people just have the eye and the knack and some just don't despite them being qualified or not. In my experience and in many others, most injectors just dont have the eye or the knack for enhancing beauty. In fact they destroy beauty. No clue why they are even in this profession. Makes no sense to me.

  13. I do that all the time! 😂 thank you. Can you post a video about a procedure to lift the corner of the mouth ? Please. Threads PDO or filler

  14. Nice clickbait video! You title it "How to Inject Your Face at Home" and then proceed to give 1000 reasons why you should not inject at home.
    I would love to not inject at home and go to a Doctor like yourself, but I don't have the money to support your millionaire lifestyle.

  15. I would never purchase something online and inject it into my face! That is way to risky. I can’t imagine anyone taking that chance. Hopefully you will reach a lot of people with this video and they will reconsider.

  16. These are "Spas" that inject silicone too. They are just as bad as doing it at your home, because they are not usually licensed.

  17. Sadly its women who cannot afford the huge price tag associated with fillers. I know the base prices paid for products. It is nowhere near what clinicians charge.

  18. Have you seen this hyrolaun pen going around? Uses pressure and you can buy the ampules of filler from unlicensed people are now self prescribed experts, claiming it’s totally safe as there’s no needles, and injecting their friends. Unbelievable!

  19. I want to become a nurse practitioner so I can do this for other people, and not just myself. I'm a retired police officer and now I'm an actor and doing pretty well with it for minor roles. But I have a PASSIONA TO HELP people feel better about themselves. I would also love to do makeup for ladies on prom/wedding etc because I'm very good at understanding shadow and can cover it even if someone has a ton of acne. But it's finding the money to get certified. Where there's a will, there's a way!!

  20. not a great idea ,try getting a qualified nurse and quality fillers like the ones in fortunate to get fillers from Jo_aesthetics on Instagram/whatsapp:447520636675 which i have being using on my clients to satisfy them.

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