How to Make a First Aid Kit : Scissors, Tapes & Gauze for the First Aid Kit

Another very important item that you should
have in all first aid kits is very simply a basic pair of scissors. Scissors is very
important because you need it to cut the gauze, the bandages you know and is also useful in
other situations, especially if you go camping. So, a pair of scissors, a good pair of scissors
is important item in the kit. And, here is a little tiny one, it fits in the little pre-packaged
kits that you buy. But, I think its better to have different sized scissors, you can
get larger ones and have that also available in the kit as well. So, a pair of scissors,
very important, and of course we have the adhesive tape, waterproof, deffinately get
waterproof tape, adhesive tape so that when you tie the bandages you want something that
would keep the bandages in place and if you go camping, especially with kids, your going
to go swimming in the pond, in the river, or the pool and you want to keep the bandage
in place. So, waterproof adhesive tape. Have gauze, importance, you can get, this is a
4 by 4 gauze. 4 by 4 means 4inches by 4inches but you can them in very different, various
different sizes as well And the gauze, of course, is very important because you don’t,
when have open cut, after you have cleansed it, and cleaned the cut you want to put the
gauze on top of the cut and then you put the you know the bandages on top of the gauze.
You don’t apply bandages right directly on top of your open wound. And of course here
are some different types of, this is bandages, this is one type of bandages this is, and
they give you different lengths, and this is stretchable and this is 2 inches by 4 yards.
But, you know, kits come with different lengths, sizes, as well as the gauze and you can go
and you know buy them separately as well as separate items.


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