How to Make a First Aid Kit : Medications, Lotions & Thermometer in the First Aid Kit

Important items too, are medication and you
can buy, it’s interesting because if you go to the drugstore you can always buy little
sample packs of medication and those are ideal to put into the kit. So, here for example
let’s see what we have. The important things are antihistamine of course because if you
go camping you want to have this available in case somebody has a reaction so here we
have some antihistamine pre-packed here. We have for like headaches or any kind of pain
you’ve got medication for that. Aspirin is good, aspirin is always good, you can buy
them in little sachets like this or just little sample tubes and here is just another example
of an antihistamine. So, medication absolutely I think you should include that into a basic
first aid kit, very important. Lotions too, different kinds of lotions should be included
into your kit. Here I have sunscreen, very important, sunscreen lotion. If you don’t
have the tubes or the sprays you can buy them in sachets like this just, this one is a 30
SPF, you can get various levels of SPF but as an example, just throw a few into the kit.
Very important because as you know people go out into the sun without protection and
that’s my recommendation that you should always put sunscreen on when you’re out in the sun.
Other kind of lotions I think are important are insect repellent, if you go camping of
course, insect repellent is very important. You can also get lotions that if you got slightly,
you know, stayed out too long in the sun you want some aloe vera lotion to cool off your
skin. Lotions that are for dry or chapped skin. You can buy these all in little sample
sizes in the drug store, little sachets, just if you have room in the kit you should include
those too. Okay, so if you think somebody has a fever, you want to take their temperature
it would be good to have a thermometer to include in your kit. Now, this an old fashioned
which I like. Rarely you see mercury thermometers now a days. Only because it’s easy to break
and the mercury can get everywhere and the mercury is carcinogenic so very rarely that
can you buy thermometers like this really. You can buy more of the paper type of thermometers
where you can just put that into your tongue and their disposable so they are disposable
paper type that you can buy. I think most of the kits that you buy would, if they include
the thermometers they’ll include the paper type into it, but definitely include a thermometer
into your kit. You never know when it comes into handy.


  1. Antihistamine and aspirin? That's it?
    What about wound cleaner, bug spray, itch relief… Damn experts village should be called "village of idiots"

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