How to install Ikea Besta wall unit cabinets on drywall?

Hello, Installing the IKEA Besta on the
drywall is not as easy as you think but before we go into details let’s
check out my other video on how to paint the accent wall with a professional
result. Now, the wall is ready all you have to do is to mark where the cabinets are
going to be located. I am using this laser leveling tool to help me to do this.
Of course, some masking tape will be helpful too. One challenge that you may
face is that how are you going to align with that metal railing with the wood
stud behind the drywall which is 16 inches apart and the answer is you
cannot. So, what I am going to do is to use the best type of drywall anchor
which they claims to hold 200 pounds To install this, all you have to do is to
push that plastic thingy flush to the drywall and break the end
part it’s like a cable tie, very easy To make my cabinet rock solid, I am going
to use this GRK RSS screws. They are structural screws and if you have build the deck before, probably you have seen this in your local hardware store. This
stuff are very very strong and of course you can use the regular wood screws too. The most difficult problems have been solved now it’s time to hang the cabinets up on
the wall. Here we go.. This laser measuring tool is actually
pretty luxury I have to admit. But you don’t need one to this project honestly. We are putting another RSS screw on the left hand side of this railing of
the cabinet but look at the right hand side. What is going on with this
spacers? My God what the hell is happening. It’s horrible!
You know why? It’s because the wall the drywall is not flat. Look at that, look at
the gap here…. is not flat. This is my solution.
I hoped that you don’t have the same problem as mine and for me after I fixed
the gap problem with the spacers everything else went so smoothly. The end result is spectacular. Look at
this, My God, hopefully this video actually helps you if you face the
problem when installing the BESTA Subscribe to my channel, I do have other
DIY projects you may find them interesting. Thanks for watching, see you
next time.


  1. Hi, noticed you have skirting board and I know the units which rest on the floor have spacers to fill the space behind the wall to allow for wall mounting. However wouldn't this cause the wall cabinet units suspended on the wall to be uneven with the rest of the units looking recessed as they are mounted flush to the wall?

  2. Were you able to use the IKEA screws to turn into the anchors? I'm about to mount a Besta on a drywall and found some drywall anchor types in the store (here in Australia). Some of them come with a screw but I'm not sure if the head is big enough to turn into the suspension rail. For the ones without screws, the pack suggest to use a 8G screw (4.2mm, which is slightly bigger than the IKEA ones which are 4 mm).

  3. Any idea what the weight limit is for wall mounted Besta cabinets? Have used the suspension rails and fixed to studs…

  4. Here's a tip for installing these "self-drilling" strap toggle anchors: After checking to make sure there isn't a stud behind the drywall, drill a hole with an 1/8" brad point bit. This lets you drill the hole exactly on your mark. If you hit something behind the drywall, you'll have to try a different location. Once you’ve punched through the drywall, use a small allen wrench to poke into the hole and make sure you have at least 2-1/2" available behind the wall. Then switch to a 1/2" brad point bit and enlarge the hole. Check your toggle anchor to make sure the plastic guide is engaged correctly with the two plastic straps and slide the toggle into the hole. Fiddle with the straps until the toggle is vertical, then do this: push the whole shebang in as deep as you can. (The metal toggle won't be contacting the back of the wall. That's fine for now) Get the round plastic flange in the hole then press a pair of rubber-handled needle nosed pliers flat against the wall so the closed jaws are pinning the round flange into the hole. Then, while holding the pliers against the wall, pull the plastic straps toward you to secure the toggle against the back of the wall. Bend the plastic straps to break them.

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