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Hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world. Today I have a very practical craft for you Have you ever gone hiking or been going on a little trip and you needed a little first aid kit? Well the perfect thing is a little mints tin. It becomes the perfect little receptacle for bandaids, a little aspirin maybe a little bit of neosporin pair tweezers just like you see in here. Where in here we’ve also included some emergency phone numbers just in case but you can see that we’re totally
prepped if there’s any little emergency. Now my favorite though that I’ve created is the 911 emergency kit which you can
see is filled with candy. Never know when you’re gonna need that. So I’m gonna teach you how to make this basic little tin and then you can fill it with whatever you feel is important to take when you need a little emergency aid. So first thing we’re going to do is we are
going to cover the bottom. What I’m gonna do is just open this up. Now the most important
thing is I don’t want to cover too far so actually I’m gonna keep it closed and I’m gonna take my red tape and don’t get too worried about how much you cut off here. About nine inches of what I’m gonna start with. What I’m gonna do is start in the middle of the short side and I’m gonna wrap it around and see how I’m I’m going just to the edge there the lid top. There we go. I wrapped around now like I said don’t be concerned if you haven’t you know gone all the way around. That’s
okay. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take my scissors and I’m gonna snip right
at the middle of that corner and then I’m going to snip at the sides
at the corner. And why I do that is because I’m gonna be able to fold this down neatly and easily if I do that cuz you can see how I’m gonna get a slight angle well I do so. Now if I was just to fold the whole thing down it would get
really jumped up and mushed up so we don’t want to do that. So now I’m gonna snip right here in
the middle again and snip on the sides just like that. See how that is? Now I’ve got one that I’ve already got finished so I’ll show you. Once I’ve got those edges all pulled in I put a second piece of tape
just a small piece to take of tape that went dead center and that allowed
me to seal everything in. Now I’m gonna cover the top and I’m gonna do the same thing except I’m going to do it with the white tape. Now because the top of the lid is a lot smaller it’s a lot less thick has a lot depth what I’m gonna do is actually rip my tape and only use half a piece. And the reason I do this is because I’ve found that when I was practicing making this in coming up with this idea I found that when I had all that extra tape it was very hard to snip down and what I was finding was that the tape
was falling in on itself before I even had an opportunity to put it where I wanted to go. And so I found that by shortening it it allows me to have a little bit more
control once again I’ve snip snipped at those edges and I’m gonna fold those down fold that in and do the same thing on the other side. Once again I’ve stepped ahead here and I’ve got it all ready to go. Now you can see there’s a little teeny piece missing here so I’m just gonna cover that real quick. Now for the topper I want to put my little emergency ‘X’ on the top and to do that I’m just gonna need a little piece of parchment paper and I’ve got a piece a duct tape that I’ve placed on top of my parchment paper here and all I’m gonna do is gonna snip off two half inch strips and what’s nice is that the size of this tin is exactly perfect for me to make my ‘X’ right in the center here. One…and two! And there you have it a little emergency kit that you can put in your pocket, you can put in your handbag, you can take this most anywhere that you go. Well I hope that you’ll be prepared for your next adventure and for more adventures come check us out at sophie dash world dot com. Hmm…what should I fill you with?


  1. @bella – Actually the 911 tin is just like the first aid tin, it's just that we used big stickers (got them from Michaels)
    to put 911 on the top. You could make the 911 out of duct tape…trace the numbers onto a piece of parchment paper with a sharpie pen, cover the pen side with duct tape of your choice. you will be able to see the numbers through the parchment paper. Carefully cut out the numbers (they will be backwards on the paper), peel off the tape numbers and put on top of tin!

  2. @Rw…I keep hearing that the duct tape isn't available outside the US…I've been talking to some of my marketing friends about it, and we're trying to figure out why…however, to answer your question…if you've got the clear packing tape that they use for sealing boxes you can basically create your own duct tape for projects like bags, etc.- I'll have a video on that soon – as to covering the tin though…I might suggest moge poge (which is basically glue and water) –

  3. @Gaby – have you tried coloring the silver with sharpie marker? if the color is a dark one…say blue or deep red, it will sometimes cover it. decoupage (which is the modge podge I mentioned) is on my website with a how to…just go to sophie-world (.com) put in "decoupage" and there are a bunch of how to's….I think that may be the way to go.

  4. My dad said I need a HUGE one of these for our vacation that we are on now. It's for 2 weeks and today is the fist day and my feet already hurt… What is to come??….

  5. i love this idea you can also bring it to school and keep it in your locker, backpack, and even your gym locker!

  6. @ms…you can never have too many first aid kits tucked away!…add a magnet on the back for your locker!

  7. This is perfect for me cause, in my school my art teacher makes us do what we call "sketches" they are not really Sketches but are just little creative things to had in at the end of each month along with our big assignment! These duck tape videos have given me ideas for my sketches! Thanks so much! <3

  8. @inlove…thanks…I actually get most of my ideas from viewers…so the comments can be really helpful!

  9. @Machiko – I'm glad you are enjoying the videos…I live in the San Franicsco, California, so I buy most of my tape at Michaels (I look for sales) since they seem to have the best selection…but most craft and hobby shops have it now. I also get a good amount from Target (it's located in the home decorating or automotive section). A lot of hardware stores now carry some brands as well. On line I go to tape brothers (.com). I’ve been told Walmart has a great selection too…

  10. @sydni – thanks! I hope you are having fun making your creations! Let me know if you have any suggestions for things I should make/come up with/ make videos about!

  11. Hi Sophie!!! Could you make a video on how to make duct tape pillow case!! I know it's really random, but I'm just like that

  12. @duck- the "we" in my world comprises of my sister (who is amazingly artistic and does most of the examples for me since I'm more of an "ideas and figure out how to make it" type of person, and she's a "make it pretty" type of person), my husband Scott, who shoots and edits the videos, Irina, who adds all the graphics to our sophie-world website content after I write it, and my amazing assistant Annette, who makes sure I go where I need to go every minute of the day.

  13. @Kayla – a lot of ideas come from viewers like you! People ask me to make different stuff all the time, and then I sit down and try to figure it out. I may not always come up with the best way, I admit, but I try. I also get a lot of ideas from all the kids I work with on a daily basis at my birthday parties and workshops…they are a huge inspiration. I also read a ton,and research what's new.

  14. I am without words… Well words that can be used in public any way putting tape on a tin box is not making a first aid kit. it's artsie craftsie

  15. Sophie your things r amazing. I luv your channel. I even told people to subscribe u. But can u please give ne some Ideas on how I can reuse my old big tiktak container it's not the small container though. Thanks and please reply it would mean the world to me! 🙂

  16. I just did the kit. it surprisingly holds a lot of first aid supplies. great idea Sophie. I love your videos.

  17. This helped my babysitting service. Love your videos and you are my arts and crafts with duck tape hero. You make life feel like your living in a big roll of duck tape. I love it and love you 🙂

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