How To Install a Bathroom Vanity Mirror & Light

The next project in our bath remodel is perfect
for the novice DIYer—installing a new vanity mirror and a new light to go above. Now let’s talk about mirrors first. There are several different kinds—
like surface mount mirrors, surface mount medicine cabinets, and recessed medicine cabinets. It’s easiest to replace your old mirror with
the same kind. So now let’s talk about how to remove each
type. Oh, and a word on safety. Glass breaks very easily, so you want to wear
safety glasses and wear gloves, and make sure you have someone help move it. Now, a surface mount mirror can either be
screwed or glued to the wall. If it’s screwed on it’s simple to take off. It’s a little harder to remove a glued on
surface mount mirror. First put some packing tape on the face of
the mirror in case it cracks. Tap some shims between the mirror and the
wall. Make them snug, but don’t force them. Then, starting at the top, put a shim against
the wall and gently work a pry bar behind the mirror, pulling it away a little at a
time. You want the drywall paper to tear. Have someone hold the top and work your way
to the bottom. When the mirror is free, carefully set it
aside. Then repair the drywall and paint. Next, taking out a surface mount cabinet is
simple since it’s just screwed to the wall. Just remove the shelves and back out the screws. The cabinet comes right down. Finally, recessed cabinets. That’s what we had before we redid these walls. It was pretty easy to take out. First, we got the shelves out of the way. Then we removed the screws and just pulled
the cabinet out of the wall. All right. Once your mirror is gone, you can take out
the lights. First, we turned off the power in the bathroom. And don’t forget, with the power off you’ll
need light, so it helps to have a work light powered from another part of the house. OK, the next step was to remove the bulbs. Then we removed the shades. Next we unscrewed and pulled the fixture out
a little. If your house wires are all the same color,
mark how they’re connected to the old fixture. Then disconnect. OK. Now it’s time to install the new mirror. Whatever mirror you choose, the first thing
to do is figure out where you want it. Make sure it’s centered above the faucet and
below the light fixture at a comfortable height. Then mark the wall. If you’re considering a surface mount mirror,
most of them now-a-days come with a mounting hardware kit. Just follow the directions that come with
yours. We’re installing a surface mount cabinet. We simply hold the cabinet in place—level—and
mark the mounting holes. Then we set the cabinet aside and drill pilot
holes. Always use the right wall anchors if you don’t
hit a stud. Then we just hold the cabinet in place, and
drive in the screws. Cap the screws and add the shelves. Done. As for recessed medicine cabinets you can
get one that will fit into the existing hole in the wall. But if you get a larger one or don’t already
have a recess in the wall, just follow the cabinet’s directions for mounting in your
wall type. Usually it’s just a matter of cutting a stud
and framing the recess. And we’re ready to hang our new light. We’re moving the light from the sides to the
top of the mirror and we had an electrician relocate our wiring. So once again, you’ll want to make sure the
power is off. Pull your house wires through the fixture’s
mounting plate, and secure it to the box. Next, use wire nuts to connect the house wires
to the fixture: ground to ground, neutral white to neutral
white, and hot black to hot black. Carefully tuck the wires into the box. Position the fixture base over the mounting
plate and attach with the nuts. Then place the shades and the collar nuts. Add the bulbs and turn on the power. These lights and mirrored medicine cabinet
look fabulous, and they make the vanity the centerpiece of this bathroom. For more on this bath series, and other project
videos, go to


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